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Observing Satellites

Convert Case – The Easy Way To Convert Text Between Upper Case, Lower Case and Sentence Case. This online Case Conversion Tool is designed to allow you to convert blocks of text into any case and simply copy and paste back to your own document.

Free Fundraising Thermometer – There has never been an easier way to show your supporters how you are doing with your campaign. Our Free Fundraising Thermometer installs easily into any site that you can paste HTML.

Download Skype: It’s free to download and free to call other people on Skype.

At Pandora, we have a single mission: To play music you’ll love – and nothing else.

PayPal is free for buyers.

Radio-Locator, the most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet. We have links to over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2500 audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world.

Crucial System Scanner tool Scan your computer to find out what is already inside your system and get recommended upgrades.

Get Carbonite, it’s asy to use. It isn’t enough to backup to a hard drive, you have to have an off site backup as well. – Rules of backup are simple – there’s got to be two copies of everything with a third copy offsite. Francis Ford Copolla had all his scripts, his laptop and his backups stolen! You need an off site option as well.

A Google approach to email.  Gmail is built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful. – Your Google Account gives you access to Gmail and other Google services – Less spam: Keep unwanted messages out of your inbox with Google’s innovative technology. – Lots of space: Over 7 Gb (and counting) of free storage.

Free Fax –  Maximum 3 pages + cover Max 5 free faxes per day

Google Voice A single phone number that rings all your phones – Google voicemail: voicemail like email – Voicemail transcription: read what your voicemail says – Google Voice Help 
Custom greetings: vary voicemail greetings by caller – International calling: low cost calls to the world – Block calls: send unwanted callers straight to voicemail – Record calls: record phone calls and store them online – Conference calls: join several people into a single call – Screen callers: hear who is calling before you pick up.

Welcome to your notable world. Use Evernote to save your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then find them all on any computer or device you use. For free. – We connect to thousands of checking, savings, credit card, investment, loan, and retirement accounts. Access all your balances and transactions together, on the web or your iPhone.

Vimeo is the home for the videos you create. Vimeo is a community of respectful people who enjoy sharing, collaborating on, and watching videos made by people just like you.

Ninite installs software fast with default settings and says “no” to browser toolbars and other junk. Ninite runs on Windows XP/Vista/7 and works in the background unattended and 100% hands-free. On My systems I use Chrome, Firefox, Skype, iTunes, Picasa, Reader, CutePDF, Essentials, Flash, Flash (IE), Java, Google Earth, and FileZilla.

15 GB of free storage on Windows Live: With OneDrive, it’s easy to store and share your files and photos with almost anyone.

Paytrust, the service I use that lets me receive, review, and pay 100% of my bills online from anywhere – at home, at work or on the road.

Pixlr is a free online photo editor, jump in and start edit, adjust, filter. It’s just what you imagine! .

OpenDNS is fantastic and I recommend it to everyone. It’s safer and more responsive than any other DNS service.

How to Switch to OpenDNS or Google DNS to Speed Up Web Browsing – Your local internet service provider probably doesn’t have the fastest DNS servers, and that can slow down your browsing, since your browser needs to look up the IP address of every web site you try to view. Here is how to switch to either OpenDNS or Google DNS for faster browsing times.

HubbleSite is produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute’s Office of Public Outreach.

National Weather Service – NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s)

Increase the dynamic range of your photographs: Blends two differently exposed photos, combines multiple exposures into HDR, and tone maps HDR images with the Tone Compressor tone mapping method. is an easy and powerful way to start blogging. Learn more about what sets us apart. Start a blog in seconds.

Library Thing is a site that will allow you to share the books in your personal library and swap books with other people.

Mass Times A Ministry to Traveling Catholics.


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