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The 2018 Cord-Cutting Guide

The 2018 Cord-Cutting Guide by The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar helps you move away from pay-TV and save.

Cutting the cord — canceling pay-TV service from a cable, satellite, or telecommunications provider — might be the hottest trend in television since the superhero show.

The research firm eMarketer predicts that by the end of 2017, more than 22 million pay-TV subscribers will have become former pay-TV subscribers. One of the central motivators is money. The rising costs of pay-TV service have driven many cord-cutters to get their television through an internet connection instead.

But if you trade your old pay-TV subscription for an array of expensive gadgets, upgraded internet service, and…

Protected Lock Screen Google Pixel 2

Lock It Up! New Hardware Protections for Your Lock Screen With the Google Pixel 2 by Xiaowen Xin, Android Security Team

The new Google Pixel 2 ships with a dedicated hardware security module designed to be robust against physical attacks. This hardware module performs lockscreen passcode verification and protects your lock screen better than software alone.

To learn more about the new protections, let’s first review the role of the lock screen. Enabling a lock screen protects your data, not just against casual thieves, but also against sophisticated attacks. 

Open Source Privacy-Focused Email Service

ProtonMail: An Open Source Privacy-Focused Email Service Provider by It's FOSS

Brief: Have a look at ProtonMail, a secure, privacy-focused email provider that you can use as an alternative to Gmail.

I, like most people in 2017, use email every single day. I, also like most people in 2017, have several email addresses that I manage.

The difference between most people in 2017 and myself is which email providers we use. I am going to throw out a wild guess and say you use a Gmail account as…

Understanding the Root Cause of Account Takeover

New Research: Understanding the Root Cause of Account Takeover by

Posted by Kurt Thomas, Anti-Abuse Research; Angelika Moscicki, Account Security
Account takeover, or ‘hijacking’, is unfortunately a common problem for users across the web. More than 15% of Internet users have reported experiencing the takeover of an email or social networking account. However, despite its familiarity, there is a dearth of research about the root causes of hijacking.

Use a Streaming Stick or Set-Top Box

Don’t Bother with Smart TV Software, Use a Streaming Stick or Set-Top Box Instead by

It is all but impossible to buy a TV without getting some kind of bundled software that’s supposed to make your life easier (but mostly just frustrates everyone). If you’d rather enjoy using your TV (and get a longer life out of it), here are our picks for streaming sticks and set-top boxes.

Your Smart TV Just Isn’t Very Smart

If you have a smart TV, you’re probably well aware how lackluster the software is. TV manufacturers just aren’t very good at making software. 

Find and Store Account Recovery Passcodes​

Here’s How to Find and Store Your Account Recovery Passcodes​ by

Losing (or breaking) your phone is never fun. Yes, there are the complications that come from it being covered in fragile glass, but the issue that’ll ultimately cause your more grief is this: your phone is the key to your online identity. If you’re using two-factor authentication on your devices, you may rely on the authentication app or SMS texts providing randomly generated access codes used to verify your identity when you log into a different device, or make a purchase. For added security, you should keep a physical copy

Android Security Audit: an Checklist

Android Security Audit: an 11-step Checklist by ComputerWorld

Android security doesn't have to be a source of stress. These easy-to-follow steps are all you need to keep the boogeyman at bay.

Android security is always a hot topic on these here Nets of Inter — and almost always for the wrong reason.

As we've discussed ad nauseam over the years, most of the missives you read about this-or-that super-scary malware/virus/brain-eating-boogie-monster are overly sensationalized accounts tied to theoretical threats with practically zero chance of actually affecting you in the real world. If you look closely, in fact, you'll start to notice

Automatically Enable Wi-Fi When You’re Near a Trusted Network in Android Oreo

How to Automatically Enable Wi-Fi When You’re Near a Trusted Network in Android Oreo by

You disable Wi-Fi on your Android phone to improve battery life, which is great! But how many times have you forgotten to enable it again, ultimately eating up some of your mobile data when you could’ve been on Wi-Fi? With Oreo, that fear is no more.

