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Add the Current Date and Time in Google Sheets

How to Add the Current Date and Time in Google Sheets – By Ben Stockton

Rather than manually inserting times and dates into a Google Sheets spreadsheet, you can use the NOW and TODAY functions. These functions show the current time or date, updating as your spreadsheet changes or on a regular basis.

How to Use the AND and OR Functions in Google Sheets – By Ben Stockton

If you’ve ever wanted to check whether data from your Google Sheets spreadsheet meets certain criteria, you can use AND and OR. These logical functions give you TRUE and FALSE responses, which you can use to sort through your data.

– Here is why free upgrades to Windows 10 still work

Here is why free upgrades to Windows 10 still work – By Martin Brinkmann

When Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015, it revealed that devices with legitimate Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 licenses could be upgraded to the new operating system free of charge for the first year.

Why Microsoft Still Allows Free Windows 10 Upgrades And How To Get Yours – by

Are you still using Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1? Windows 10 was released over four years ago, but you can still get with the times and get Microsoft's latest OS it without paying a dime. A loophole continues to allow users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free nearly three years after their initial free upgrade offer.

Chromebooks vs Laptops: Which is best for you?

Chromebooks vs Laptops: Which is best for you? – By Sydney Butler

Google Chromebooks sure look a lot like any other normal laptop. However, when it comes to Chromebooks vs laptops, that resemblance is only skin deep. So which type of clam-shell computer is right for you? It turns out there’s a surprisingly long list of things to consider before making your purchase!

Wyze’s New Subscription Plan

Wyze’s New Subscription Plan Keeps Your Video Going for $1.49 a Month – By Josh Hendrickson

Wyze, the company behind the best and cheapest Wi-Fi cameras on the market, is taking the wraps off its first subscription service today. For $1.49 a month, Wyze Cams gain continuous recording, as opposed to limited 12-second clips. You can also try the service for free for two weeks before committing—no credit card required.

The best password managers for 2019 and how to use them

The best password managers for 2019 and how to use them – By Clifford Colby

No more struggling to come up with clever, cryptic passwords that you have a hard time remembering. With a secure and easy-to-use password manager, you can manage your login credentials across all your devices, keeping your passwords secure, automatically filling in forms, and syncing your data across MacOS, Windows, Android phones, iPads, iPhones and more.

Roboform Everywhere review: Solid password security – By Michael Ansaldo pcworld.comOne of the earliest password managers, Roboform Everywhere doesn’t quite have the cachet that its longevity would suggest. Despite its age, it lacks much of the polish and sophistication of products like LastPass and Keeper. But its relative simplicity makes it good option for newbies or user who want get a better handle on their passwords without too much complexity.

Why you should never reuse a password – By Mir Ubaid tomsguide.com4

Are you one of those people? You know, the ones who use the same password for almost every website? You've heard that's a bad idea, but you think you're secure, right?

How to access the Task Manager in Google Chrome

How to access the Task Manager in Google Chrome – By Sydney

Most people think of Google Chrome as a simple web browser, but the truth is that it has to do many tasks that aren’t altogether different from what the proper operating system does.  So it’s no surprise that Chrome is equipped with its own task manager. It also happens to be a powerful tool to diagnose and fix many desktop Chrome issues that crop up!

Ditch Google Authenticator for Authy (for Two-Factor Authentication)

Why You Should Ditch Google Authenticator for Authy (for Two-Factor Authentication) – By Khamosh Pathak

Google is pushing two-factor authentication really hard. And that’s great news. The problem is that Google Authenticator for Android is an abomination (and I’m not even using hyperbole here). It’s still using Holo interface. That’s now 2 generations old. What hurts even more is the fact that Google Authenticator for iPhone was upgraded recently with Material Design.

