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How to Make Your Phone’s Fingerprint Reader More Accurate

How to Make Your Phone’s Fingerprint Reader More Accurate by


Fingerprint readers on phones have made devices more secure and faster to unlock, at least when they work on the first try. If you have trouble unlocking your phone quickly, there are things you can do to improve your device’s fingerprint reader.

Biometric identification on phones has come a long way over the last few years, with both Apple and Google building…

How to log in to multiple Gmail accounts at once

How to log in to multiple Gmail accounts at once by

Have you found yourself rapidly accumulating Gmail accounts? Between work, school, and any personal or spam accounts you may have created, it’s completely reasonable to have three (or more) Google accounts that need to be checked regularly.

It can be annoying (not to mention time-consuming) to log in and out of each of your accounts every time you want to use them. Luckily, Google makes it easy to log in to multiple Gmail accounts at once and quickly switch between them on your phone and computer. Here’s how to make use of Google’s multiple sign-in feature.

Customize Swipe Gestures on Mail, Gmail, and Inbox

How to Customize Swipe Gestures on Mail, Gmail, and Inbox by

To be honest, I’m not sure what different swipes do on your favorite email app, because every app is a little bit different. And it’s possible that you don’t like how your favorite email app handles swiping. Maybe you’d rather delete messages than archive them; maybe you just like swiping in one direction over another.

Your password has probably been stolen

Your password has probably been stolen. Here’s what to do about it. by

Pardon the interruption, but your passwords are leaking.

You’ve probably become numb to all the headlines about data breaches. But a website called Have I Been Pwned will expose the horror they’ve wreaked on you.

Type in your email address and Have I Been Pwned lists websites and apps on which your passwords have been compromised. (“Pwned,” pronounced like “owned,” is geek speak for conquered.) Try your family members’ emails and your favorite passwords, too. Australian security guru Troy Hunt spends…

Celebrating 10 years of Password Security

Celebrating 10 years of Password Security

LastPass launched ten years ago and was founded on a mission to provide seamless password security for individuals and businesses alike.

Share LastPass with friends

Trouble convincing your friends and family to finally use a password manager? Check out our new infographic for 10 ways to convince your loved ones to take control of their cybersecurity with LastPass.

Windows 10’s Backup and Recovery Tools

How to Use All of Windows 10’s Backup and Recovery Tools by

Windows 10 includes several different types of backup and recovery tools. And we’re going to take a look at all of them.

Sometimes, bad things happen to good computers. Fortunately, Windows includes a number of tools you can use to make sure your files are properly backed up and to recover your computer should you need to. On the backup side of things, File History is the…

Science Wants Your Data

Science Wants Your Data by

Eric Dishman wants your data. As the director of the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us research program, he’s trying to convince 1 million Americans to donate reams of sensitive personal information to science. Electronic medical records? Gimme. Genetic data? He’ll take it. Residence history? His inbox waits with open arms.

The future of health begins with you by

The All of Us Research Program has a simple mission. We want to speed up health research breakthroughs. To do this, we’re asking one million people to share health information. In the future, researchers can use this to conduct thousands of health studies. 

I handed over my genetic data to the NIH. Here’s why you should, too by

The National Institutes of Health recently launched the All of UsResearch Program to create one of the largest, richest public resources for biomedical research in human history. Its mission is to accelerate medical breakthroughs that personalize prevention, treatment, and care for all Americans. As the director of this unprecedented program — and as a cancer survivor, patient advocate, and participant in more than a dozen research studies — I want to share how we are safeguarding participant confidentiality and personal data.

The world needs more Data Donors. by

Believe it or not, a major challenge for cutting edge research is access to data. The data you donate will be used by scientists and researchers to further scientific understanding of mental and emotional health. If you are a suicide loss survivor, a person with lived experience of suicidal thoughts or attempts, or if you just want to help, please share your data and/or the data of a loved one. You can help by sharing what you know, your data helps.  

