Getting Comfortable With The Basics

Removing WordPress Multisite data

You can remove WordPress Multisite data completely incase you don’t want it or you want to re-install with a fresh state.

  1. Remove all the lines added to wp-config.php
  2. Revert back to older .htaccess file or delete it and regenrate it by going to Settings > Permalinks
  3. Remove the two fields added to the users table that are multisite-only (deleted and spam columns).
  4. Remove the following tables in database
    (prefixed by your DB prefix which is generally wp_):
  • wp_blogs
  • wp_blog_versions
  • wp_registration_log
  • wp_site
  • wp_sitemeta
  • wp_signups
  • wp_sitecategories (if you have global terms enabled)

You now have a clean WordPress install without any trace of Multisite data.

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