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Two Finger Tap for Right Click in Windows

How to enable Two Finger Tap for Right Click in Windows 11/10 – By Anand Khanse.
If you are looking for ways to enable two-finger tap for right-click on Windows 11/10, then this post will help you. One of the most basic features that we use on a Windows OS is to right-click anywhere on the desktop or a file/folder to open the context menu and choose the desired option. But what if the right click of your mouse is not responding, or you want some other settings to open the context menu? In either case, you can enable the, Tap with two fingers to right-click option to fulfill your need. So, here’s how you can enable this feature on Windows 11/10.

Microsoft PowerToys, Find my mouse

Microsoft PowerToys 0.56.1 now has 140 FancyZones, Find my mouse on shake, and more – By Steven Parker

Microsoft released PowerToys 0.56.1 today, moving on from the multiple 0.55.x releases at the beginning of February. Earlier today it was made known via Twitter that a significant step toward full native ARM64 compatibility was made, and that is disclosed in the release notes as “We removed the last .NET Framework dependency”, but that’s not the only advancement, PowerToys now has a full “What’s New” page where you can review the below changelog any time you open the app.

Windows 11 VS Windows 10

Windows 11 VS Windows 10: What’s the Difference? – by Sharron Bennet
Windows 11 is the new face of the Microsoft operating system, and it started its phased rollout in October 2021. According to Microsoft, it will stop its support on Microsoft 10 after 2025, so there’s still enough time for you to enjoy the good ol’ Win10 OS you love. And if you already have Windows 10 and you’re ready for an update, you can get Windows 11 for free. Before that, however, what should you expect in this new OS offered by Microsoft? Most importantly, how does Windows 11 compare to its predecessor?

– Windows Defender vs third-party antivirus

Windows Defender vs third-party antivirus – By K.G. Orphanides
Microsoft Defender – formerly known as Windows Defender – now covers a broad range of home, enterprise and cloud security and antivirus solutions. Let’s take a look at the consumer version of Defender built into Windows 10 and Windows 11 and how its features compare and differ to most third part anti-virus solutions.

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