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Enable Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad

How to Enable Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad Drivers on Your Laptop by How-To-Geek

Microsoft has been trying to improve the touchpad experience on Windows 10 laptops. Laptops with “Precision Touchpads” are optimized by Microsoft, support standard gestures, and can be configured from the Settings app. Unfortunately, PC manufacturers can opt out of using Precision Touchpads. Now, there’s a way to install Precision Touchpad drivers even on laptops that don’t ship with them.

Chrome Extension Make Chrome Faster

Top 20 Most Famous Chrome Extension Make Chrome Faster by

Top 20 Most Famous Chrome Extension Make Chrome Faster. Today we will tell you about the most popular browser in the world developed by Google That’s “Chrome”. yes, 60% population rest of the world using chrome for better search result & today we will tell you 20 more chrome extension to more make chrome faster Free.

The best Google Chrome extensions of 2017 by ComputerWorld

From productivity-boosting timers to ad blockers and Android messengers on your desktop, these 25 Chrome extensions make the most popular web browser even more powerful and useful.

The 101 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions by

These are some of the greatest extensions you can and should add to your Google browser.

The Extensions I use with all or my Chrome installs.





Cloud Ready Printer

This printer will work with Chromebook (Google Cloud Print) and will scan to Google Drive, permitting scanning compatible with Chromebook, of course, it also works with Windows and Mac computers.
  • 4-in-1: print, copy, scan, fax Note: Scan to Google Drive
  • Network and Wireless Ready: Wireless (802.11 b/g/n), Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, Hi-speed USB 2.0
  • Automatic duplexing (two-sided printing)
  • Prints Up to 12ppm Black (ISO/IEC 24734) & Up to 10ppm Color (ISO/IEC 24734)
  • Mobile device printing via: AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, and Brother iPrint&Scan
  • NFC Connectivity lets you "touch to connect" for direct printing or scanning from your NFC-capable mobile device
  • 100-sheet paper capacity up to legal (8.5"x14") sized paper
  • Print on photo paper, cardstock or other specialty media using the single-sheet bypass tray
  • Easily navigate onscreen menus on the 2.7" TouchScreen display
  • Scan to popular cloud services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Box, OneNote and more
  • Fast print speeds of up to 12 ppm in black and white and 10 ppm in color increase your productivity
  • Works with mobile cloud printing technology so you can use it from your smartphone or tablet
  • NFC touch-to-connect technology allows for direct printing or scanning from NFC-capable devices
  • Features a 100-sheet capacity to save time on refilling the paper tray

Generic ink for Brother MFC-J885DW printer on Amazon.
Product Details

E-Z Ink (TM) Compatible Ink Cartridge Replacement For Brother LC203 XL LC203XL High Yield (4 Black LC203BK, 2 Cyan LC203C, 2 Magenta LC203M, 2 Yellow LC203Y) 10 Pack For MFC-J4420DW MFC-J4620DW    – by E-Z Ink     $ 21 89 $26.99Prime  –4 Black, 2 Cyan, 2 Magenta, 2 Yellow

  • This fits your BROTHER MFC J885DW.
  • Brand: E-Z ink
  • Page Yield: 550 pages per black ink cartridge. 550 pages per color ink cartridge.
  • All cartridges are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility
  • All cartridges contain high-quality ink that is engineered to produce superb results
  • Compatible With: MFC-J4320DW MFC-J4420DW MFC-J460DW MFC-J4620DW MFC-J480DW MFC-J485DW MFC-J5520DW MFC-J5620DW MFC-J5720DW MFC-J680DW MFC-J880DW MFC-J885DW Printer

15 Chrome Extensions by Google

15 Chrome Extensions by Google You Didn’t Know You Needed by

Who better to provide Chrome extensions than Google? Play it safe with a trusted source. Here are the best homemade Chrome browser addons.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Stumbleupon Whatsapp Email

With all the extensions available for Google Chrome, it can be tough to decide which ones to install. And with so many from unknown third parties, you might be overly cautious. If you want to play it safe, go right to the source — and who better to provide Chrome extensions than Google?

