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Chrome Browser

Google Chrome its 7 best tools

Google Chrome is the world's top browser. Stop missing out on its 7 best tools – By Dale Smith

Google Chrome is the world's most popular browser, and for good reason. It's packed with useful tools that connect you to the internet every day, like dark mode, toolbar playback controls and a "privacy sandbox" coming later this year. But it's also hard to keep up with all the browser changes. After all, you can't very well store your login credentials in Chrome's password manager if you don't know it exists.

Google Chrome tricks to minimize confusion and regret

7 easy Google Chrome tricks to minimize confusion and regret – By Dale Smith

If you're like about 1 billion other netizens, you use Google's Chrome browser pretty much every day to get on the web, but you're probably not taking advantage of its full potential. Sure, you know how to open a private window when sneaking a peak at something, but have you ever wondered what else incognito mode is good for? Or maybe you're one of those people like my CNET office neighbor who's always got a million tabs open. Ever wish there was a better way to manage all that clutter?

Chrome Extensions You Can’t Live Without

The Best Chrome Extensions You Can’t Live Without – By Jordan Carter

Thanks to its clean interface, swift performance, and easy syncing with mobile devices, it’s no surprise Google Chrome is among the most popular web browsers today. As a web browser, Google Chrome really does its job quite effectively.  However, you need to know that you can try many interesting extensions to make Chrome work in an even better way. You can find thousands of extensions on the Chrome Web Store to enhance the overall experience. Many of these extensions are free to use, and some even work offline. Here are some interesting options for you to consider.

How Does Grammarly Work?

How Does Grammarly Work? | Grammarly Spotlight – By Grammarly

Did you know Grammarly has a product for just about every kind of writing you do? We have an online editor for drafting long documents, plus desktop apps and a Microsoft Office add-in if you prefer not to write in your browser. The Grammarly Keyboard for iOS and Android keeps you looking polished even when you’re writing from your phone. And of course, there’s the Grammarly browser extension, which checks your writing on all your favorite websites.

How to Enter Zero Before a Number in Google Sheets

How to Enter Zero Before a Number in Google Sheets – By Brady Gavin

When entering numbers into Google Sheets, leading zeros are removed by default. This can be problematic for ZIP codes, phone numbers, and IDs that you type into a cell. Here’s how you can keep leading zeros.

How to Create a Checklist in Google Docs or Slides – By Brady

Create surveys or to-do lists inside of your Google Docs or Slides file with checklists. With this easy workaround, you’ll be able to insert a simple checklist into your document for others to fill out. Here’s how.

How to Create a Google Sheets Template – By Brady

If you find yourself creating the same spreadsheet outline over and over again in Google Sheets, you can save yourself massive amounts of time if you create a template. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.


Google Chrome Settings to Level Up Your Browsing

Tweak These Google Chrome Settings to Level Up Your Browsing – By David Nield

Chances are you spend a lot of your computing time inside a browser window, and quite possibly inside a Chrome tab; Google's browser has come from nowhere in 2008 to dominate the browser landscape on desktop and mobile. Part of Chrome's appeal is its ease of use, but it also has more advanced features just below the surface that can help you do more in less time.

– Enable the New Extension Menu in Chrome Browser

How to Enable the New Extension Menu in Chrome Browser – By Sadique​

Chrome browser manages to maintain its stronghold in the browser segment due to the variety of features that it has to offer. Apart from the tons of extensions for varied user groups that it has in store, it also has certain hidden flags. These flags are used to enable certain experimental features in Chrome. In this guide, we will be using one such flag to enable the new extension menu in Chrome. Let’s see how to enable this feature. However, if you wish to use these Chrome extensions on your Android device, refer to our guide for the same.

How to access the Task Manager in Google Chrome

How to access the Task Manager in Google Chrome – By Sydney

Most people think of Google Chrome as a simple web browser, but the truth is that it has to do many tasks that aren’t altogether different from what the proper operating system does.  So it’s no surprise that Chrome is equipped with its own task manager. It also happens to be a powerful tool to diagnose and fix many desktop Chrome issues that crop up!

7 fixes to make your Chrome run faster

7 fixes to make your Chrome run faster – By Patrick Devaney

If you’ve had more than a couple of Google Chrome tabs open at the same time, you’ve likely had to endure long waits for your web pages to load. It isn’t just your browsing experience neither. Chrome is such a RAM hog that it’ll slow down everything you try to do on your device. The Google Chrome browser is famous for slowing down Androids, iPhones, PCs, and Macs.