Getting Comfortable With The Basics

Google Photos Assistant

One of the best features of the Google Photos app is Assistant. It’s an all-in-one notification center for everything that’s happening with your photos, and it’s quite useful. Here’s how you use it.

Here are things Google Photos Assistant can do:

  • Manage your photos
  • Edit your photos
  • Create photo albums
  • Create GIFs from your photos
  • Make polished movies
  • Put together a photographic collage
  • Make albums, GIFs, movies, and collages while you sleep
  • Manage space on your device
  • Provide photo fixing suggestions
  • Group photos with facial recognition

All of these features are from Google Photos, a free app.

Beginner’s guide to Google Photos by Android Authority

Create Albums, Animations, Movies, and Collages

Help:  On Your ComputerAndroid Phone or TabletiPhone and iPad

Assistant can automatically create photo albums, make GIF animations create great movies, and group (or juxtapose) photos in collages. You can also create your own Photo Album With Google Photos Assistant. This is a great way to group photos and videos from, say, a trip to the zoo, or even an entire holiday.

GIF Animations see help above

Assistant will create GIF animations for you based on your photos. Like the other creations, these will pop up when you least expect it. Create your own, tap Assistant then go to Animation. Here, select between 3 and 50 photos. Click Create, and wait as the animation is produced. You’re done!

Movies see help above

Google Photos Assistant will create movies using your photos and movie clips. They are grouped by date to keep the subject of the movie quite narrow. You can edit which clips appear and where or change the style of the movie and the soundtrack. Check out this guide to using Google Photos to create awesome movies.

Try Collages There Easy! see help above

Use the Assistant > Collage option to choose the photos you want to include. You’re allowed between 2 and 9 photos, select them and click Create when you’re ready. Collages can be edited like photos, filters can be applied, or the collage might be cropped or even rotated. Remember to Save your changes!

Show photos on a TV using Chromecast

Help:  Android Phone or Tablet    On a Computer   iPhone or iPad

Different options are available with your creations. They can be shared, using your phone’s usual sharing apps. They can also be viewed via wireless streaming, perhaps to a Chromecast or similar device.

Manage Phone’s Storage With Google Photos Assistant

Help:  Android Phone or Tablet      iPhone & iPad

When you take a photo or shoot a video, you use up some of your phone’s storage. When assistant detects that the device has to photos or video stored on it, the assistant will ask you to tap the Free up space button and have the images deleted from the device. This message will only appear if they’ve been backed up to your Google Photos. You can also use the Free up space option to manually.

In the Settings menu, the Backup and sync option will help you manage your photo and video storage.

Install Google Photos to Use the Assistant!

Available for Android and iOS, it may be installed on your phone already. If you’re not making full use of it, now is the time, to back up your phone’s pictures and enjoy the creations of the assistant.

Download: Google Photos for Android (Free)

Download: Google Photos for iOS (Free)


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