Getting Comfortable With The Basics

How can I print mailing labels from my Gmail contacts?

This work for anyone who wants to go completely online.  Avery has an online mail merge program. I just merged my google contacts after exporting them to my computer as a csv. Then I went to Avery Design & Print Online  Pick which Avery labels to use, pick a template, import, merge, design with pictures, and print to a pdf file. Download the pdf file and print.

My Christmas list uses a nonstandard name field for recipients.  Some are addressed (Mrs & Mr John Smith some to the Smith Family.  I used a custom field in Google contacts with whatever form the name line should be printed.

  • In Google contacts export the group of contacts using  Google CSV format (for importing into a Google account).
  • Go to Avery Design & Print Online
  • Choose the appropriate Avery label.
  • Select a design I chose a simple. 
    City State Zip Code
  • Select the text box
  • At the left menu choose Import Data (Mail Merge)
  • Click Start Mail Merge button
  • Select the previously exported Google CSV file from your computer.
  • Un-check the Header Row then click Next
  • Insert label information.
    Custom Field 1 – Value 
    Address 1 – Street
    Address 1 – City , Address 1 – Region Address 1 – Postal Code
  • Click Merge
  • Click Preview and Print



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