Backup Your Hard Drive Using Google’s Backup

How To Backup Your Hard Drive Using Google's Backup And Sync Tool? by

Backup & Sync is a tool developed by Google. It automatically uploads the data from your hard drive and connected USB devices to your Google Drive.

Backing up their data is an important task for regular users, be it the computer or smartphone. But an important question in this regard is how you backup your data? Locally or on a cloud drive. And how often you do it? 

In the past, I have told you about backing up your hard drive using…

SW Florida Cameras


Weather Camera / Traffic Camera by WatherBug
   Note: Be sure to select both Weather & Traffic Cameras.
   Many of the cameras below are time lapse use the play controls in the camera window.

Fort Myers Still Cam

Fort Myers Live TV

Some of these cameras will be off line when the storms impact the area.

Live Cams & Streaming Webcams

Live video Webcams On Line as of 9 AM Sunday  


Road Traffic Cams

National & International Webcams

Home Pages

Google Drive Pc App Dies Next March

Prepare to Update, Because Google Drive Pc App Dies Next March by cnet

The Google Drive app for personal computers will stop working March 12, 2018. Its fuller-featured replacement, Backup and Sync, is available now.

If you're among the hundreds of millions of people using Google Driveto synchronize files across your PCs and phones, be warned: you've now got three months to install its replacement.

ProtonMail 101

ProtonMail 101: How to Send End-to-End Encrypted Emails to Non-ProtonMail Recipients by

It can be hard to get all of your friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances to jump on board with the more-secure email system ProtonMail, but that doesn't mean you can't still send them encrypted emails. Best of all, they won't even have to install any other apps or extensions to read or reply to the messages.

ProtonMail 101: How to Send Self-Destructing Emails by

When you're sending sensitive information via email, it's best to do so with end-to-end encryption. Even better, set the email to destroy itself after a set amount of time for a little piece of mind.

Protonmail 101 Search Results


Computer Keyboard Key Explanation

Computer Keyboard Key Explanation by Computer Hope

When dealing with technical commands that use the keyboard (for example, web pages or the command line), you may hear such things as forward slash, backslash, and caret.

Many times, this can be confusing for anyone unfamiliar with each of the symbols on a keyboard. The table below identifies non-alphanumerickeys with a description or link for additional information.

Limit Background Activity for Apps

How to Limit Background Activity for Apps in Android Oreo to Save Battery Life by How-To Geek 

Google has done a lot to better manage Android’s background resource usage over the last few updates, and Oreo brings another enhancement to the table with Background Execution Limits. Simply, this limits what an app can do when running in the background—both in resources used and broadcasts requested.

Cellular Signal Strength

No Bars? Here’s Everything That Can Affect Your Cellular Signal Strength by How-To Geek

Cell signal is weird. One moment you could have five bars, but walk a few feet and it drops to two. In my house, the signal downstairs is awful, but it’s perfect upstairs. There’s a lot going on with cell reception, so let’s look at some of the main factors that affect it.

How Weather Affects Your Cell Signal by OutsideOnline

Using a phone outdoors? This is what you need to know to stay in touch.

Whether it’s dialing 911 in an emergency, streaming music in camp, or checking in on weather radar, phones are playing an increasingly important role in the outdoors. But, out in the woods, cell signal is…

Line-of-sight propagation by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Line of sight propagation to an antenna. Line-of-sight propagation is a characteristic of electromagnetic radiation or…

Cellular frequencies in the US by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

United States Carrier Frequency

The usage of frequencies within the United States is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). When distributing initial spectrum…


Windows Commands You Should Know

Useful Windows Commands You Should Know by How-To-Geek

There are some things you can only do from the command line—even in Windows. Some of these tools don’t have graphical equivalents, while others are just plain faster to use than their graphical interfaces.

20 Cool Command Line Tricks for Windows and macOS​ by

The command line (or Terminal for you Mac fans) is a throwback to a simpler age of computing, before mouse pointers and application windows and desktop wallpaper. Back when it was just you and a window full of text. Operating systems have long since evolved beyond the humble command line interface, but there’s still no better tool for quickly disseminating complex information in your operating system—and you can actually do some other pretty cool stuff with them, too.

