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Jun 5, 2023, 1 and 7 PM | Join Online Meeting >  The Gadget Gurus: I will review the current tech news. We will do our best to answer computers, smartphones, apps, cameras, tablets, and internet questions. So bring your tech issues and enjoy the meeting.
8 Google Maps Features That Will Change How You Use The App – By Jack Filsinger SlashGear

Q: Can I share that I happened across Bing’s AI search tool? Bing/Search/Chat. Do other search engines have one, too?  Jay B
A: > What is Bing Chat? Here’s everything you need to know – by ZDnet
,    > You Can Now Try Google’s Bard Chatbot, an Alternative to ChatGPT – NY Cnet
,    > ChatGPT vs Bing Chat vs Google Bard: Which is the best AI chatbot? by ZDnet

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