Getting Comfortable With The Basics

Online Meeting G Suite Instructions

  During the Session
The first time you connect​ 

Prepare for the meeting 
Basic Use and Features Video

When you have reviewed these instructions, go to the Welcome page of the Tech Group WEB site. Locate the date and time for today's program, click the "Online Meeting tab​​" link. Please do not try to join any earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting time. 

The preferred method of connecting is your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari) on any Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer. To talk and be seen by the group, your computer needs a microphone and camera (all laptop styles do). If your machine (often desktop type) is lacking these, you can see and hear the program and communicate using the text function in Google Meet.

If you only have a phone or tablet, you can join in by installing an app. Hangout Meet in the Google Play store or Hangout Meet by Google in the Apple iTunes store.

A Google account is not required.

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Steps to follow each time you want to join a meeting.

Go to the Welcome page of the Tech Group WEB site. 
To precipitate in an online gathering, find the date and time of the meeting and click the "Online Meeting tab​​" link as shown to the left.  


The new page will show this Online Meeting List with today's date.

On the date and time of the online meeting, you wish to join. 
Click the link to the right of the current meeting time.

After the word Description, click "Join Hangouts Meet.

A Google account is not required, but if you have one, please sign in.

  • If Gmail is your email, you're probably already shown as logged in.

When logged into Gmail, your name is filled in automatically.

  • If not, please enter your name to proceed.
Click the Ask To Join button.

Asking to join animation will circle until I accept your request to join the meeting.

  • Please do not try to enter any earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

During the Hangout Session                                                                                  Jump to top


When you request to join is accepted, you will see a screen similar to this. You have some options and setting described in the following sections.

Control Labels

During the Meets session, you will see this icon at the lower right of the screen. 


When clicking the three-dot (overflow) icon, this list will popup. 

Two-item, you will be configuring to your preference are "Change layout and Full Screen."

  • First, click the three-dot (overflow) menu to choose
    "Change Layout" and select "Spotlight."
  • Second, go back to the overflow menu and click
    "Full Screen."

When you have selected both Spotlight layout and click Full Screen, the presentation will use your computer display to it's fullest potential.

Note: On most operating you can toggle Full Screen on and off with a dedicated key, on Windows it is F11.

To get the most out of G Suite, Meet visit the Google Meet Help pages. 


Configure the meeting display on your computer to your liking by using the Change Layout option.

  • Auto is always selected when starting a meeting.
  • If you choose "Spotlight," the presentation of my computer on your display will be shown as large as possible.
    • Spotlight is the recommended setting. 

Note: This setting must be reselected each time you start a session.

The presentation I share with you should look like this on your display after selecting Full Screen (F11).

Toggle the bottom menu on and off by clicking anywhere on the page.


At the center of the menu bar are the controls to mute the microphone, turn off your camera, and end your connection.
Clicking this area at the upper right of the window drops down the field to see everyone in the online gathering and start the Chat feature. 

Click the People icon to see everyone currently in the meeting.

When you select the Chat icon, look to the bottom of the sidebar to find the area you type for chatting with everyone in the online conference.

Enter text here and press the triangle to send your message.

Google Meet: Basic Use and Features – By Eric Curts  VIDEO
This video covers the essential use and features of Google Meet. 

The first time you connect.                                                                  Jump to top


Choose Allow to the " wants to – show notifications."

You must choose Allow in the ' wants to – use your microphone and use your camera" popup.

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Consider these things before you join our online tech group gatherings.

As we use remote connections for our tech group gatherings, we will learn how to navigate all the aspects of communicating digitally. 

It will take some time to get comfortable using online meeting programs. There are things you should consider when you're on a video call—some tips to help you to enjoy our online tech group meetings.

Set up your space

Find a private place to participate in the conference. If not, use headphones to reduce background noise. Let family members know before the online gathering to minimize interruptions.

Set up your camera so that it has a clear view of you. Don't sit too far from the camera and keep it at eye level.

Make sure you are well lit. Natural lighting and side lighting work best.

Check your appearance

Dress how you would for an in-person tech group gathering. Avoid bright white or black shirts that may cause your camera to auto-adjust the brightness and make it hard to see your face.

Beginning the call

It's a good idea to test your conferencing software before the meeting if you've never used it before. Also, make sure you have a secure Wi-Fi connection. Having your device plugged in is best; if not, completely charge it before the meeting. 

Control your audio and video

Mute your microphone if you're not speaking, it can pick up a lot of background noise, so muting allows others on the tech group to easily hear who's talking. Before getting up or moving around, it's a good idea to switch off your video to avoid causing any distractions.

To ask a question, please use the chat function

It's a lot easier to interrupt when on a video call meeting than in person. If you want to speak, wait for a few moments of silence before speaking up in case there's a sound delay.

I prefer you to use the chat function to ask a question. I will try to call on people by name if they indicate they have a question or problem.

Speak clearly and don't forget to unmute yourself!. Speak at your average volume; there's no need to shout.

Stay focused

Be attentive and engaged during the meeting. Look into the camera when you talk. Don't look at yourself or others on your screen; it makes it appear you're looking at something else. When you're not talking, pay attention to whoever's speaking or sharing their screen. Keep in mind others can see where you're looking.

Long stretches of silence make it seem like you've lost connection.

You're more visible on virtual meetings than in offline meetings since you get to see close-ups. It's helpful to keep your own face visible on-screen, just as a reminder that you're on camera.

Sharing your screen

If you do decide to share your screen during a video call, prepare before you hit that share button. Clear your desktop and make sure any private or sensitive information is hidden.

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