Getting Comfortable With The Basics

First Meeting – Phoenixville Tech Group

  • Welcome to all
  • Mission Statement
    • The Phoenixville Tech Group brings technology users together to share knowledge and experience. User groups represent the spirit of the frontier, a community getting together to do things that no individual ought to have to do alone. User groups are founded on the principle of “members helping members.” Many participants in user groups say that their primary reason for being a member of the group is for the purpose of making personal contacts with other tech users. Being part of a user group is a great way to get more out of your computer, digital camera, mobile phone, and the Internet and make friends while you’re at it.The Phoenixville Tech Group, with the help of all who join us, will try to answer your questions and share helpful tips. During our group meetings we will explore the following topics and more.
  • Ideas for future meeting programs!
    • Suggestion for: E-mail – Photo sharing – Calendar – Documents –
    • Photo organizing and sharing
    • G-mail and Google apps, Cloud Computing
    • Online shopping – Buying and selling on Ebay
    • Computer security and passwords
    • Picasa and Picasa Web to organize and share your pictures
    • Social Networks- Facebook, Twitter, …
    • Google Docs and Calendar
    • Cellphones – Smart Phones – Mobile Computing
  • What programs or subjects are YOU interested in having included in upcoming programs?
  • For those who are not using a WEB (cloud) based e-mail I hope to explain why converting to Gmail is a good idea going forward and if you are using online e-mail other than Gmail (Google mail) there are the many reasons you should consider switching to Gmail.
  • Call for volunteers
    • Can you help with presentation?
      I will need your suggestion and expertise! Having many active participants will help us all get the most from this Group.
  • Next meeting
    • Your Questions
    • Settings
    • Web tool or site to explore
    • Getting started with Gmail and Google services.
  • Check this site for details
  • Any possible meeting changes.


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