Authy vs LastPass Authenticator: Which 2FA App Should You Use – By Gaurav Bidasaria

As privacy concerns continue to rise, the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) apps is now a necessity. Apart from Google and Microsoft, a handful of players are offering their 2FA apps packed with new and innovative features. Authy and LastPass Authenticator are quickly rising the popularity charts among the 2FA apps.

Pixel 4 tips and tricks:

Pixel 4 tips and tricks: Get the most out of your Made by Google phone [Video] – By Damien Wilde

Hopefully, you’re enjoying your brand-new Pixel 4 or 4 XL, had one for a little while, or are thinking that you might get one soon. For that reason we’ve compiled a few of our best tips and tricks for any potential Pixel 4 users out there.

Top 30 Unknown / Hidden Google Pixel 4 XL Features! – By Techisode TV

Here are the top 30 unknown and hidden features for the Google Pixel 4 XL! Some of these are just not commonly known, while others are legitimately hidden. If you're aware of any hidden Pixel 4 features that I missed, let me know in the comments below!

You’re Probably Doing 2FA Wrong

You're Probably Doing 2FA Wrong: Here's the Right Way – By Paul Wagenseil Tom's Guide

The most common method for two-factor authentication is texted codes, but it's also the least secure.
Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Dropbox and many other online services offer two-factor authentication (2FA) as an option to protect your account.
With 2FA enabled, it's much harder for a crook to break into your account, even if he or she knows or can guess your password, because the crook will be missing that crucial second factor that only you possess. We at Tom's Guide urge our readers to enable 2FA whenever they can.

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet – By Joey-Elijah Sneddon

See, we’ve shared a list of the best Chromebook keyboard shortcuts before, but realised that infographics often make it easier to remember things, especially keyboard shortcuts!

The Best Chrome Flags to Enable for Better Browsing – By Chris HoffmanBrady Gavin

Before some features release in Google Chrome, they’re often added in as optional tweaks that are hidden behind “flags” you can enable to get a sneak peek. Here are some of the best flags for better browsing.

– Google Sheets Tips

How to Freeze or Hide Columns and Rows in Google Sheets – By Ben Stockton

The greater the number of rows and columns in your Google Sheets spreadsheet, the more unwieldy it can become. Freezing or hiding rows and columns can make your spreadsheet easier to read and navigate. Here’s how.

How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets – By Brady Gavin

Merging cells in Google Sheets is a great way to keep your spreadsheet well-organized and easy to understand. The most common use is for headers to identify content across multiple columns, but regardless of the reason, it’s a simple process.

How to Add or Remove Rows and Columns in Google Sheets – By Brady Gavin

Google Sheets lets you add rows or columns to an existing spreadsheet on the fly to help you organize even better. Whether you want one or ten, above or to the right, here’s how to insert rows and columns into Sheets.

How to quickly scan documents with the Google Drive app

How to quickly scan documents with the Google Drive app – By Sydney Butler

Unless you have huge pockets, chances are that there’s no document scanner on you most of the time. However, plenty of people have figured out that they can simply take a picture of any document with their smartphone. That’s a smart idea, but the Google Drive app actually has a supercharged camera-based scanning function that takes this simple trick to the next level. Let’s learn how to scan documents to Google Drive.

7 fixes to make your Chrome run faster

7 fixes to make your Chrome run faster – By Patrick Devaney

If you’ve had more than a couple of Google Chrome tabs open at the same time, you’ve likely had to endure long waits for your web pages to load. It isn’t just your browsing experience neither. Chrome is such a RAM hog that it’ll slow down everything you try to do on your device. The Google Chrome browser is famous for slowing down Androids, iPhones, PCs, and Macs.

Are free password managers safe to use?

Are free password managers safe to use?  – By Ken Colburn

Everyone has heard the advice that you need to use long, complex passwords that are unique to each account that you use. Unless you only have one or two online accounts, the only way to adhere to these security measures is to use some form of password manager.

