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Free Secure Email – ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a security-minded tool to manage your email. It offers great data security and a clean, stylish, user-friendly interface. It also has an end-to-end encryption that ensures no one, not even the creators can read your emails. Available for the Web, iOS, and Android.

Free – Basic account with limited features offers. – 500MB storage, 150 messages per day, Apps for iOS and Android, limited support.

Signup for free ProtonMail plan. You can upgrade anytime for more feature.

In addition to providing secure web-based email, ProtonMail also provides encrypted email on your mobile device. Mobile applications are available for download from both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Mobile apps are compatible with smart phones and tablets.

Email sending

If you send an email to other Protonmail users, they will see the message normally. If you send a message to someone who does not use Protonmail, they’ll be sent a link and will need a password to view the message.

An email sent from one ProtonMail account to another ProtonMail account is automatically encrypted with the public key of the recipient. Once encrypted only the private key of the recipient can decrypt the email. When the recipient logs in their mailbox password decrypts their private key and unlocks their inbox.

When sending Emails from ProtonMail to non-ProtonMail email addresses you may choose to sent in plain text or with end-to-end encryption. With encryption the email is encrypted with AES under a user-supplied password. The recipient receives a link to the ProtonMail website where they can enter the password and read the decrypted email. ProtonMail assumes that the sender and the recipient have exchanged this password through a back channel (voice call, text message…). Emails sent to non-ProtonMail email accounts can be set to self-destruct after a period of time. The non-ProtonMail recipient can reply securely with end-to-end encryption to the sender with a ‘Secure Reply’ button included in the message.

ProtonMail is a free service, you can help support online privacy by selecting a paid account. Your contribution helps us support more users and continue to develop ProtonMail as free and open source software.

Note: I still prefer using Gmail fo my day to day email needs but having a ProtonMail account is handy when needing to communicate is a highly secure manner. The free ProtonMail 500MB, 150 message account is handy to have set up for use when privacy is important.

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