Benefits of Using Bitmark Donation App by

One organ donor can save 8 lives. One data donor can save millions of lives. Are you a data donor?

Your personal data is your most valuable digital asset. Bitmark makes it simple and safe for users to donate their data to health researchers. Through the Data Donation app, donors can safely connect their Health app data to studies that they choose, securely donate their data with full consent, and easily track all their donations. 

The Data Donor Movement – A Dateva initiative:

Appealing to people worldwide to donate their health data for research in a secure and privacy-mindful way.

Petitioning governments to make it mandatory for healthcare organizations to share their data.

  • Immediate Goal
    Create a streamlined repeatable process for accessing hospital  data for researchers and technology companies that know how to handle data safely
  • Long Term Goal
    Release all hospitals data in an Open Data format.  

Data donation after death  by David M Shaw1 , Juliane V Gross2 & Thomas C Erren2

A proposal to prevent the waste of medical research data.

What happens to your personal data after you die? Most of the discussion on this topic has focused on whether and how relatives should be given access to the media accounts and music…

You Can’t Hide Your Genes by Slate

Consumer genetic databases aren’t the only side door for police to get your DNA.

The arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo as the suspected Golden State Killer has both thrilled and worried watchers. Bringing the Golden State Killer to justice is a victory for law enforcement and public safety. But with his identification through a publicly accessible genealogical DNA database, there are serious questions about who now is subject to genetic surveillance by the government, and not just by the online commercial services that sequence or store DNA data for genealogical research. 


Google Photos: back up and organize your photos

Google Photos: how to back up and organize your photos by

Backing up and organizing your photos can feel like the digital equivalent of weeding your garden – it’s the job you put off until you’re overrun with nettles or, in this case, blurry dog photos.

Luckily, there are lots of easy ways to back up your digital or analog snaps, and one of the best is using Google Photos.

Ultimate guide to airport security options

Ultimate guide to airport security options

TSA Precheck, Global Entry, CLEAR can speed you through the screening process

If you fly, you’ve endured the chaos of airport security screening: long lines, wrestling to take off your shoes and jacket in the middle of a cranky crowd, and maybe even missing a flight.

As screening has become stricter to make flying safer, it’s become a huge hassle for travelers.

Pennsylvania REAL ID

Pennsylvania REAL ID? by      Real ID Frequently Asked Questions

The REAL ID Act is a federal law passed by Congress after Sept. 11, 2001, that establishes specific minimum federal standards for state-issued driver's licenses and ID cards to be accepted for certain federal purposes, like entering a federal building or boarding a domestic commercial flight.

Note: If you are a resident of a different state check with your state's drivers license department.

Ultimate guide to airport security options by

TSA Precheck, Global Entry, CLEAR can speed you through the screening process

If you fly, you’ve endured the chaos of airport security screening: long lines, wrestling to take off your shoes and jacket in the middle of a cranky crowd, and maybe even missing a flight.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

Chrome Cleanup Tool by

The Chrome Cleanup Tool is a program written by Google that will scan a computer for programs that cause problems in Google Chrome. The targeted applications are potentially unwanted programs, malware, badware, and adware extensions that cause advertisements or other wanted actions to appear in Chrome.

Using the Chrome Cleanup Tool is very easy. Simply download it, run it, and let it scan your computer for unwanted programs. If it detects any unwanted programs, it will alert you and wait for you to remove them. Once the programs are removed, it will reset Google back to its default settings.

MoviePass: Everything you need to know

MoviePass: Everything you need to know by

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, there's a good chance you've heard a thing or two about MoviePass. Although the company was founded way back in 2011, it's picked up a lot of steam over the past year or so with its too-good-to-be-true offer of allowing you to see one movie per day for just $9.95/month.