Google Authenticator adds protection to e-mail account

Google Authenticator will add a formidable layer of protection to your e-mail account by

The Google Authenticator app allows you to strengthen the Two-Factor Authentification on your phone — for free.

Google Authenticator is a free security app that can protect your accounts against password theft. It's easy to set up and can be used in a process called two-factor authentication (2FA) offered on popular services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Win 10 “Controlled Folder Access” Anti-Ransomware

Windows 10's "Controlled Folder Access" Anti-Ransomware Feature Is Now Live by

With the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update last week, the "Controlled Folder Access" that Microsoft touted in June is now live for millions of users.

As the name hints, the Controlled Folder Access feature allows users to control who can access certain folders.

The feature works on a "block everything by default" philosophy, which means that on a theoretical level, it would be able to prevent ransomware when it tries to access and encrypt files stored in those folders.

The benefits of using Controlled Folder Access for your home and work computers are tangible for anyone that's fearful of losing crucial files to a ransomware infection.

DOCSIS 3.0 High Speed Cable Modem

This $40 box is your cable company’s worst nightmare by

People are cutting the cord in record numbers right now, and cable companies are freaking out. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome and they all deserve it for gouging us for so long. Want to make it sting even worse for them? Pick up a TP-LINK DOCSIS 3.0 High Speed Cable Modem on Amazon for just $40. Activate it using the instructions included in the box, return the one you’re renting from your cable company, and you’ll instantly shave $8 to $10 off your Internet bill — and your cable company’s bottom line — every month.

How to get the Win 10 Fall Creators Update

How to get the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update by Windows Blog

Beginning today at 10 a.m. P.T., the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will start rolling out to Windows 10 PCs across the world in phases, starting with newer machines first.

As with the Creators Update, the key to our phased approach is actively listening to all available feedback mechanisms and making the appropriate product updates during the rollout. 

Manually update for advanced users – As an advanced user, you have two manual installation options. The recommended method is to utilize the Update Assistant. To do so, click the Update Now button on the Software Download Site. You’ll need a licensed version of Windows 10 to use this method to get the feature update. Alternatively, you can download and run the Media Creation Tool on the same site, which will help you perform a clean installation or reinstall of Windows 10.

The definitive Windows 10 Fall Creators Update review by WindowsCentral

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is Microsoft's latest feature update for Windows 10! Here's our full written review detailing all the new improvements and features.

Starting today, Microsoft is beginning to roll out a brand new update for Windows 10, packing a whole new set of features and enhancements for users. Microsoft is calling this update the "Fall Creators Update," as a continuation of its…


9 Gmail Hacks You Need to Know

9 Gmail Hacks You Need to Know Since They Will Basically Change Your Online Life by

Whether we like it or not, so much of our life revolves around our email. Checking, replying, vigorously unsubscribing — emails are so needy. Which is why we should do the best we can to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. If you know some Gmail hacks, for example, you can really start to tackle your email problem, or at least get more of what you want from your inbox.

High school kids get video of the eclipse

High school kids get video of the eclipse… from 32,000 meters above the Earth! by

Look, I know: After the total solar eclipse in August, you probably reached saturation with images of videos of it. I know I did, having seen the event from every angle and manner possible.

Or so I thought. In fact, there was one I hadn’t considered, and jaded as I was I still gasped with delight when I saw it: a video of the Moon’s shadow on the ground taken from a weather balloon from a height of 32 kilometers (105,000 feet)!

How cool is that? And it gets better: That balloon was launched by high school students. They were participating in a group called Earth to Sky Calculus, started by some of the students who were “tired of being lectured to and wanted to explore Nature in a different, more hands-on way.” So Dr. Tony Phillips — the person who created the fantastic…

Best Android phones you can buy

Best Android phones you can buy [October 2017] by

Looking for a new smartphone? There are dozens upon dozens of great options on the market today, but finding the best of the best can be a bit difficult. We’ve seen some great launches through the year and more should be coming soon too, so let’s take a look at the best Android smartphones you can buy as of October 2017.

Moto G Plus (5th Generation)

I recommend you use Ting as your cell service provider, they have great value plans.

Motorola Moto G5 Plus from Ting. In stock SIM card included  $299.