Low-Hanging Fruit Series: Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)  – By Austin Downing

At VDA Labs we work with a variety of companies both large and small. During our engagements, we see many of the same reoccurring issues that allow us access to systems. To help combat these threats VDA Labs is starting a blog series we are calling “Low-Hanging Fruit”. Throughout this series VDA will be talking about the most common issues we see, along with how each issue can be combated. In our previous piece we talked about password security.  This article discusses why organizations need Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and some foibles we see around MFA implementations.

– Virtual Payment Cards Offers Virtual Payment Cards To Keep Your Digital Cash Secure – By Curtis Silver

Technology, as cliche as this might sound, has come a long way. Yet, we still cling to paper and plastic as payment methods. Plastic being the dominant one these days. Chip readers, card swipers and constantly typing our debit card number into online forms puts us and our meager finances at continuous risk. Similar to how we protect ourselves online through VPN services, offers virtual payment cards that act like a VPN when it scrambles your IP address, shielding your true account information from possible scammers.

Money at 30: Review — How it Could Help Keep Your Money Safe  – By Kyle Burbank

First the bad news: considering all the major data breaches that have hit retailers, websites, and freaking credit bureaus alike, there’s a very strong chance your personal info has been compromised at some point. Luckily, in addition to steps you can take such as freezing your credit reports to prevent criminals from using this data, there are a growing number of tools you can use to foil thieves in the future. Add to this list, which allows users to create unique card numbers they can use to conceal their actual info.


Web Browser is Running Slowly and How to Fix It

Why Your Web Browser is Running Slowly and How to Fix It – By

We do just about everything inside a browser nowadays—stream movies, write essays, chat with friends, edit photos—and serious slowdowns inside this key bit of software can have a serious impact on how much we get done. With that in mind, these are the reasons that your browser is slowing down, and what you can do to fix it.

How Safe Are Password Managers?

How Safe Are Password Managers? – By Chris

A password manager stores all your passwords and automatically fills them in your web browser and mobile apps. But is trusting an app with your passwords and storing them all in one place a smart idea?

What's the Password? – By Constance Gibbs

In an ancient folktale, a giant rock blocks the entrance to a cave filled with treasure. A door appears only for those who speak a secret phrase aloud: “Open, sesame!” This is an early example of a password.

Enable 2FA for your favorite sites

Enable 2FA for your favorite sites.
Go beyond the password and protect yourself from hackers and account takeovers. 2-factor authentication (2FA) is the best way to protect yourself online. Defeat cyber criminals & avoid account takeovers with stronger security, for free! Watch the video below to learn more about why you should enable 2FA for your accounts.

The Best Two-Factor Authentication App –
The most important thing you can do to increase your online security, alongside using a password manager, is to enable two-factor authentication. After interviewing three experts and testing seven authenticator apps, we think Authy has the best combination of compatibility, usability, security, and reliability.

Getting started with security keys  – By Bruce Schneier

Every week I come across another headline about how someone got hacked and within moments many of their online accounts had become compromised. These aren't simple cases of bad actors using account credentials from large public data breaches and the unfortunate result of people using the same password across many websites.

Roku Features You May Not Know About

Here Are 5 Roku Features You May Not Know About For Roku Players & Roku TVs – By Luke Bouma

Recently Roku has been rolling out the brand new Roku OS 9.2 update. This update includes a few new features, but Roku already has lots of cool features you may not know about. Today we wanted to show off 5 great Roku features to help you get the most from your Roku Player or Roku TV.

Android 10 features how to use them

8 of the best Android 10 features and how to use them – By Jason Cipriani

Google's new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phones run Android 10, Google's newest Android operating system that launched for older Pixel phones in September. More devices will gain the latest version of Android in the near future. Google recently announced Android 10 as the official name, replacing Android Q and the dessert naming scheme Google has always used. Operating system updates like Android 10 add new features and capabilities and can be refreshing if you're growing tired of your phone. Google released the first beta of Android Q in March, and we've been testing it all along. 

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