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How To Get Free YouTube Music Playback on Google Home Speakers

How To Get Free YouTube Music Playback on Google Home Speakers – By Robby Payne,

When you buy a smart speaker or smart display, listening to music is one of the primary uses, right? There are tons of services out there already that offer a bit of playback for free, and to be fair, they already work just fine with the family of Google Assistant speakers.

Google Pay can automatically integrate loyalty cards and passes from Gmail

Google Pay can automatically integrate loyalty cards and passes from Gmail – By Alex Wagner,

Google Pay is adding a new trick to its arsenal.

You can now allow Google Pay to integrate things like loyalty cards, movie tickets, airline boarding passes, and more from Gmail. Once enabled, these passes will automatically appear in your Google Pay app.

How Much Internet Speed Do You Really Need

How Much Internet Speed Do You Really Need? – By Anthony Heddings,

Tomislav Pinter/ShutterstockPhoto by: Tomislav Pinter/Shutterstock

Internet service providers always want to sell you a faster connection. But forget marketing: How much speed do you really need? The answer is more complicated than you might expect. Higher speed tiers aren’t always worth the money.

Two-Factor Authentication: Who Has It and How to Set It Up

Two-Factor Authentication: Who Has It and How to Set It Up – By Eric Griffith,

In 2014, the Heartbleed exploit left everyone's login information potentially up for grabs thanks to one itty-bitty piece of code, and in the past few years our security nightmares have only gotten worse. In fact, more data was leaked in the first half of 2017 than in all of 2016 combined.

5 best two-factor authenticator apps for Android – By Contact,

Two-factor authentication is a popular and powerful security tool. It requires you to verify that you actually logged into whatever account you logged into. This adds a personal touch. In order to hack your account, someone would need more than just your password and username. Of course, it’s not an end all, be all solution. However, it is nice having an extra layer of security. There are a few decent apps for this, although most sites use your phone number for text messaging. Those who want to use authenticator apps have only a few good choices. Here are the best ones for Android!


How to use your Android phone as a two-factor authentication security key – By Shannon Liao,

Google added a new way to verify your logins this week: using your Android phone as a physical security key for two-factor authentication. You should be using two-factor authentication to log onto websites, so that even if someone has your password from a data breach, they won’t be able to get in. And now with the new feature, if you have an Android phone running 7 or higher, you also have a convenient security key.

How to Not Get Locked Out With Two-Factor Authentication

SecurityWatch: How to Not Get Locked Out With Two-Factor Authentication – By Max Eddy,

Security tools often create a certain amount of anxiety. What happens if I lose my password? Or if my antivirus deletes my stuff? The advent of two-factor authentication has created a new twist on a familiar anxiety: what happens if I can't use my second factor and get locked out of my account?

Two-factor authentication explained: How to choose the right level of security for every account – By Michael Simon,

If you aren’t already protecting your most personal accounts with two-factor or two-step authentication, you should be. An extra line of defense that’s tougher than the strongest password, 2FA is extremely important to blocking hacks and attacks on your personal data. If you don’t quite understand what it is, we’ve broken it all down for you.

Gmail gaining better Smart Compose

Gmail gaining better Smart Compose, support for scheduling emails By Alex Wagner,

Today is Gmail's 15th birthday, and Google is celebrating by giving us some new Gmail features.

Smart Compose in Gmail is getting better by gaining support for Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese and expanding to more Android devices after being exclusive to the Pixel 3. Don't fret, iOS users, because Google says that you'll get Smart Compose for Gmail "soon".

How to Set Up Your Smart Home: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Set Up Your Smart Home: A Beginner's Guide By Whitson Gordon,

The allure of the smart home is strong. You can unlock your smart door lock with your phone, walk into your house, have the lights turn on automatically, and ask your virtual assistant to make you a cup of coffee. When you're not there, a robot vacuum will clean the place, your smart thermostat will dial down the heat to keep costs down, and you can monitor everything from your phone with indoor and outdoor security cameras.

Images in Google Docs

Images in Google Docs By Marshall Gunnell,

Adding borders around your images is a good way to give them a little extra flair. Google Docs has a set of built-in features for adding borders and, while they’re not as sophisticated as the options offered in something like Office, they do the job.

Flash storage: A cheat sheet

Flash storage: A cheat sheet By James Sanders,

With over a dozen form factors, knowing what the best flash memory card and SSD technology is available can be daunting.

Flash memory is an electronic, non-volatile data storage medium that is erased and reprogrammed electrically. It is the basis of a variety of storage products for differing use cases, form factors, and speed or performance requirements. 

Google Smart Lock: Guide

Google Smart Lock: The complete guide By Jr Raphael,

Think fast: How many times a day do you pick up your phone to look at something? Unless you live in the tundra or have far more self-control than most, the answer probably falls somewhere between "quite a few" and "more than any sane person could count." Assuming you keep your device properly secured, that means you're doing an awful lot of unlocking — be it with your face, your fingerprint, or the code you tap or swipe onto your screen.

