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Use a Security Key to Protect Sensitive Online Accounts

How to Use a Security Key to Protect Sensitive Online Accounts – By Kirk McElhearn

Protecting your online accounts has become more important, as so much of our lives takes place on websites, via email, and through messaging. If someone gets access to some of your accounts – especially your email account – they can get access to others, and potentially usurp your identity.

How to Protect Your Online Accounts With a Physical Security Key – By Lance Whitney

A password isn’t enough to fully protect your accounts and logins anymore. Websites and apps offer two-factor authentication and biometric login features, but another way to secure your accounts is through a physical security key.


What Is Signal

What Is Signal, and Why Is Everyone Using It?  – By Chris Hoffman
Signal is a secure encrypted messaging app. Think of it as a more private alternative to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, iMessage, and SMS. Here’s why you should seriously consider switching to Signal.

Signal vs. Telegram: Which Is the Best Chat App? – By Chris Hoffman
At the start of 2021, Signal and Telegram are on top of the app store charts. Both chat apps promise more privacy than WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. But there are some big differences between the two. Here’s what you should know—and which you should use.

Your Password Manager Can Do More Than Just Store Passwords

Your Password Manager Can Do More Than Just Store Passwords – By Suzanne Humphries
It’s common sense that everyone should be using a good password manager (we hope, at least). It’s also worth noting that password managers have tons of other amazing features that you might not be using. These features are both convenient and security-centric, and they can help you stay safe online and get the most out of your password manager.

LastPass review


LastPass review: Still the leading password manager, despite security history – By Rae Hodge

“‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ is all wrong. I tell you ‘put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch that basket,'” said industrialist Andrew Carnegie in 1885. When it comes to privacy tools, he’s usually dead wrong. In the case of password managers, however, Carnegie is usually more dead than wrong. To wit, I’ve been using LastPass so long I don’t know when I started using LastPass and, for now, I’ve got no reason to change that.


Basics of two-factor authentication with Bitwarden

Basics of two-factor authentication with Bitwarden – By Gary Orenstein The Bitwarden Blog
Using two-factor authentication helps increase user security for websites and applications. The name refers to requiring users to utilize two separate methods of verifying their identity in order to access an account. A common definition for 2FA is that logging into a service involves something that you know, such as a password, and something that you have, such as your phone, hardware token, or other authentication code.

How password managers help prevent phishing

How password managers help prevent phishing – By Gary Orenstein
If you are reading this, you already know the online vulnerabilities people face everyday on the internet. One of the most common threats is called “phishing,” where hackers with malicious intent (i.e. the bad guys) try to trick people into divulging confidential information like login credentials or bank account or social security numbers pretending to be someone or something that a person already trusts.

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