Getting Comfortable With The Basics

Phoenixville Tech Group
At The Phoenixville Library
Currently Gathering Online – Everyone Welcome
The Library facility is closed indefinitely.

No matter what operating system your computers, tablets, or phone uses, or if you are thinking about getting involved with some new tech or making a change, this is the place for you.

We do not have any prerequisites, just come, ask questions, bring your tech issues, and enjoy.

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Phoenixville Tech Group​ members

Online sessions are at 1 PM and repeated at 7 PM. Please join in either time of both if you wish.

We are consolidating online meetings for Phoenixville Tech Group, Snowbird Tech Group, and Senior Tech Group. The Senior Tech Group WEB site has a complete program schedule.

This link will take you to the welcome page containing the current schedule. Please add it to your bookmarks.

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Favorite Apps or Services

Phoenixville Tech Group Members If you attended at least once, you are a member; please let us know what you would like us to cover in the future.

The Phoenixville Tech Group brings technology users together to share knowledge and experience. Everyone welcome!

We do not have any prerequisites, just come, ask questions, bring your tech issues and enjoy.

Gadget Gurus – Glenn will be available for one-on-one help and group discussion of computer use issues and help with questions you have about any presentation session. Or any other tech questions you might have to help do tech things that no individual ought to have to do alone.

User groups are founded on the principle of “members helping members.”  We are particularly interested in helping those who have limited or no experience with a computer so they may participate in the rapid transition from traditional means of communications and commerce to the Internet. So please invite your “non-connected” neighbors to come along to a meeting or clinic and see how quickly we can help them learn what they need to know.  And please understand that, while a listed presentation topic may not be of particular interest, the discussion often branches into other issues of importance to those attending and that there is no meeting where you don’t learn something new.

An Important Note:  Along with much praise for the STG and what we do at our presentations, some of our attendees say “their eyes get glazed over” at how quickly we move through the different screens and options.  WE HEAR YOU!   We have kicked this around and are committed to making no demonstration clicks or entries on the computer image on the TV screen without ensuring everyone knows what we are doing and how/why we are doing it.

During our group meetings and clinics, we cover the following topics and more.

  • Getting started with a computer
    • What computer, printer, the backup drive should you buy
    • Connecting to the Internet and WiFi arrangements
    • Securing your computer
    • Using your computer and its software
    • Help with your e-mail
    • How to search the Internet
    • Backup your photos to the cloud
    • Speed up a sluggish computer
  • Using the Internet more effectively
  • Cell Phones
    • Finding an economic plan
    • Choosing a phone
    • Programming your cell phone
    • Using Apps
    • Backup your photos to the cloud
  • Shopping online
  • Cable TV or Fios issues, cutting the cord (get rid of cable TV)
  • Talking online using video chat, webcam, and Skype
  • Digital camera and photo problems, what camera to buy
    • Sharing photos on the Internet
  • Setting up a web address and personalized e-mail address.
  • Building web pages

Notice for Visitors to the Web Site: As you will see, this is an open website, with access granted to all Internet users.  The Senior Tech Group uses this site as a resource for the three communities we support, i.e., Coldstream Crossing residents and the Phoenixville Library visitors in Pennsylvania and The Groves community in Fort Meyers, Florida.  We provide direct support, including house calls, at appropriate times of the year for the Coldstream Crossing and Groves communities.  All of the services we provide are pro bono.

We welcome visitors from outside our supported communities to view the resources on the website. While we attempt to maintain all the information and links the best we can, we disclaim responsibility for any use or misuse of any information or links to other sites or information contained here.

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