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Jun 3, 2024, 1 and 7 PM | Join Online Meeting > Streaming Video Your Best TV Entertainment Value | Streaming video is content sent over the Internet and displayed in real|time. The user needs a player that can be either a browser, a set|top box, or built into a Smart TV.
6 reasons why I’d buy a Chromebook instead of a Windows laptop – By Adrian Sobolewski-Kiwerski

Q:   Could you add info on how to do TEXT’s on the computer? Karen Bellamy
A1:  >Windows 11 Use Phone Link to Sync Your Android or iPhone – Microsoft Phone Link replaces the Your Phone Companion app and allows you to filter your notifications, receive calls, and use your mobile apps on your PC.
.     > Link to Windows – Apps on Google Play
.     > Link to Windows on the App Store 

A2:  Chromebook – Send & receive SMS messages on your Chromebook

Q: The group may be interested in checking whether they have been snared in a bot network? Jay B
A: > Here is the article. Is Your Computer Part of ‘The Largest Botnet Ever?’ – By briankrebs
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) today said they arrested the alleged operator of 911 S5, a ten-year-old online anonymity service that was powered by what the director of the FBI called “likely the world’s largest botnet ever.”
.    > Brett Leatherman, deputy assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division encouraged Internet users to visit a new FBI webpage that can help people determine whether their computers may be part of the 911 S5 botnet, which the government says spanned more than 19 million individual computers in at least 190 countries.

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