10 Important Android Settings You Should Know

10 Important Android Settings You Should Know! By Thiojoe,   VIDEO

Android is an extremely popular mobile OS, and I actually think most of you use it. So here are some important settings that you should know about if you don't already. They aren't hidden settings, so don't be surprised if you do know some. They aren't settings you should necessarily change, because most of these come down to preference.

– Android Settings You Should Change Now!

13 Android Settings You Should Change Now! by ThioJoe   VIDEO

Those default settings are no good! Here's what to change…  —  Android has a lot of default settings that might be OK for most people, but there are some that really everyone should change. These might be settings related to privacy, security, or just plain convenience.

Why Every Tech Geek Should Own a Raspberry Pi

Why Every Tech Geek Should Own a Raspberry Pi By Avram Piltch,

As editor-in-chief of Tom's Hardware, I get to play with some of the most expensive gear around, but my favorite computer costs as little as $5 (£4.66 in the UK). I'm talking about the Raspberry Pi, the single-board system that's sold more units than any other personal computing platform except for PCs and Macs.

Google rolling out on-device, real-time Gboard speech transcription for Pixel phones

Google rolling out on-device, real-time Gboard speech transcription for Pixel phones By Abner Li,

For the past several releases, Gboard for Android has been working on “faster voice typing” that works offline. Google is today making it officialon Pixel phones, and details the “end-to-end, all-neural, on-device speech recognizer” it created.

Firefox Send, Free File Transfers

Firefox SendFree File Transfers and Sharing with End to End Encryption.

Firefox Send uses end-to-end encryption to keep your files secure from the moment you share to the moment it's opened. You choose when your file link expires, the number of downloads and the option to add a password to protect the contents further.  

Firefox Send also makes it easy to share large file sizes. You can share file sizes up to 1GB without a login. To send files up to 2.5GB, login to your Firefox account, if you don't have a Firefox account signup is free.

Firefox Send makes it easy for your recipient. They click the link you sent to download the file. They don’t need to have a Firefox account to download your file. Making the file sharing experience seamless for both parties, as quick as sending an email.

Here's the link to Firefox Send, save as a bookmark.

Note: This is a great tool for sharing event pictures and videos with other attendees. Simply upload your images, send everyone the link, as many as 100 people will have 7 days to download them.

Tips to Help You Get the Most from YouTube TV

5 Tips to Help You Get the Most from YouTube TV By Luke Bouma,

Since YouTube TV launched it has slowly been adding new features to make the service even better. After talking with many new and old subscribers, I was shocked at how many did not know everything YouTube TV has to offer. So, I want to point out some of the best YouTube TV features I think most subscribers should take advantage of. 

7 Android accessibility features

7 Android accessibility features that'll enhance any phone By Jr Raphael,

Accessibility in our age of mobile technology is a pretty incredible thing. I mean, think about it: These powerful little computers we carry around in our pockets have the potential to open up all sorts of futuristic possibilities for folks with issues like impaired hearing or limited vision. And in the grand scheme of things, such possibilities are far more transformative than any random phone feature we use to organize our lives or save ourselves a few seconds here and there.

How to make people sit up and use 2-factor auth:

How to make people sit up and use 2-factor auth: Show 'em a vid reusing a toothbrush to clean the toilet, then compare it to password reuse By Iain Thomson,

RSA Despite multi-factor authentication being on hand to protect online accounts and other logins from hijackings by miscreants for more than a decade now, people still aren't using it. Today, a pair of academics revealed potential reasons why there is limited uptake.

How Are CPUs Actually Made?

How Are CPUs Actually Made? By Anthony Heddings,

While the way CPUs work may seem like magic, it’s the result of decades of clever engineering. As transistors—the building blocks of any microchip—shrink to microscopic scales, the way they are produced grows ever more complicated.


What is a Smarthome?

What is a Smarthome? By Josh Hendrickson,

Any home can be a smarthome, whether it’s a studio apartment or a mansion. It’s the powerful connections that make it smart. Here’s what you need to know about smarthomes—and how to start putting your own together, if you’re interested.

Tablo Quad Review!

Tablo Quad Review! [] By Moderndad, – about $200

Tablo's over-the-air DVR boxes have long been the easiest way to record OTA TV. And the new Tablo Quad is just about perfect. It's got FOUR tuners. And instead of an external hard drive, it takes in internal SATA drive.

Tablo Dual Lite DVR review: The all-around champ is cheaper than ever By Jared Newman TechHive

This is the best over-the-air DVR for folks who aren't tech-savvy. Price $139

If you're trying to record and watch free broadcast TV channels on all your streaming devices, you have two paths to choose from: Power-users might want to cobble together their own solution using disparate tuners, recording devices, and media server software. But for almost everyone else, there's Tablo.

Authentication Options Explained | 2FA, MFA, and more

Your Authentication Options Explained | 2FA, MFA, and more By Leah Bachmann,

Cybercriminals are skilled lock pickers. They know the best opportunities to break through security barriers. Their motivation is simple: transform digital data into hard cash.   

