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Jan 30, 2023, 1 and 7 PMJoin Online Meeting > The Gadget Gurus, we have no prerequisites. Just ask questions about previous topics. I will also review the current tech news. We will do our best to answer computers, smartphones, apps, cameras, tablets, and internet questions. So bring your tech issues and enjoy the meeting.
How to use the Pixel’s Magic Eraser ‘Camouflage’ tool in Google Photos – By Derrek Lee Android Central.

Q: Suggested by Phil D   Bitwarden design flaw: Server side iterations – By Wladimir Palant
A:  Password Strength Evaluation – While server-side iterations count has some value, it is only required for those with weak passwords. The time to crack a weak password compared strong one ranges from 9 days to 91 trillion years.

Q: Criminals are going after password manager logins – What to watch out for – By Charlie Fripp | This article was suggested by Jay B.
A: I like the message of this article but do not agree with two of the suggestions.
Change your passwords regularly. Changing passwords is no longer considered best practice. Stop Changing Your (Strong, Unique) Passwords So Much by PC Mag and Time to rethink mandatory password changes – By Lorrie Cranor March 2, 2016
Antivirus is vitalWhy Is Antivirus Still Necessary? by Driver Support – For the most part, Windows Defender can cover most of your antivirus needs. 

Q: Suggested by Phil D – Bitwarden Password Manager users are being targeted by phishing ads on Google by – Scammers are targeting users of cloud-based password managers, including Bitwarden, with phishing attacks. And the mode of attack was malicious ads.
A: Research trusted sources for any software or app you choose to use or install.

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