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Write emails faster with Smart Compose in Gmail

SUBJECT: Write emails faster with Smart Compose in Gmail by

Email makes it easy to share information with just about anyone—friends, colleagues and family—but drafting a message can take some time. Last year, we introduced Smart Reply in Gmail to help you quickly reply to incoming emails. Today, we're announcing Smart Compose, a new feature powered by artificial intelligence, to help you draft emails from scratch, faster.

What do the symbols on my screen mean?

What do the symbols on my screen mean? by

At the top of your phone’s screen you might have seen letters and numbers like G, H+ and 4G. These tell you the speed of internet connection your phone is currently receiving. Don’t confuse them with Wi-Fi though, which you'll normally find in offices, cafes and your home.

Here’s a little summary to get you up to speed.

*Scan for Unwanted Software Using Chrome

Using chrome://settings/cleanup to Scan for Unwanted Software Using Chrome by

Unwanted software, which consists of adware, browser hijackers, fake system optimizers, & tracking software, continue to be a major problem for computer user's of all types. Even worse, many of these programs have crossed the line from being just a nuisance to now performing click fraud, credential theft, or installing miners.

What many people do not know is that Google Chrome includes a tool created by ESET called the "software_reporter_tool.exe" that periodically scans a computer for unwanted software..


Google redesigns Drive to look more like the new Gmail

Google redesigns Drive to look more like the new Gmail by

Google has given Drive a surprise makeover with elements that make it look more like the new Gmail. The redesign doesn't come with new features, but when you get it, you'll notice that The Big G has changed the Drive interface background from gray to white for a cleaner look. Its boxes and icons now also have much rounded corners and look a bit taller than before, and Drive's logo now has a more prominent place on the top left corner of the interface.

How the New Confidential Mode Works In Gmail

How the New Confidential Mode Works In Gmail by

After you send an email, it’s pretty much outside your control. Gmail’s new Confidential Mode tries to give you a bit of control back by offering message expiration dates and making it trickier for email to be forwarded on.

Confidential Mode, part of the new Gmail interface, works because it doesn’t technically use standard email protocols to deliver the message. Confidential messages are hosted on Google’s servers, instead.

Google One is a new cloud storage service

Google One is a new cloud storage service with perks by

Google is not a stranger to cloud services, and the company has just unveiled a brand new offering for storage.

The new service is called Google One, with storage options ranging from 100GB to 30TB. The 100GB option will be priced at $1.99 per month, the 200GB will cost $2.99 per month, and the 2TB option will go for $9.99 per month.

Chromebooks you can buy in 2018

9 great Chromebooks you can buy in 2018 by

Once upon a time, Chromebooks were low-budget options for students without many features or high-end specs. 

But no longer. As Google refines Chrome OS, and manufacturers continue to build and innovate, Chromebooks are becoming great options for users of all ages and occupations. There are hundreds of sellers, makes, and models to choose from, all of which have access to the millions of Android apps Google has to offer. 

* Motherboard’s Security Tuneup 5 parts

Motherboard's Security Tuneup

Introducing Motherboard’s Digital Security Tuneup – Join us every day for one week to get your data on lock.

  1. You Should Take Five Minutes to Update Your OS and Apps – For day one of our digital security tuneup, take a minute to update all your operating systems.
  2. It's Time to Actually Use Your Password Manager – Day two of our Personal Security Tuneup has you start swapping out your lazy passwords for secure ones, stored in a manager.
  3. You Should Be Using Two-Factor Authentication on Everything – Day three of our personal security tuneup: turn on that 2FA!
  4. Ad Blockers Are Good for Security, Too – On day four of our security tuneup, we recommend installing and ad-blocker…but consider white listing trusted sites!
  5. Seriously, Stop Using Flash – It's day five of our digital security tuneup and it's time to banish this internet relic.


For $250, laptops don’t get better than this

For $250, laptops don't get better than this by

Ah, Chromebooks. They may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'll continue to praise them for as long as I walk this mortal plane. I mean, what's not to love? They're secure, affordable, and durable. The only complaint I ever have is that they're plain-looking. Well, that's not the case with the Acer Chromebook 11

Google Duo – Share your Android phone’s screen

Google Duo can share your Android phone's screen by

Google Duo has just made it easier to play tech support to friends and family: the video chat app's latest version comes with the ability to share your screen during a call. To access the feature, simply tap on your screen to see the new screensharing icon above the camera-flip one. Tapping the new icon brings up a prompt warning you that Duo will start displaying everything on your screen. If you choose to continue, a red border shows what the person on the other end of the line can see.

