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Individual User Accounts & Individual E-mail Addresses

You may want to work with multiple user accounts on your device for many reasons.

Couples who share an e-mail address between them or even have a single e-mail address for the whole family may have issues in the modern online world.

Working with multiple Windows user accounts
Windows XP and later versions of Windows allow you to create user profiles, allowing each user on your computer to have separate login. Additional benefits include allowing users to have document folders, desktop icons, start menu items, and favorites. Different user accounts also allow for greater privacy and less hassle of changing individual preferences for each user.

Create a user account.
User accounts allow several people to share a single device easily. Everyone can have a separate user account with unique settings and preferences, such as desktop background and color theme. User accounts also control the files and programs you can access and the changes you can make to the device. 

Add a Second Account On My Device

Note: If you want to create an account for someone in your family, see Set up your Family. Or if you’re trying to sign in with your Microsoft account, Sign in with a Microsoft account has some helpful pointers. You can also find some tips for adding an account in the Microsoft account FAQ.


Separate e-mail accounts / Improved Security  

Create a Google Account
Your Google Account gives you access to Gmail and other Google services.
Users should have their e-mail addresses and e-mails organized in their private inboxes.

You can have a personal web name.
Suppose you buy your domain like “”; you’ll generally be able to choose any e-mail addresses that end with your domain name: [email protected], [email protected], and so on—a personal URL (Domain Name) for less than $15 a year.

  • One advantage is that you can keep the same e-mail address(es) forever (as long as you pay the bill). If you change registrar or hosting provider, your mailboxes move with you. You’ll never need to ask people to “please put my new e-mail into your address book” and run the risk of losing touch when they forget.
  • Want to set up e-mail addresses for your family? You surely can.
  • Register a Domain Name (URL) with Get a Domain Name With Privacy Protection, Free Mail Forwards, and more – Create free e-mail forwards and automatically redirect your e-mail to existing e-mail accounts.
  • Forward your e-mail to a Gmail or any other account.

 Registrar, WEB host, URL forwarding, E-mail Forwarding detail page.


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