Getting Comfortable With The Basics

Senior Tech Group Online MeetingEveryone Welcome

Mondays at 1 and 7 PM  —  Previous Meeting Recordings 

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  •    Enter your full name if requested, and click the BLUE “Join now” button.
    Note: Do not use the “Companion Mode.” It doesn’t have sound.

Asking to join animation will circle until I accept your request to join the meeting.
Please try to enter 5 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

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Make Text Bigger During The Presentation Use The Maximize Key

  • On Windows, press F11 ket to maximize and again to return to normal.
  • On Chromebook, press Maximize your window (top row, fifth key from left)

    Note: For best results, use the Layout option Sidebar – One main image of a participant or the presentation. The images of other meeting participants are on the side.

How to Clear the Cache and Cookies in Your Web Browser 

Why Clear Cache and Cookies?
Clearing the Cache and Cookies from a web browser is an essential first step for almost any troubleshooting for internet browsing. For example, sometimes the “cache” can cause problems when websites are updated and developed, as files saved in the cache may conflict with what’s coded. Clearing Cache and Cookies can cure problems loading updated pages in your browsers.

If you have issues connecting to the Tech Group online meeting, clear the Cache and Cookies.

Shortcut to Clear the Cache and Cookies for Most Browsers
If you use Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. You can quickly clear the cache with a keyboard shortcut.
While in your browser, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete simultaneously on the keyboard to open the appropriate window.

Note: It is usually only necessary to clear “Browser history” and “Cached images and files.” You can uncheck the other items. Likewise, removing Cookies or any other things is generally not essential.

I do recommend selecting “All Time” as the Time Range.

Your Name Is Requested if you are not logged into Gmail.


The First Time Connecting Google Meet will request permission to use your camera and microphone.





Experimental Only

Microsoft Teams











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Senior Tech Group Online MeetingEveryone Welcome
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