Getting Comfortable With The Basics

Senior Tech Group Mission Statement

The Senior Tech Group created with three primary missions:

  1. To help folks with little or no knowledge of computers enter into the information age. So they aren’t “shut out” as our society transitions from traditional ways of communicating and doing business.
  2. To form a User Group, where we bring technology users together to share knowledge and experience.
  3. To encourage those members with technical skills to help others within our communities implement and maintain all types of computer-based, digital systems at our meetings or in their homes.

While the primary focus is on computers, applications, and the Internet, our programs extend to online security, mobile phones, streaming TV, and more.

​​We particularly welcome those who have no experience with computers or may not even own a computer. ​Please join our group and learn the basics. Many of our members started from the same base and are now comfortable using computers and the Internet. When we cover the “basics,” we attempt to simplify the material so all can understand. Moreover, we hold “clinic” sessions where our members provide “one-on-one” training and coaching.

The Senior Tech Group User groups represent the spirit of the frontier, a community getting together to do things that no individual ought to have to do alone. User group founded on the principle of “members helping members.”  Many user groups say that their primary reason for being a member of the group is to make personal contacts with other tech users.  With the help of all who join us, the Senior Tech Group will try to answer your questions and share helpful tips.

During our group meetings and clinics, we cover the following topics and more.

  • Getting started with a computer
    • What computer, printer, or backup drive should you buy
    • Connecting to the Internet and WiFi arrangements
    • Securing your computer
    • Using your equipment and its software
    • Help with your e-mail
    • How to search the Internet
    • Backup your photos to the cloud
    • Speed up a sluggish computer
  • Using the Internet more effectively
  • Cell Phones
    • Finding an economic plan
    • Choosing a phone
    • Programming your cell phone
    • Using Apps
    • Backup your photos to the cloud
  • Shopping online
  • Cable TV or Fios issues, cutting the cord (get rid of cable TV)
  • Talking online using video chat, webcam, and Skype
  • Digital camera and photo problems, what camera to buy
    • Sharing photos on the Internet
  • Setting up your web address and personalized e-mail address
  • Building web pages

When requested, members with the required knowledge often make “house calls” to assist with installing or restoring technology-based services and systems within the home.

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