Getting Comfortable With The Basics

Forward Verizon AOL account email to Gmail.

Email forwarding is only available in AOL accounts created by Verizon (the email address must be [email protected]).

  • If you log into, click the Mail icon at the upper left to get to You should be in the new webmail view.
  • If so, click the gear cog at (upper right)
  • Choose more settings
  • At the left menu list, choose “Switch to basic mail.”
  • Wait a few seconds; the view will change to Basic Mail.
  • In Basic Mail upper right, click Account Info and choose “Settings” Click Go.
  • In the “Auto-forwarding” entry box, enter the email address to forward AOL mail to (i.e., [email protected])
  • At the upper right, click “Save.”
  • Click Back to Inbox
  • Check your Gmail account. AOL will set a forwarding verification.
    You must click verify to confirm your email address.
  • Test forwarding by sending a message to your AOL Verizon email address. It should arrive in the inbox you set as the forward account.
    Note: The first messages may take some time to show in your Gmail inbox.






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