Password Manager Showdown: LastPass vs. 1Password​ By Zapier,

Until a better security standard is accepted by everyone, we're stuck using usernames and passwords.

Google Fi vs T-Mobile: Which is right for you?

Google Fi vs T-Mobile: Which is right for you? By Contact,

Google Fi — which started out as Project Fi — is an online-only wireless carrier. The big selling point of Google Fi is that you only pay for the data you use, and that the data amount can fluctuate from month-to-month. Like other services from Google, it offers a different approach to an established paradigm — in this case, wireless service.

Google Account – Google Basics: Video

Google Basics Part 6 – Google Chrome By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Google Chrome is the glue that holds the whole Google Eco-System together.


Google Basics Part 5: Google Photos – By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Google Photos has become the go-to photo storage and sharing app for many of us, for good reason!

Google Drive – Google Basics Part 4 – By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Google Drive, serves not one but 2 masters: Online storage and file sharing Productivity and collaboration applications

Google Basic Part 3: Google Calendar – By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Google Calendar is one of the most valuable members of Google's ecosystem. It can form the centre of your productivity system!

How to Use Gmail – Google Basics Part 2 By Dottotech, Video

Discover how you can use Gmail like a pro. I'll show you everything you need to do to set up your Gmail account and then share the most important Gmail features.

Google Account – Google Basics – Part 1 – By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Let's go over the Google Basics! In this video, you'll learn how to set up your Google account, what to expect from your Google account and what benefits you get from joining the Google ecosystem.

Resources: –


Chromebook Touchpad Gestures:

Chromebook Touchpad Gestures: How to Navigate Chrome OS Like a Pro By Phillip Tracy,

Chrome OS earns praise for being an easy-to-use operating system but there's still a learning curve for new users, especially those who are coming from Windows 10 or macOS. To navigate Google's operating system efficiently, you'll first want to master your Chromebook's touchpad gestures.

How to use Google Maps offline on Android

How to use Google Maps offline on Android By Justin Duino,

Whether you’re going on vacation overseas or just want to be able to navigate around town without draining your data plan, you can download different areas within Google Maps to use while offline. Here’s how.

How to use your Google Maps offline By Contact,

Google Maps is one of the most popular and reliable mapping/navigation services, but it’s not without its faults. One of the main complaints is that it works best with a solid data connection, something we don’t always have outside the city. Thankfully, it’s possible to take Google Maps offline, but this great feature is rendered useless without some proactive procedures.

How to use password manager apps and browser add-ons in 2019

How to use password manager apps and browser add-ons in 2019 By Tom Mcnamara,

We've been telling folks for years that you need to use a password manager to really protect your bank accounts, credit cards, and other important data, in combination with app-based two-factor authentication. But while we've talked about the general importance of these critical personal data security tools and others, it's been a while since we explained how a password manager works.

Tips to Change your Password – LastPass

5 Tips to Change your Password By Leah Bachmann,

Even though weak, reused and compromised passwords are the cause behind many breaches, people continue to display pretty risky password behavior. In fact, we’ve found that 91% of people know that using the same password for multiple accounts is a security risk, but 59% admitted that they do it anyway.

Using LastPass on iOS: Tricks you Might have Missed By Leah Bachmann,

You want your phone with you everywhere. Don’t you feel the same way about your passwords? With the LastPass iOS and Android apps you have access to all your passwords wherever you go.  

Using LastPass on Android: Tricks you Might have Missed By Leah Bachmann,

We carry our phones with us everywhere, so it’s important our favorite apps are available on-the-go. LastPass offers a great app for both Android and iOS users that lets you access all your passwords and other essential information wherever you need it.  

Password Fatigue and LastPass​ By Joe Siegrist,

John Kelly of the Washington Post had an amusing article today about how much trouble it is to create a new password every 90 days:  So Many Passwords, So Little Time By John Kelly

How can I protect myself from identity theft?

The Tech Guy airs every weekend in over 170 cities in the US and Canada and on America’s Talk XM Channel 244

How can I protect myself from identity theft?

Watch Mara from Los Angeles, CA

Mara was a victim of identity theft, and just narrowly avoided having her brokerage account drained. Leo says that Mara should change her password and turn on 2 factor authentication right away. Leo suspects the bad guys got her information from a database breach like the Collection #1 or the Marriott hack. Leo also suggests going to and see if her passwords have been compromised and are known. Leo also recommends having a credit freeze put on Mara's account using Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. That will prevent any additional credit accounts being opened in her name.

Check out Clark Howard's article on how to put a freeze on your credit.

Chrome’s hidden lookalike detection feature battles URL imposters

Chrome’s hidden lookalike detection feature battles URL imposters By Danny Bradbury,

Most of us have suffered from fat-fingered browsing before, mistyping website URLs and getting taken to the wrong place. Some of us have fallen victim to hyperlinks that look like legitimate websites at first glance but which are deliberately misspelled. Now, Chrome will try to save us from lookalike sites by detecting them and flagging up a warning.

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