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How to Use Gmail in 2020: All You Need to Know

How to Use Gmail in 2020: All You Need to Know – By George Kasiouras

Learning how to use Gmail can be a great asset. Not only for working, like many people seem to think – but also for personal use.

Sure. Now that social media is the norm, you probably won't use it to text your friends. But, it's still great for keeping track of online orders, sometimes receiving job offers, newsletters, and stuff like that.

Needless to say that since Gmail is a Google service, it also integrates and works well with other Google services such as Google Drive.

– Google Sheets Tips

How to Freeze or Hide Columns and Rows in Google Sheets – By Ben Stockton

The greater the number of rows and columns in your Google Sheets spreadsheet, the more unwieldy it can become. Freezing or hiding rows and columns can make your spreadsheet easier to read and navigate. Here’s how.

How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets – By Brady Gavin

Merging cells in Google Sheets is a great way to keep your spreadsheet well-organized and easy to understand. The most common use is for headers to identify content across multiple columns, but regardless of the reason, it’s a simple process.

How to Add or Remove Rows and Columns in Google Sheets – By Brady Gavin

Google Sheets lets you add rows or columns to an existing spreadsheet on the fly to help you organize even better. Whether you want one or ten, above or to the right, here’s how to insert rows and columns into Sheets.

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