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May 15, 2023, 1 and 7 PMJoin Online Meeting > Virtual Credit Cards | put the control in your hands when you make a purchase online. Protect your card details and money by creating virtual cards at each place you spend online or for each purchase.
Stop Renting Your Cable Modem, You’re Getting Ripped Off – By How-To Geek How-To Geek

Q: I think I should make my Gmail password stronger. But is this going to create a hassle with
my other accounts or devices? Mark B
A: Choosing a strong password for Gmail is a great idea. The only thing you need to do after changing the password is to log into your other devices and services with the new password.

Q:  Should you log out of Bitwarden when you’re finished using your vault Elaine L
A: Vault Timeout Options

Lock is the suggested (default).

  • Locking your vault will maintain vault data on the device, so unlocking your vault can be done by just entering the PIN.
  • In the browser extension, you can prevent logging out by choosing Unlock with PIN option and unchecking the Lock with master password on the browser restart checkbox.

Log out

  • If you Log out of your vault completely, it removes all vault data from your device. Logging back in will require you to re-authenticate your identity, so logging in can only be done when online. You will be required to enter your master password and any active two-step login method.

Q:  We currently use Comcast (Xfinity) as our internet provider (and cable TV service). We are most pleased with the speed and features but are contemplating “cutting the cable” in favor of more streaming sites. Also, Frontier is now placing fiber optic cable in our neighborhood and will soon offer this internet service, which we hear has phenomenal speeds. Our current email address is through Comcast, which means we would have to change the email provider. Which email provider do you recommend (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), and what is the best way to get mail forwarded once we make the change from Comcast? Rocky M
A: > Frontier Fiber 500 500/500 Mbps $ 49, Upload speeds 25x faster than cable, Amazon eero 6+ router included.
.        Note: Xfinity plan of 10 Mbps upload. || Fiber vs. cable: What’s the best option for you? by allconnect
.     > Auto Forward an Email – Xfinity Email Help  Note: The forward will probably only work while you maintain your Comcast account.
.    > Registrar, WEB host, URL forwarding, Email Forwarding 
.    > What Makes Gmail Better Than Other Email Providers? by Tech Times

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