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Why You Should Disable iCloud Photo Library

Why You Should Disable iCloud Photo Library (& What to Use Instead) By TheUnlockr VIDEO

One of the new features in iOS called iCloud Photo Library is definitely not helping. This feature, while in theory, allows you to backup all of your photos and videos on any of your iOS or MacOS devices to the cloud, takes up precious iCloud storage and adds up really quickly. Most people I know have run out of storage just from iCloud backups (another issue I have with iOS, but I digress) so adding this is almost a sure-fire way to guarantee you run out of iCloud storage.

How to Find the Login Page on Public Wifi

How to Find the Login Page on Public Wifi – By

Depending on where you live, there are tons of places that offer free wifi connections so you can work or study remotely, or avoid cutting into your data limits on your smartphone. However, some public networks are pretty annoying about the connection process, with all sorts of interstitial login pages getting between you and that sweet wireless networking.

How to Enter Zero Before a Number in Google Sheets

How to Enter Zero Before a Number in Google Sheets – By Brady Gavin

When entering numbers into Google Sheets, leading zeros are removed by default. This can be problematic for ZIP codes, phone numbers, and IDs that you type into a cell. Here’s how you can keep leading zeros.

How to Create a Checklist in Google Docs or Slides – By Brady

Create surveys or to-do lists inside of your Google Docs or Slides file with checklists. With this easy workaround, you’ll be able to insert a simple checklist into your document for others to fill out. Here’s how.

How to Create a Google Sheets Template – By Brady

If you find yourself creating the same spreadsheet outline over and over again in Google Sheets, you can save yourself massive amounts of time if you create a template. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.


Google Now Lets You Use Your iPhone as a Security Key

Google Now Lets You Use Your iPhone as a Security Key – By Josh Hendrickson

Enabling two-step authentication is one of the more essential steps you can take to secure your accounts. And the best way to do that is to skip SMS and go straight to a physical security key. The only problem is remembering to bring the key with you. That’s getting easier every day with Google accounts; your iPhone can now serve as that physical key.

Have an iPhone? Use it to protect your Google Account with the Advanced Protection Program – By

Security keys use public-key cryptography to verify your identity and URL of the login page, so that an attacker can’t access your account even if they have your username or password. Unlike other two-factor authentication (2FA) methods that try to verify your sign-in, security keys are built with FIDO standards that provide the strongest protection against automated bots, bulk phishing attacks, and targeted phishing attacks. You can learn more about security keys from our Cloud Next ‘19 presentation.

How to take screenshots on your Chromebook

Chromebooks 101: How to take screenshots on your Chromebook – By Barbara Krasnoff

Screenshots can be useful for a variety of reasons. For example, you can send copies of error messages to support services, show a friend what your game screen looks like, or save a tweet that you suspect is going to be deleted in a few minutes. Today’s laptops all include ways to take screenshots, and that includes Chromebooks.

RIP Windows 7: Could a Chromebook replace your now-outdated laptop? – By Ben Schoon

It’s official. This week, support ends for Windows 7 as Microsoft pushes users to upgrade to Windows 10. While a Windows 7 laptop isn’t just going to die, a lack of future updates leaves it open to attacks. So, is a Chromebook a viable replacement for your Windows 7 machine? Let’s discuss.

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