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Program Notes for the 4th Week of the Month

Jun 24, 2024, 1 and 7 PM | Join Online Meeting > The Gadget Gurus: I will review the current tech news. We will do our best to answer questions about computers, smartphones, apps, cameras, tablets, and the internet. So bring your tech issues and enjoy the meeting.
7 Things You Didn’t Know A Chromebook Can Do – By Luke Edwards

Q:  Please go over the setup for BitWarden 2FA since Authy is not available for laptops. Are there any problems with switching? Stew R
A: BitWarden Integrated Authentication is an alternative solution to dedicated authentication apps like Bitwarden Authenticator, Authy, Google Authenticator, or 2FAS, which you can use to verify your identity for websites and apps that use a two-step login.

Q: What 2FA do you use, and why not the one from BitWarden?  Stew R
A: I use both BitWarden Integrated Authentication and a phone-based TOTP Authenticator, such as Bitwarden Authenticator, Authy, Google Authenticator, or 2FAS.

Q:   I want to back up photos on my Pixel phone (camera file) to a DT hard drive. They are synced to Google Photos cloud. My DT hard drive has an SS USB 3 connection. With an adapter, do I simply open my phone to the camera file in Google Photos and download it to the hard drive? Stew R
A: > I can plug in and see a thumb drive on my Pixel phone and find it in the Files app, but it does not see an external hard drive.
.   > Download photos or videos to your device.  You can copy your photos and videos to your device.
.   > How to download your Google data. Go to the Google Takeout

Q:     I made a Wendy’s privacy card this morning. My real debit card is Visa, but on Wendy’s virtual card it shows the Mastercard logo. Why is this?  Mark B
.  > Privacy Knowledge base: Can I choose where my Privacy Card comes from?
A:   We currently have both Visa and Mastercard numbers available for users, though we don’t give the option to choose when creating.

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