* Android Messages – copy two-factor codes

Android Messages now makes it really easy to copy two-factor codes by

Google is rolling out a small but helpful upgrade to Android Messages: the ability to copy two-factor authentication codes with a single tap, right from a notification.

If you use two-factor authentication to secure your accounts, you’re probably used to this process: type in your password, wait for a text messaged code to arrive, memorize…

You Can Now @ People in Gmail

You Can Now @ People in Gmail by

Apps like Twitter, Slack, and Facebook let you direct messages to a user by typing @ followed by a username. Gmail now does the same thing, sort of.

Compose a new message in the new Gmail and, while writing the text, type “@” followed by the first few letters of a contact’s name. You’ll be recommended a few people, as shown above. Select someone, either by hitting “Enter” or by clicking them.

Think You’ve Got Your Credit Freezes Covered?

Think You’ve Got Your Credit Freezes Covered? Think Again. by

I spent a few days last week speaking at and attending a conference on responding to identity theft. The forum was held in Florida, one of the major epicenters for identity fraud complaints in United States. One gripe I heard from several presenters was that identity thieves increasingly are finding ways to open new mobile phone accounts in the names of people who have already frozen their credit files with the big-three credit bureaus. Here’s a look at what may be going on, and how you can protect yourself.

Datally: mobile data-saving & WiFi app

Datally: mobile data-saving & WiFi app by Google by

Data doesn’t have to be confusing, hard to control, or expensive.

Saving mobile data is easy with Datally, a smart new app by Google. It’s a mobile data manager that will help you monitor, save, and gain control of your data. Through tracking and controlling app data usage, you save more data and get the most out of your phone.

Google I/O 2018 – Duplex: A.I. Assistant

Google just gave a stunning demo of Assistant making an actual phone call by

Onstage at I/O 2018, Google showed off a jaw-dropping new capability of Google Assistant: in the not too distant future, it’s going to make phone calls on your behalf. CEO Sundar Pichai played back a phone call recording that he said was placed by the Assistant to a hair salon. The voice sounded incredibly natural; the person on the other end had no idea they were talking to a digital AI helper. Google Assistant even dropped in a super casual “mmhmmm” early in the conversation.

Internet Security: Layers of Protection, and Good Habits

The Best Internet Security: Layers of Protection, and Good Habits by

After interviewing information security experts and experienced online-security journalists, we learned no single app can protect you from an ever-changing array of new malware. The best protection consists of setting up and maintaining layers of security on your devices: keeping your operating system, browsers, and software updated, paying for decent but not overbearing virus and malware protection, installing browser extensions for Web privacy and security, and getting into smart security habits.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Here Are the Features You Should Care About in Microsoft's Windows 10 April 2018 Update by

Microsoft’s big Windows update—not a “spring” update but the more boringly named “Windows 10 April 2018" update—arrives today for eager Windows users who manually trigger the update for their desktops and laptops.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update: the 10 best new features by

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 update is arriving for PCs and tablets today. Like the previous Fall Creators Update, it’s full of small features that improve Windows 10 without dramatically changing the platform. Microsoft is only adding one major feature with this update, and it’s the Timeline feature that lets you resume where you left off across multiple Windows 10 machines.

Everything New in Windows 10’s Spring Creators Update, Available April 2018 by

Microsoft is finishing work on Windows 10’s next update, which will probably be named the “Spring Creators Update” and was codenamed “Redstone 4”. This is Windows 10 version “1803”, and it will launch sometime in April 2018.

Download and install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update using the Update Assistant   

After April 30 you can upgrade to the final version using the Update Assistant tool, go to the Windows 10 Update Assistant webpage and choose 'Update now' button.

The tool will download, then check for the latest version of Windows 10, which includes the Spring Creators Update.

Once downloaded, run the updater, then select 'Update Now'. The tool will do the work. Your PC will restart a few times, so save any open files first. Your PC will update to the Spring Creators Update, all your data, Programs and settings will be unchanged.

Note, this will only work once the Spring Creators Update is officially released.

Free Up Space on Your Hard Drive Automatically With Windows 10’s Storage Sense Feature

Free Up Space on Your Hard Drive Automatically With Windows 10's Storage Sense Feature by

Windows: Sometimes, finding the right Windows settings to automate some portion of your digital life feels like digging through the nooks and crannies of your couch to find loose change. In this case, Windows’ “Storage Sense,” a handy way to automate hard drive cleaning, has probably been staring you in the face for awhile, you just never thought to activate it. And you should.

Gmail Users, You Should Set Up Prompt-based 2fa

Gmail users, here’s how (and why) you should set up prompt-based 2FA by

Last week, Google rolled out two-factor authentication prompts to its updated Gmail app, all in the hopes that more people using Google products will use two-factor authentication to protect their accounts, and that users will choose prompt-based authentication over less secure methods, like SMS codes.

