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Google Fi Referal Program

Google is now offending cell phone service named "Google Fi" in the US that also works in 170+ countries around the world.

Google Fi puts you on the best available network between Wi-Fi and three 4G LTE networks. … Google Fi has partnered with Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular, three of the leading carriers in the US, to provide our service.

  • Use this link to signup for Google FI as a new subscriber.
    Fi will credit you and Glenn $20 after you've been active for 30 days.
  • Combined coverage – Stay connected on your phone with coverage from 3 carriers + Wi-Fi.
  • Straightforward plans – $20/mo + $10/GB data. No contracts and no hidden fees.
  • International included – Unthrottled data in 170+ countries and territories, always $10/GB. Text messages are also included free in 170+ countries.
  • Phones from Google designed for Fi are packed with your favorite features, from smart cameras to powerful batteries. All of them are built with Google Fi’s unique technology to keep you on the best signal.
  • Check compatibility of a phone you already have.

Use this link to signup for Google FI as a new subscriber.
Fi will credit you and Glenn $20 after you've been active for 30 days.

Have a question? We’ve got answers go to FAQ

Fi has a simple plan that’s fair and flexible. – Fi flexes to your data usage every month. That means when you use less data, you’ll see a lower bill. In months when you use more data, Bill Protection caps your bill and keeps the data coming.

Roam for the same price as home. – Going places? Stay connected with high-speed coverage in 170+ countries and territories. Enjoy free unlimited texting and the same data prices you pay at home, including free data with Bill Protection.

Three 4G LTE Networks – One service gives you access to three leading national carriers. That means faster 4G LTE coverage in more locations.

A million Wi-Fi hotspots – When available, your phone will automatically shift you over to free pre-selected Wi-Fi hotspots for faster calling, data, and texting. All with our secure encryption to keep your data safe.

Bill Protection – Data when you need it, savings when you don’t. With Bill Protection, you’ll get the peace of mind of unlimited data when you need it without having to pay for it when you don’t. Data costs $10/GB until Bill Protection kicks in. After that, data is free for the rest of your billing cycle. Data is slowed for the rest of the month for individuals after 15 GB. Here’s how Bill Protection and capped plan costs work for for one user, at 6 GB total cost is $80 maximum. Free data, no matter how you use it. 

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