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Windows Defender antivirus

Windows Defender antivirus: 5 settings to change first – By Chris Hoffman PCWorld
Windows Defender is a capable antivirus solution built into Windows itself. Unless you’ve installed a different antivirus program on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC, your PC is using it right now. The good news is that Microsoft’s Defender antivirus is designed to “just work” without a lot of tweaking and it has sensible defaults. But there are still a variety of settings you may want to change in your PC’s built-in antivirus program.

Google Sheets vs. Microsoft Excel:

Google Sheets vs. Microsoft Excel: Which Should You Use? – By Tony Phillips How-To Geek
Choosing whether to use Excel or Sheets can be a difficult decision. Excel is widely known for its advanced features, while Google Sheets is famous for its collaboration power. Let’s examine these traditions—and some other important features—so you can decide which program is truly the best for you.

6 reasons why I’d buy a Chromebook instead of a Windows laptop

6 reasons why I’d buy a Chromebook instead of a Windows laptop – By Adrian Sobolewski-Kiwerski
The world of computer operating systems used to be quite stale. You had two operating systems for casual and professional use: macOS and Windows, and there was Linux for all the tech-savvy (and a bit nerdy) users. However, with the introduction of ChromeOS in 2011, everything changed, and another contender was introduced with an emphasis on ease-of-use and simplicity.

Key Lesson from Microsoft’s Password Spray Hack: Secure Every Account

Key Lesson from Microsoft’s Password Spray Hack: Secure Every Account –

In January 2024, Microsoft discovered they’d been the victim of a hack orchestrated by Russian-state hackers Midnight Blizzard (sometimes known as Nobelium). The concerning detail about this case is how easy it was to breach the software giant. It wasn’t a highly technical hack that exploited a zero-day vulnerability – the hackers used a simple password spray attack to take control of an old, inactive account.

How to Get Windows 11 for Free

How to Get Windows 11 for Free – By Sydney Butler How-To Geek
Windows 11 can be downloaded directly from Microsoft without activation, but a watermark appears.
Windows 10 users can upgrade for free via Windows Update if their computer meets the requirements.
If upgrading, use an existing Windows 10 product key to activate Windows 11; skip websites offering extremely discounted aftermarket keys.
Windows is so ubiquitous, you might forget that you have to buy it. The price tag for even the cheapest Windows license is nothing to sniff at, but there are some legal ways to get Windows 11 for free.

Microsoft Authenticator vs Google Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator vs Google Authenticator: Which One Should You Use for 2FA? – By Oluwademilade Afolabi How-To Geek
Microsoft and Google offer free authenticator apps that generate time-based one-time passwords for two-factor authentication (2FA) logins. They serve the same core purpose, but some key differences are worth considering before deciding which to use.

How to reset your Windows password

How to reset your Windows password – By João Carrasqueira XDA Developers
It happens to everyone at some point — you’re trying to log into an account and you can’t seem to remember your password. It’s always frustrating, but when that password happens to be the one protecting your laptop, it can bring a big part of your life to a screeching halt. Thankfully, you can try to reset your password on Windows 11 and 10 to regain access to your important data.

How to use File Explorer in Windows 11

How to use File Explorer in Windows 11 – By João Carrasqueira XDA Developers
If you’ve ever used a Windows PC in your life, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with File Explorer, also sometimes called Windows Explorer. One of the most crucial tools in Windows 11, File Explorer lets you browse and manage files stored on your computer. You can change their names, move them around, and organize them into folders. But what if you haven’t used File Explorer before? We’re here to break it down so you can get started and learn everything you need to know to use it.

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