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Getting Comfortable With The Basics

Make Gmail account safer

3 ways to make your Gmail account safer by Sophos

Controls affecting Gmail security are mostly found at, or can be reached by clicking the user ID in the top right of any Gmail page and selecting "Account". (The user ID will usually be a photo or avatar, but it may just be your Gmail address if you do not have an associated Google+ account.)

Chrome’s Old-style bookmarking

Getting back to Chrome’s Old-style bookmarking behavior and manager

1. Visit chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment link or if the link is not working, visit chrome://flags, find ‘Enable Enhanced Bookmarks’

2. Choose ‘Disabled’ from the drop-down, click on ‘Relaunch now’ button

3. Try to bookmark a new page or edit the already bookmarked one, you’ll see the old menu. You can open and see old bookmark manager by using Ctrl+Shift+O in Windows.

Google Security & Privacy Settings

Google’s My Account page gives easy access to privacy and security tools by Android and Me

Google adds central hub for your security and privacy settings.

Google has changed the way in which you can keep on top of your privacy and security settings across its services in a bid to make it easier for users.

Google's ‘My Account’ page will provide more context around your privacy decisions in relation to Google’s services.

There’s a security checkup on the page that will walk you through security settings and recent events, connected devices and which apps have access to your account info etc. 

Google’s included access Ad Settings tool, which allows you to tailor ads or opt out of personalized ads altogether.

In addition to the My Account page, Google also provides new site at as a central location for questions about the company’s privacy practices.



Google Drive Tips

30 Google Drive Tips You Can't Afford to Miss by PC Magazine

But after almost a decade, Google Drive has come a long way in its own maturity. Anyone with a Google account—the kind you have for Gmail or any other Google service—gets instant instant access to the tools. Businesses, schools, and non-profits have …

Right Click on Chromebook

How to Right Click on Chromebook (And Other Touchpad Gestures) by How-To-Geek

Chromebooks don’t have separate left and right buttons on the trackpad, leaving some new owners confused as how to right click on a Chromebook. The answer may seem obvious, even natural, to many. But new owners are sometimes left stumped having…


Two-Step Verification

Secure Yourself by Using Two-Step Verification on These 16 Web  – by How-To-Geek – Twofactor authentication, also known as 2-step verification, provides additional security for your online accounts. Even if someone discovers …

Increase Security by Enabling TwoFactor Authentication on Your  – by How-To-Geek –  You can easily increase the security of your Google account by enabling twofactor authentication; flip it on today for a free security boost.
11 Ways to Make Your LastPass Account Even More Secure – by How-To-Geek –  Twofactor authentication is key for securing your LastPass account. Even if someone discovers your password, they'll need more information …
Don't Get Locked Out When Using TwoFactor Authentication: 5  – by How-To-Geek –  Twofactor authentication secures your accounts with an additional authentication method, often a time-limited code generated by a mobile app …
Here's How an Attacker Can Bypass Your TwoFactor Authentication – by How-To-Geek –  Twofactor authentication systems aren't as foolproof as they seem. An attacker doesn't actually need your physical authentication token if they …
How To Use Google Authenticator and Other TwoFactor  – by How-To-Geek – Google, Dropbox, LastPass,, Guild Wars 2 – all these services and more offer twofactor authentication apps that work on …

Authy: TwoFactor Authentication Made Easy – by How-To-Geek –  Authy is supposed to make twofactor authentication simple and painless by centralizing your accounts into one app. Sounds awesome, but is it …


What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a new type of computer designed to help you get things done faster and easier. Powered by Google's Chrome OS™, and featuring built-in, up-to-date virus protection along with Google apps and services like Gmail™, Google Calendar™, Docs and Google Play™ (plus thousands more in the Chrome Web Store™). Unlike traditional PCs, Chromebooks update themselves automatically for free, so you always have the latest and greatest version, while your stuff stays safe with Google Drive™ online file storage that's automatically backed up. And Chromebooks play nicely with your other devices—your phone, tablet or another computer—so you can stay in sync with your day from wherever you are.

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Chromebooks land first batch of Android apps – You may not have known that you wanted Android apps to run on Chrome OS, but Google thinks they should. The first four Android apps for Chromebooks are now available. by Seth Rosenblatt September 11, 2014 feature articles on Chromebook

HP 14-q083cl Chromebook – Intel Celeron – 100GB of Google Drive Storage – at Costco $330 till 11/21/14 while supplies last.

With a high-speed wireless LAN, this HP 14-q010dx Chromebook lets you access e-mail, social networks and streaming media on the go.

Acer Chromebook 13 changing the game with the Nvidia Tegra  The first Chromebook with the Nvidia Tegra is going to shake things up, especially for Intel.  By James Kendrick for ZDNet Mobile News | September 4, 2014

Compare Acer Chromebook 13 models

On Amazon Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311-T1UU (13.3-inch Full HD, NVIDIA Tegra K1, 4GB) by Acer $379.99 
Available for Pre-order.   I Think this is the one worth the wait! Glenn

NVIDIA Tegra K1 Quad Core 2.1 GHz Processor
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
32 GB Internal Storage
13.3-Inch Screen, NVIDIA Kepler GPU with 192 NVIDIA CUDA cores
Chrome, 11-hour battery life


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