Gmail’s Biggest Redesign is Now Live

Gmail’s Biggest Redesign is Now Live

The world’s most popular email service is getting a big overhaul today. Google is making official the changes we saw leaked earlier this month, with email snoozing, nudging, and confidential mode making their debut alongside a substantial visual redesign for Gmail on the web. The new Gmail begins a…

With new security and intelligent features, the new Gmail means business by

Since the beginning, our aim with G Suite has been to help companies transform the way they work with our suite of cloud-based collaboration and productivity apps.

Stay composed: here’s a quick rundown of the new Gmail by

Email is a necessity for most of us. We use it to stay in touch with colleagues and friends, keep up with the latest news, manage to-dos at home or at work—we just can’t live without it. Today we announced major improvements to Gmail on the web to help people be more productive at work. Here’s a quick look at how the new Gmail can help you accomplish more from your inbox.

Goodbye Cable TV, Hello Tablo

Goodbye Cable TV, Hello Tablo by Forbes 

For the past four days, I’ve completely cut the TV cord. I get crystal clear, over-the-air, hi-def TV for free — after hooking up an antenna. That’s not any kind of news, though, as millions of Americans have been doing the same thing.

Here’s what I’m excited about: I have been recording all of my favorite shows on a Tablo Dual digital video recorder that hasn’t cost me a dime in subscription fees.


The Tablo DUAL LITE Over-The-Air (OTA) DVR is designed for cord cutters want to record and stream up to two free broadcast channels from their HDTV antenna, as well as the flexibility to choose the recording storage option that works best for them.


A Password Manager Can Help You Share Less Info With Tech Giants

A Password Manager Can Help You Share Less Info With Tech Giants Such as Facebook – Here's How to Use One by CNBC

Single sign-in services from tech giants such as Google and Facebook make it easy to sign in to a lot of different sites without remembering different usernames and passwords for each one.

But if you use these services, the tech giants behind them may be collecting information you didn't realize you were sharing with them.

Somewhere along the line many of us have grown accustomed to using tools from Facebook, Google, Amazon and other big companies to log in to websites and apps, instead of creating new usernames and passwords for each one.

Shutting Down Doesn’t Fully Shut Down Windows 10

Shutting Down Doesn’t Fully Shut Down Windows 10 (But Restarting Does) by How-To-Geek

When you click “Shut Down” on your Windows 10 PC, Windows doesn’t fully shut down. It hibernates the kernel, saving its state so it can boot faster. If you’re experiencing computer problems and need to reset that state, you’ll need to restart your PC instead.

Why Does Rebooting a Computer Fix So Many Problems?

Ask a geek how to fix a problem you’ve having with your Windows computer and they’ll likely ask “Have you tried rebooting it?” This seems like a flippant response, but rebooting a computer can actually solve many problems.

Dot-cm Typosquatting Sites Visited 12M Times

Dot-cm Typosquatting Sites Visited 12M Times So Far in 2018 by

A story published here last week warned readers about a vast network of potentially malicious Web sites ending in “.cm” that mimic some of the world’s most popular Internet destinations (e.g. espn[dot]cm, aol[dot]cm and itunes[dot].cm) in a bid to bombard visitors with fake security alerts that can lock up one’s computer. If that piece lacked one key detail it was insight into just how many people were mistyping .com and ending up at one of these so-called “typosquatting” domains.


Thanks for the suggestion Jay!

Cutting the Cord: Streaming Instead of Cable TV

I Haven't Paid for Cable in Years — Here's How I Keep Up With TV Without It by

My cord-cutting strategy has evolved over the years. Here, I go through the hardware and software that does and doesn't work for me.

How to find the best TV antenna for free HD channels by Engadget 

The best option for you will depend on where you live and where those signals are coming from. You can stream a lot of TV…

Cutting the Cord: Streaming Instead of Cable TV Means Complicated Choices, and Some Trade-offs by Seattletimes

(Gabriel Campanario / The Seattle Times) Xfinity vs. CenturyLink, Roku v.s. Hulu vs. YouTube TV and others — cutting the cord requires planning, decisions and…

How To Cook Moist & Tender Chicken Breasts Every Time

How To Cook Moist & Tender Chicken Breasts Every Time by

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (aka BSCBs) — is there anything more boring? They are all too often overcooked until dry and chewy, and I generally prefer more succulent boneless, skinless thighs. But for lunch and dinner favorites like chicken Caesar salad and chicken pasta, sliced juicy chicken breasts can't be beat.

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