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Switching to Gmail? Tips and tricks

Data Doctors: Switching to Gmail? Tips and tricks for getting acclimated – By News Traffic Weather

Q: I’ve been a long time Outlook user and new to Gmail, so any tips for getting acclimated would be appreciated.

A: Change is hard, especially when it comes to our computers, but there are so many advantages to using Gmail over a traditional email program that the learning curve will be worth the effort.

Google Maps Tricks Travelers Need to Know

14 Google Maps Tricks Travelers Need to Know – By Dave Dean Android

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What’s the app you use most while traveling? Probably something that helps you find your way around, right? Google Maps is the best of the lot, with accurate navigation, detailed maps, and loads of features that keep getting added and updated all the time.

“Explore” helps you get the most out of Chromebook

"Explore” helps you get the most out of Chromebook – By Alexander Kuscher

Getting started with new technology can be tough, with pages of instructions and tutorials to pore over. “Explore,” a new app built into Chromebook, helps you get set up and take full advantage of your computer, whether you’re a Chrome OS newbie or already use a Chromebook every day.


Have I Been Hacked? How to Tell

Have I Been Hacked? How to Tell If You Have A Compromised Account and What to Do About It – By

Whether it’s a social media account or bank account, it seems that almost everyone gets hacked at some point or another. This article will explain the basics of an increasingly common issue: hacking. It will define the term in the appropriate context, explain how unauthorized users gain access to others’ devices and accounts, and go over some of the most common signs that your resources are likely to have been compromised. It will conclude with a discussion of important things readers should do if they suspect or know that their account was hacked.

The best password managers in 2020

The best password managers in 2020 and how to use them – By Violet Blue

The last thing anyone needs right now is to have their Zoom, Twitter, Skype, Nest, or any vital account hijacked and stolen. Not only do you lose your connections and access to communication and community, but recovering anything with most companies is a nightmare.

You Should Be Using a Password Manager – By Eric Limer

Today, password manager 1Password announced a new "Travel Mode" designed to keep your most important data out of the hands of any border agents who might see fit to snoop through your digital life. It has a pretty specific application and is not without its flaws, but today's news also serves as a handy reminder: You should probably be using a password manager if you're not already.

Gmail features that will turn you into an email pro

7 hidden Gmail features that will turn you into an email pro – By Matt Elliott

I spend the majority of the workday in front of my laptop with two separate Gmail accounts open and active. If you use Gmail daily on a computer for work or personal use, are you making the most of Google's email client? Gmail has a host of features that can help you better manage the constant flow of messages to and from your Gmail inbox. Here are seven tips to set you on the path to becoming a Gmail pro.

– Hackers are trying to phish credentials to LastPass

PSA: Hackers are trying to phish user credentials to LastPass .. be careful! – By Duncan Jaffrey

One significant threat to using a password manager like LastPass is that if that account falls into the wrong hands you lose everything, which means attacks on those services are even more of a threat to users.

Unfortunately, the weakest link in security is normally the users themselves, with phishing and social engineering attacks being easy to automate and working all too often.


As part of our commitment to security, we want to make sure our users and the public are aware of recent reports of fraudulent emails being sent to LastPass customers.

Twilio Authy gets facelift and new name

Twilio Authy gets facelift and new name but is still the authenticator app everybody loves – By Nabeel Saeed

In the five years since acquiring Authy, Twilio has increased its focus on ensuring trust and empowering secure communications between customers and their end users. Meanwhile, Authy continues its mission of providing those end users a secure means of authenticating their identities and actions. Back then, we chose to keep the brands separate, but over the years, as Twilio and Authy converged in their missions, customers and users expressed confusion around the relationship between the two. So, earlier this year we announced that we’re finally going to merge the two brands, renaming the app to Twilio Authy.

What’s in a name?

How to Measure Distances ‘As the Crow Flies’ With Google Maps

How to Measure Distances 'As the Crow Flies' With Google Maps – By

It’s easy to use Google Maps to see how far your office is from your favorite restaurant or how long it’ll take to drive from Los Angeles to New York. Estimating the distance between two locations without relying on winding roads messing up your estimate, however, is a bit more complicated. Sure, you could try and measure it with the distance scale at the bottom corner of your screen, but a quirk of Maps 

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