Remotely Troubleshoot a Windows PC

How to Remotely Troubleshoot a Friend’s Windows PC Without Any Extra Software by How-To-Geek

Windows offers a few built-in tools for performing remote assistance over the Internet. These tools allow you to take remote control of another person’s computer so you can help them troubleshoot it while you’re on the phone with them. They work similarly to Remote Desktop, but are available on all editions of Windows and are easy to set up.

What You Can Expect From Android O

What You Can Expect From Android O by ZDNet

Android O is almost ready to go, and thanks to Project Treble, more users than ever will get the newest version of Android.

The next version of Android, still just named "O" for now, is almost here. The Android O release candidate has just been released. And, unlike earlier Android releases, more users than ever should be able to use the new…

Comparing Wireless Plans

Tips and Tricks for Comparing Wireless Plans and Finding the Perfect Plan by androidcentral

Here's how to make sure you have the right service plan for your phone, at the right price.

We all want phone service that works just right each and every time we need it. And of course, we don't want to overpay for it, either. That's a tough find, but you can get close and find a plan that's good for you with a little legwork. Don't worry, it's easy legwork!

Google- Pop-up Based Two-factor System

Google to Try to Get More Users to Adopt Its Pop-up Based Two-factor System by

Google is pushing out a new two-factor authentication method that will make signing into devices safer and easier. Will you opt-in?

Two-actor authentication is a great way to keep your information safe. While the industry has traditionally used SMS or email to verify if you’re actually you, Google thinks there’s a better way.

Google will nudge SMS two-factor users to try its way instead by Engadget

Google rolled out a new look and feel for two-factor authentication earlier this year, and soon it will encourage people still using the text message-based…

Google wants you to upgrade to (its) better two-factor authentication by Androidcentral

Two-factor authentication is still the best way to keep yourself safe from password breaches, but some 2FAs are better than others. Two-factor authentication has had…

Google’s New ‘Backup and Sync’ App

Google's New 'Backup and Sync' App Beams Your Photos to the Cloud by

Google this week launched a new desktop app that consolidates file backups for both Google Photos and Google Drive. It’s called Backup and Sync, and is an easy way to protect your precious photos from being lost.

Backup and Sync replaces Drive for files and the Google Photos desktop uploader for photos.

iTunes Alternatives for Windows

The Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows by How-To Geek

iTunes on Windows is terrible. Launch it, and everything comes to a screeching halt as iTunes consumes … The Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows ….

The best free alternative to iTunes 2017 byTechRadar

MusicBee. A feature-packed music player and manager – the best iTunes alternative. MediaMonkey. Keep even the biggest music libraries in check, and sync with all your devices. PodTrans. A streamlined, minimalist approach to music management for Apple devices. 

Best Free iTunes Alternatives for Syncing Music by Lifewire

If you're looking for a free iTunes alternative to use with your iOS device then take a … Amarok is a multi-platform media player for Windows, Linux, Unix, and …

Moto G Plus (5th Generation)

Here is a phone and a deal you might consider the Moto G Plus (5th Generation) from Amazon it has a fingerprint sensor, 5.2” full HD (1080p) display, Android 7.0, 12 MP HD camera and TurboPower charging. The Moto G Plus (unlocked) can be activated on Ting, and you will keep your existing cell phone number.

My recommendation is to opt for the 64 GB & 4 GB RAM version it's only $55 more than the 2 GB model but it will greatly improve the performance and help future proof it. The Ads option save you $45 or $60 and you can pay the extra later if the ads are to much of a bother.

You must be a prime member to get this deal.

Moto G Plus (5th Generation)  Amazon has 4 options.

