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Over 1 Billion Login Credentials Leaked, Here’s How to See if You Were Compromised

Over 1 Billion Login Credentials Leaked, Here’s How to See if You Were Compromised – By Cameron Summerson,

Maxim Apryatin/Shutterstock.comPhoto by: Maxim Apryatin/

Good morning! A whole slew of usernames and plaintext passwords were leaked for a number of different sites—at 772 million and 21 million respectively, it’s the largest data leak in history. Here’s how to make sure your information is still safe.

The Best Google Docs Add-Ons​

The Best Google Docs Add-Ons​ – By Brady Gavin,

Google Docs add-ons work similarly to how a browser extension works. They are a third-party app that you install to Google Docs to gain additional features. Some add-ons increase productivity (like proofreading tools) and some add more extensive capabilities (like allowing teachers to integrate grades into students papers). Here’s how to install them and some of our favorites.

Google Maps begins showing speed trap alerts

Google Maps begins showing speed trap alerts – By Alex Wagner,

Google Maps is gaining another handy new feature.

Support for displaying speed traps has begun rolling out in Google Maps. Screenshots shared by one Android user show icons of speed cameras when exploring the map and when driving. And since you shouldn't be looking at your phone when you're behind the wheel, Google Maps will also give you an audio cue when you're driving and approaching a speed trap.

The 15-minute Chromebook tune-up

The 15-minute Chromebook tune-up – By Jr Raphael,

As far as computers go, Chromebooks are almost shockingly low-maintenance. Google's Chrome OS operating system updates itself silently and automatically — as do most of the core apps associated with the platform — and it doesn't get gunked up and slowed down over time, as traditional operating systems tend to do. There's no antivirus software to fret over, either, and little in the way of complicated settings or compatibility concerns. 

New Flag Enables Powerful Feature For Chromebook Files App – By Robby Payne,

If you are a user who’s made the transition to Chromebooks from a more standard OS like Mac OS or Windows, file management could be a little different for you.

9 Most Useful Chrome Browser Extensions – By Natasha Stokes,

Using Chrome? One of the greatest features of Google’s nimble, speedy browser is the sheer volume of free extensions available from the Chrome store. These extensions are essentially software add-ons that enhance the browser’s performance, tacking on extra capabilities to what you can do within its confines.

Want stronger passwords? Understand these 4 common password security myths

Want stronger passwords? Understand these 4 common password security myths – By Fahmida Y. Rashid,

Talking about password security is a guaranteed crowd-snoozer, a surefire way to make people shut down and tune out, but the reality is that passwords are still important. Email or social media, online banking or gaming, educational applications or online services—anything that keeps some kind of user data still depends on passwords to keep miscreants out. Attackers will continue merrily looting bank accounts and taking over online services if users don’t step up and use better passwords.

Google’s Public DNS works with Android 9 Pie

Google's Public DNS now works with Android 9 Pie – By Corbin Davenport,

A Domain Name System, or DNS for short, is the component of your network connection that looks up the server IPs after you enter a domain name (e.g. Most people use the default DNS services from their ISPs/carriers, but alternatives have existed for years, like Google Public DNS. Google announced today that its DNS service finally supports DNS-over-TLS, meaning it can be set as the system-wide DNS provider on Android 9 Pie. 

Configure your network settings to use Google Public DNS by

When you use Google Public DNS, you are changing your DNS "switchboard" operator from your ISP to Google Public DNS.

How to Use Google Docs

How to Use Google Docs – By Maude Campbell,

Let’s face it, not everyone uses Microsoft Word anymore. What you really need to know is just how to create a document. Google Docs, released in 2006, is free to use, web-based, and not only for text documents; you can create slideshows and spreadsheets, too. Here's how to use it. 

How to Control Margins in Google Docs – By Brady Gavin,

Margins in a document are the white space that surrounds the text in your file. They appear at the top, bottom, left, and right sides. While the default margins are fine most of the time, sometimes you’ll need to change them. Here’s how.