You can also get the phone from Amazon with ads, 64 GB & 4 GB RAM  Unlocked – Price: Prime $239.99

There are other options but this is a great phone for the price. I will be happy to help you order it, get it setup and show you how to get started using. Call me so we can talk about the options.

Here is a phone that should serve you well Moto G Plus (5th Generation) with a fingerprint sensor, 5.2” full HD (1080p) display, Android 7.0, 12 MP HD camera and TurboPower charging. The Moto G Plus (unlocked) can be activated on Ting, and you will keep your existing cell phone number.

My recommendation is to opt for the 64 GB & 4 GB RAM version it's only $55 more than the 2 GB model but it will greatly improve the performance and help future proof the phone. The Ads option save you $45 or $60 and you can pay the extra later if the ads are to much of a bother. You must be a prime member to get this deal.

Moto G Plus (5th Generation)

Amazon has 4 options.

Prime Exclusive – with Lockscreen Offers & Ads

32 GB & 2 GB RAM  Unlocked – Price: Prime $184.99 

64 GB & 4 GB RAM  Unlocked – Price: Prime $239.99 

Standard Version – Without Offers & Ads

32 GB & 2 GB RAM  Unlocked – List Price: $229.99

64 GB & 4 GB RAM  Unlocked – List Price: $299.99

  • Fast 4G LTE speed, up to 2.0 GHz octa-core processor, 4 GB of RAM, and a bright 5.2” full HD (1080p) display ensures videos and games run smoothly and look great
  • Enjoy the best of Google Android 7.0 Nougat, including Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail and more
  • Offers and ads, including personalized deals and recommendations, display on the phone’s lockscreen
  • Take brilliant photos with the 12 MP HD camera or snap group shots with a 5 MP wide-angle selfie cam. Add up to 128 GB of additional storage with a microSD card
  • The all-day battery includes TurboPower (TM) charging which provides up to 6 hours of use in just 15 minutes
  • Unlocked and carrier-friendly, works with all major carrier networks domestically or abroad
  • The fingerprint sensor instantly unlocks your phone
  • Prime members get unlimited access to Prime movies and TV shows, Prime Music, storage on Prime Photos, deals, and more with a pre-installed selection of Amazon apps

Get Gmail Account Back From a Hacker

How Can I Get My Gmail Account Back From a Hacker? by The Tech Guy Episode 1408 (1:37:42)

Clinton's Google account was hacked, and the password recovery was changed to another email address. Leo says that's why Google and Leo recommends 2 Factor Authentication so that he would be contacted should a password change happen. He can also use a secondary email. Clinton can contact Google and they can perhaps get his account back by answering questions that only he would know about.

Check out these articles on hacking for more guidance: Links by

Kevin Roos: I dared two expert hackers to destroy my life. Here's what happened.
Mat Honan: How I Resurrected My Digital Life After an Epic Hacking
What we give away when we log on to a public Wi-Fi network

Enable Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad

How to Enable Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad Drivers on Your Laptop by How-To-Geek

Microsoft has been trying to improve the touchpad experience on Windows 10 laptops. Laptops with “Precision Touchpads” are optimized by Microsoft, support standard gestures, and can be configured from the Settings app. Unfortunately, PC manufacturers can opt out of using Precision Touchpads. Now, there’s a way to install Precision Touchpad drivers even on laptops that don’t ship with them.

Chrome Extension Make Chrome Faster

Top 20 Most Famous Chrome Extension Make Chrome Faster by

Top 20 Most Famous Chrome Extension Make Chrome Faster. Today we will tell you about the most popular browser in the world developed by Google That’s “Chrome”. yes, 60% population rest of the world using chrome for better search result & today we will tell you 20 more chrome extension to more make chrome faster Free.

The best Google Chrome extensions of 2017 by ComputerWorld

From productivity-boosting timers to ad blockers and Android messengers on your desktop, these 25 Chrome extensions make the most popular web browser even more powerful and useful.

The 101 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions by

These are some of the greatest extensions you can and should add to your Google browser.

The Extensions I use with all or my Chrome installs.





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