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Update Google Chrome Right Now

Update Google Chrome Right Now to Fix a Security Exploit – By Arol Wright How-To Geek
With every update that’s released to an app or operating system, there is the chance a zero-day security vulnerability can strike. And when there is one, depending on the severity, it’s something that you want to address as soon as you get a chance, because it could very well be something that’s being exploited in the wild and can affect you. Now, there’s another zero-day vulnerability affecting everyone’s favorite browser, Google Chrome.

The Benefits of Using a Password Manager

The Benefits of Using a Password Manager – By Isabelle Jones

Securing our personal information has never been more critical in an era dominated by digital connectivity and an ever-expanding online presence. Passwords serve as the first line of defense against cyber threats, and managing them effectively is a task that can quickly become overwhelming. This is where password managers step in, offering a secure and efficient solution to the complex challenge of password management. This article explores the numerous benefits of password management and how it can enhance online security.

Can I Password Protect a Folder?

Can I Password Protect a Folder? – By Leo A. Notenboom

You can do something similar to password-protecting it using Windows security features, but success depends on using the computer the “right” way. I don’t really recommend it. If you have something you want to password protect and keep secure, I recommend a different approach.

Google Camera Mods for Android

What Are Google Camera Mods for Android, and How Do You Install Them? – By Kabir Jain How-To Geek
Google Camera, or GCam, is renowned for its outstanding image processing and computational photography capabilities. While it comes pre-installed on Google Pixel devices, the exciting part is that it’s accessible on a wide range of Android smartphones. This guide will walk you through choosing the correct GCam version and installing it step-by-step.

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