Tablo’s DVRs will soon automatically skip ads

Tablo’s DVRs will soon automatically skip ads in your recordings – By Jon Porter,

Tablo’s DVR boxes will soon be able to automatically skip the ad breaks in your antenna TV recordings, its manufacturer Nuvyyo has announced, according to Variety. The skipping will happen without you having to do anything. As you watch, the DVR will automatically skip to the end of the break when it detects that one has started. The new functionality will enter a testing phase this quarter, and the company intends to have it ready for a full release in the coming months.

How to Take the Best Photos with Your Android Phone

How to Take the Best Photos with Your Android Phone – By Florence Ion,

It’s that time of year again when you’re working your smartphone overtime attempting to keep up with all of the memories of holiday parties, family gatherings, and pets you’ve wrangled into festive attire. If you’re working with any of the latest Android phones, including the Google Pixel 3 or Samsung Note9, then one of the best cameras on the market is already in your pocket. 

Do You Really Need to Regularly Reinstall Windows

Do You Really Need to Regularly Reinstall Windows? – By Chris Hoffman,

For many people, Windows seems to slow down over time. Quite a few people fix this by regularly reinstalling Windows. But do you really need to regularly reinstall Windows? And, if so, how regularly do you need to reinstall it? 

Reinstall Windows 10 Without Deleting Your Software, Files or Settings – By Mark Turner,

Perform an 'in-place upgrade' to fix a buggy Windows installation

We recently experienced an installation of Windows 10 with system files that were corrupt to the point that certain sections of the Settings app would automatically close when being opened, among other bugs around the platform.

Give Your Old Hard Drives and SSDs a New Job

Give Your Old Hard Drives and SSDs a New Job With This $9 Enclosure – By Shep Mcallister,

If you have an old hard drive or SSD lying around, or you just want to build your own external drive from scratch, this $9, 2.5" enclosure (with code XMASAK23) is one of the most affordable we’ve ever seen with UASP support, which allows for faster data transfer speeds when using an SSD.

Google Home Hub and Google Assistant tips and tricks

Google Home Hub and Google Assistant tips and tricks: 15 things to get you started [Video] – By Damien Wilde,

The Google Home Hub is one of the best Smart Display options on the market, albeit there are very few options. It might not have a camera, however, oddly, makes it one of the best options available especially as you have fewer privacy concerns.

Tips and tricks for Chrome on Android

15 tips and tricks for Chrome on Android (2018 edition) – By Corbin Davenport,

Last year, we compiled a list of 15 tips and tricks to get the most out of Chrome on Android. The browser has plenty of hidden features, either tucked away behind flags or simply not pointed out by Google. Since that post was published, several of the features we highlighted have been removed (like the Chrome Home UI), and new ones have been added.

How Safe is

How Safe is – By Curtis Hearn,

A few weeks ago, Equifax, one of the world’s largest repository of personal financial information, announced it had been hacked. Over 140 million consumers’ personal data was stolen, including credit card numbers for some of those affected.

Google Account – Google Basics: Video

Google Drive – Google Basics Part 4 – By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Google Drive, serves not one but 2 masters: Online storage and file sharing Productivity and collaboration applications

Google Basic Part 3: Google Calendar – By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Google Calendar is one of the most valuable members of Google's ecosystem. It can form the centre of your productivity system!

How to Use Gmail – Google Basics Part 2 By Dottotech, Video

Discover how you can use Gmail like a pro. I'll show you everything you need to do to set up your Gmail account and then share the most important Gmail features.

Google Account – Google Basics – Part 1 – By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Let's go over the Google Basics! In this video, you'll learn how to set up your Google account, what to expect from your Google account and what benefits you get from joining the Google ecosystem.

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ProtonMail – Import emails from Gmail, Yahoo

ProtonMail now lets you import emails in bulk from Gmail, Yahoo, and others – By Paul Sawers,

Encrypted email startup ProtonMail is making it easier for users to import their emails from other providers, in a move that could help stoke use of ProtonMail’s service. Additionally, the company will also enable users to backup their emails locally by exporting them to their hard drive.

