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The Senior Tech Group and this web site was the brain child of Glenn Musser.  He designed it as an instructional aid and resource for the classes and technical support  he delivers to fellow residents of Coldstream Crossing, patrons of the Phoenixville Library in Pennsylvania and residents of the Groves in Florida, his winter home.  Glenn expands the web site to document planned meetings, classes and clinics and to cover other organizations that he may choose to support.

In his support of the Coldstream Crossing residents, Glenn partners with Bob Lawson, sharing the STG presentation functions and jointly providing their services as needed.   Glenn is available for contact with all who participate in his meetings at various locations.  Bob provides support mainly for the Coldstream Crossing residents.  While Glenn spends most of the year in Pennsylvania, he will gladly try to help folks from the Groves by phone or email when he is not available on site.  Susan Schelpf is our primary Apple/Mac support person as well as the administrator of the Coldstream Neighbors Facebook page.  She provides support solely for the Coldstream Crossing residents.

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