Prime Exclusive – with Lockscreen Offers & Ads
32 GB & 2 GB RAM  Unlocked – Price: Prime $184.99 
64 GB & 4 GB RAM  Unlocked – Price: Prime $239.99 

Standard Version – Without Offers & Ads
32 GB & 2 GB RAM  Unlocked – List Price: $229.99
64 GB & 4 GB RAM  Unlocked – List Price: $299.99


  • Fast 4G LTE speed, up to 2.0 GHz octa-core processor, 4 GB of RAM, and a bright 5.2” full HD (1080p) display ensures videos and games run smoothly and look great
  • Enjoy the best of Google Android 7.0 Nougat, including Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail and more
  • Offers and ads, including personalized deals and recommendations, display on the phone’s lockscreen
  • Take brilliant photos with the 12 MP HD camera or snap group shots with a 5 MP wide-angle selfie cam. Add up to 128 GB of additional storage with a microSD card
  • The all-day battery includes TurboPower (TM) charging which provides up to 6 hours of use in just 15 minutes
  • Unlocked and carrier-friendly, works with all major carrier networks domestically or abroad
  • The fingerprint sensor instantly unlocks your phone
  • Prime members get unlimited access to Prime movies and TV shows, Prime Music, storage on Prime Photos, deals, and more with a pre-installed selection of Amazon apps

Protection Against Identity Theft

Credit Freeze Is Best Protection Against Identity Theft by Clark Howard

Are you doing things that lay yourself wide open to an identity thief fouling up your life? I’ll tell you how to protect yourself.

You may have heard that the credit reports and Social Security numbers of celebrities and politicians like…

Report: Everyone Should Get a Security Freeze by Brian Krebs

This author has frequently urged readers to place a security freeze on their credit files as a means of proactively preventing identity theft. Now, a major consumer advocacy group is recommending the same: The U.S. Public Interest Research Group…

Gmail, Awesome Tips and Tricks 

Everyone Uses Gmail, but Not Everyone Knows These Awesome Tips and Tricks by

There's more to Gmail than you might think. Here's how to make the most of it, whether you want save space, disable tabs, or send money.

Between Labs, extensions, and settings, there’s a plethora of ways that you can customize your Gmail experience and tweak how emails are handled. Below of some of our favorite methods for managing time and giving Gmail an extra boost when it comes to organization.

Astronomy Mobile Apps

Turn Your Smartphone into an Astronomy Toolbox with Mobile Apps by

With the right apps installed, your phone becomes a powerful pocket toolkit for your astronomy hobby. Its GPS, compass and gyro sensors help to level and align your telescope, apps such as Astronomy Tools Night Sky provide cloud cover maps and more, and the Observer Pro-Astronomy Planner app indicates the best times to see particular objects.

The phone in your pocket is a veritable Swiss Army knife of functionality for both casual stargazers and serious astronomers. In this edition of Mobile Astronomy, we'll look at the ways your phone, when loaded with the right apps, can enhance your astronomy hobby as you plan your observing sessions, set up your telescope, record your observations and much more.

How to Snap Awesome Photos of Night-Sky Objects with Your Smartphone

How to Snap Awesome Photos of Night-Sky Objects with Your Smartphone by

Attach your mobile device to a telescope and capture a memento of your night under the stars.

Just about everyone has a camera in their pocket these days, so why not use it to capture some celestial views? In this edition of mobile astronomy, we'll look at how you can take photographs of celestial bodies using the camera on your smartphone or tablet. These images certainly will not rival those from the Hubble Space Telescope, of course, or even an expert's photo taken with a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera, but you'll have a wonderful memento to show your friends and share on social media.

What to Do When Your Computer or Phone Can’t Connect to a Public Wi-Fi Network

What to Do When Your Computer or Phone Can’t Connect to a Public Wi-Fi Network by How-To Geek 

Most public networks use what’s called a Captive Portal—it’s the authorization page where you accept the place’s terms and click “Connect” to access their free Wi-Fi. The problem is, many modern browsers have issues redirecting to these captive portals because of new security protocols.

To be prepared go to NeverSSL and save as a bookmark for those times you need help logging into free WiFi locations.

NeverSSL – This website is for when you try to open Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc on a wifi network, and nothing happens. Type "" into your browser's url bar, and you'll be able to log on.

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