How to Manage Google Drive Settings

How to Manage Google Drive Settings – By James T. Cains,

Google Drive itself has only a few settings to keep track of, but they can make your experience a little easier. To manage the main Google Drive settings, log in to Google Drive, click the Settings icon (it looks like a gear) at the top right corner, and choose Settings. 

How to Import an Excel Document into Google Sheets – By Brady Gavin,

Did someone send you an Excel document, but you don’t have Excel? Giving up on Microsoft Office and making the change to Google Drive? No problem; Google Sheets lets you import your Excel files. And while it might not support some of the same features and effects of an Excel document, it works pretty well.

What is WordPress? It’s the CMS that powers your favorite tech website

What is WordPress? It's the CMS that powers your favorite tech website – By Jon Martindale,

WordPress is something that every web user has enjoyed the benefits of, even if they didn’t realize it. So, what is WordPress? Among a few popular alternatives, it’s one of the most used content management systems (CMS) in the world and after more than 15 years of operation, has expanded from a basic blogging platform into one of the most versatile ways to manage website content ever made.In fact, it’s what runs your favorite tech site, Ask any of the writers here and they’ll have good and bad things to say about it, but they all know their way around WordPress.

How to lock your online accounts with a security key

Primer: How to lock your online accounts with a security key – By Seth Rosenblatt,

A tiny slab of circuitry can lock down your online accounts against some of the most determined attacks—unless your sites, your browser, or your own inertia get in the way. 

Things You Should Know Before Enabling Two-Factor Authentication – By Nitin Sharma,

With Cybersecurity becoming a big concern, two-factor authentication (2FA) is a topic that is becoming hotter with each passing day.

After all, who doesn’t want to keep their private data safe? Two-factor authentication may not be a bulletproof solution but is one of the easiest and best ways to shore up your virtual security.

Create a Table of Contents in Google Docs

How to Create a Table of Contents in Google Docs – By Brady Gavin,

Adding a table of contents to your document is a useful way to show readers each topic/chapter listed inside your file. When you create a table of contents in Google Docs, it automatically generates one and adds links that jump to each section they reference when clicked, allowing for quick access to specific parts of your document.

Google Drive’s New Backup Feature Reminded Me I Have No Backup Plan

Google Drive's New Backup Feature Reminded Me I Have No Backup Plan – By Patrick Lucas Austin,

If you don’t have an offsite cloud storage plan (and you really should), Google’s newest update to its cloud storage service Google Drive is ready to fix your gaping data backup hole by letting you pick which folders on your device you’d like to back up to Google Drive instead of forcing you to put the files into a single Google Drive folder. It’s called Backup & Sync.

– Chromebooks vs. Laptops:

Chromebooks vs. Laptops: What's the Difference? – By Daniel Nations,

Let's dispense with a likely question right away: Yes, a Chromebook is a laptop. A laptop is a portable computer meant to be placed almost anywhere, including your lap, but still have the same basic functionality and input devices as a desktop. A Chromebook meets all of the specifications. It is simply a laptop running a different operating system (Chrome OS). So what's the difference between a Chromebook and a Windows-based laptop or a MacBook?

No, You Don’t Need Antivirus on a Chromebook​ – By Cameron Summerson,

Recently, Malwarebytes announced an antivirus for Chromebooks(through its Android app). But here’s the thing: that’s complete bullshit. You don’t need an antivirus on Chrome OS; I don’t care how they try to sell it.

What Is a Chromebook, and How Is It Different than a Laptop?

What Is a Chromebook, and How Is It Different than a Laptop? – By Simon Batt,

If you’ve been in the market for a laptop recently, you may have seen a type of laptop called a “Chromebook” It might sound a little weird; after all, isn’t Chrome a web browser? Why are there laptops named after it?

Chromebooks fill a specific niche in the laptop world. If you purchase one expecting something similar to a normal laptop, you may end up very disappointed with your purchase. However, if your needs and wants from a laptop match what a Chromebook does, you may find yourself saving a bit of money in the process!

