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Gmail – Security, Tricks, Tips, Help, Lab tools  


  1. Low-Cost Wireless Provider
  2. Low-Cost Land-line Phone
  3. Free Calls To Any Phone

Computer Helpers

  1. Must Have Computer Tools and Software
  2. Create USB Repair Kit to Solve Computer Problems
  3. Security
  4. Setup Google Cloud Print
  5. E-mail helpers
  6. Print Mailing Labels From My Gmail Contacts
  7. Prep Documents for Web Publishing as an Image.
  8. What is Dropbox?
  9. Beginner Tips
  10. Latest Hints, Tips & Links
  11. Getting Connected
  12. Software
  13. Hardware
  14. Services Mostly Free
  15. Paid Services
  16. This & That
  17. Glossary of Computer Terms
  18. Remove Google+ Account Without Deleting Gmail Account
  19. Bulk import vCards to Gmail contacts
  20. Digital Photography
  21. Wi-Fi Access Point – Outdoor POE Wi-Fi range extenders! NanoStation

Senior Issues

  1. Why Substance Abuse Among Seniors can be Devastating
  2. Too Old to Quit? – Seniors and Smoking


  1. Cut The Cord 

Home Products

  1. Coldstream Crossing home smoke alarm.
        BRK First Alert 9120LBL Hardwired Smoke Alarm – 10 Year Battery $ 18.95
    Note: This smoke detector is the correct model for homes built early in Coldstream Crossing's development. If you have a newer home and want to be sure it uses the same device I have a sample smoke detector you can borrow to check the fit in your home. Glenn

Thick and Chewy Oats

Registrar, WEB host, URL forwarding, Email Forwarding

WordPress Help

  1. WordPress Settings
  2. WP EBOOKS – Creating A WordPress Network 
  3. The Complete Guide to Setting Up WordPress Multisite
  4. WordPress 3.0 Multisite on Godaddy Hosting
    1. Removing WordPress Multisite data 
    2. Different Favicons for WordPress 3.0 M
  5. WordPress Settings


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