5 best remote desktop apps for Android!

5 best remote desktop apps for Android! – By Contact,

Remote access to a desktop is one of the most niche power-user features out there. However, it is perfectly doable on an Android device. There are two basic ways to do it. Users can remote into their Android device from a computer. We covered that functionality in our best screen mirroring apps for Android list. This list focuses more on accessing your desktop computer from your Android device. There are a bunch of apps that boast remote access as a feature. However, only some of them are actually good. Here are the best remote desktop apps for Android!

Import a Word Document into Google Docs

How to Import a Word Document into Google Docs – By Brady Gavin,

Someone send you a Word document, but you don’t have Word? Giving up on Word and making the change to Google Docs? No problem; Google Docs lets you easily import Word documents. And while it might not support some of the more advanced features and formatting of some Word documents, it works pretty well.

Google Smart Lock: The complete guide

Google Smart Lock: The complete guide – By Jr Raphael,

Think fast: How many times a day do you pick up your phone to look at something? Unless you live in the tundra or have far more self-control than most, the answer probably falls somewhere between "quite a few" and "more than any sane person could count." Assuming you keep your device properly secured, that means you're doing an awful lot of unlocking — be it with your face, your fingerprint, or the code you tap or swipe onto your screen.

A Description of Encryption: The How, Why and When of Cryptography

A Description of Encryption: The How, Why and When of Cryptography – By Jacob Roach,

Jacob Roach is a Midwesterner with a love for technology, an odd combination given his corn field-ridden setting. After finishing a degree in English at Southern New Hampshire University, Jacob settled back under the Arch in his hometown of St. Louis, MO, where he now writes about anything tech. His main interests are web technologies and online privacy, though he dips his toes in photography and the occasional card game as well. You can reach him at jacob[at]

How to Remotely Troubleshoot PC’s

How to Remotely Troubleshoot a Friend’s Windows PC Without Any Extra Software – By Chris Hoffman,

Windows offers a few built-in tools for performing remote assistance over the Internet. These tools allow you to take remote control of another person’s computer so you can help them troubleshoot it while you’re on the phone with them. They work similarly to Remote Desktop, but are available on all editions of Windows and are easy to set up.

– WordPress Classic Editor

Classic Editor – By WordPress Contributors

Gutenberg “Suckenberg” is the worst joke played on us. Thank you for giving us back the WordPress we love, and not the idiotic thing they will be forcing on us.

I’m guessing there will be many similar plugins, and they will all be super popular.

WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” – By Matt Mullenweg,

We’ve made some big upgrades to the editor. Our new block-based editor is the first step toward an exciting new future with a streamlined editing experience across your site. You’ll have more flexibility with how content is displayed, whether you are building your first site, revamping your blog, or write code for a living.

Best Phones for Google Fi in 2018

Best Phones for Google Fi in 2018 – By Hayato Huseman,

For just $20/month for unlimited calls/texts and $10 per GB of data you use (any data past 6GB is free), Google Fi is one of the most compelling MVNOs around — especially when you factor in its excellent roaming support, nationwide coverage, and Bill Protection feature that credits back whatever data you don't use. Fi works on almost any unlocked phone these days, but certain features work better on some phones than others — these are the ones that will give you the best Fi experience.

Google Fi (aka Project Fi): The complete FAQ – By Jr Raphael,

Google Fi may sound like some weird sort of initiation ritual ("Whoa, what happened to Rick? I heard he got Googlefied!") — but if you can get past its silly-sounding name, the recently rebranded wireless service can both save you money and step up your smartphone security situation.

Google Lens now has an album shortcut to search photos

Google Lens now has an album shortcut to search photos By Ryan Whitwam,

Google Lens made its debut in the Google Photos app on select devices a while back, but now it's available everywhere. You can still search from the Photos app, but Google just added a new shortcut to make it easier to scan your photos. From Lens, just tap the album button at the top of the screen, and you're all set.

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