Google Drive Can Help Power Your WordPress Business

25 Ways Google Drive Can Help Power Your WordPress Business by

Google Drive has saved my life (professionally, at least) on any number of occasions. I know that some people are wary of services like Google Drive or iCloud for fear of being locked into a single company’s ecosystem (or walled garden, as they’re usually referred to), but there are a lot of benefits to using Google Drive if you’re running a WordPress business. We use it here at Elegant Themes, and it makes putting things into your hands so much easier.

A Unique Username Can Add an Extra Security Layer

A Unique Username Can Add an Extra Security Layer

Create a random and unique username and password for each web service.  Use a "Password Manager" like LastPass to remember and store them securely.

Many people use the same online username across multiple platforms and websites, from Gmail accounts to banking websites. One exposure to a person’s username can open the door to identity theft.

Back in 2014 Snapchat has a data breach it affected 4.6 million usernames and mobile numbers, more recently Yahoo lost control of databases containing information of over a billion users. Even compromised government sites have leaked user data. Using a randomized username is like having two passwords for an account because it makes it harder for someone to guess your username and break in. These cybersecurity hacks are happening more frequently targeting both usernames, and email addresses.

For almost anything you do online you need a username. Rather than using the same email address to log into Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, and other online sites, you can create a unique online name. 

Unique usernames can be useful in a few different ways. 

  • Using different usernames for some of your accounts makes it harder for hackers
  • If your username is something unique or funny, it is easy to remember
  • It makes your profile memorable on Facebook, blogs, and forums

Username tips from the pros

  1. Email usernames and bank account usernames should be different.
  2. Never use your SSN or financial institution account as a username.
  3. Decide if your username protects your identity or can be public.
  4. Create a username that is simple enough to remember but hard to guess – and store it in your password manager.
  5. Avoid using familiar numbers with your usernames, such as an address or birth dates. 

There are various ways that you can create usernames. You could sit down and brainstorm some fun things yourself. Another approach is to get a little help, try a free online username generator. 

Here are a few username generators to try.

After creating a custom username using one of the above tools save it safely in LastPass.

Things to Consider When Choosing Usernames

You could make a unique username for each website or do them in groups. For example, you could use one username for your professional interests and another for your email, services, and sites. Doing this creates some separation and makes it harder for people to track you online.

If using a username professionally, remember it can be the first impression a business associate or potential client will have of you.

Try to stay anonymous. In most cases, try to keep identifying info out of your username. JohnSmithOakDrive would give away to much information about the user.

Check out the rules for each site. Some sites have a limit for how long your username is.

Protect your Username with a Secure Password and store them in a password manager like LastPass.

When choosing a username, you should also give some thought to online security. You need to protect your usernames and passwords. If your username and password are stolen or hacked in a security breach, cybercriminals and others could access your financial accounts, use your info for identity theft, or hurt your reputation online.

Router Security Risks

How to Ensure Your Home Router Has the Latest Security Updates by How-To-Geek

Keeping your home router updated is a crucial part of staying secure. Shellshock affected a number of routers, and we’ve also seen routers hacked and turned into botnets. Home router security is notoriously poor.

Why Your Router Is a Security Risk (And How to Fix It) by

The introduction of the home router was a great advancement in security for many owners. Before routers, most PC users relied only on a software firewall or, more often than not, ran no firewall at all. Routers with built-in firewalls have generally been a very good thing.

How to prepare your Google account for when you pass away

How to prepare your Google account for when you pass away by

It's not something we like to talk or even think about, but we're all going to die one day. I sincerely hope that day is far off for all of us and the time between now and then is filled with happy memories, but when it does happen your friends and family probably aren't going to think about your Google account and all the personal information you have stored there. It might seem trivial to some, but for others, it's important that this all be given to someone who can take care of it all responsibly.

Google’s data-saving app can now set daily limits

Google’s data-saving app can now set daily limits and show a map of nearby Wi-Fi networks by

Google is updating its data-saving Android app Datally to give you more ways to control how you and others use data on your phone. The app is getting several new features including the ability to set daily data usage limits and a guest mode to control how much data a friend uses when they borrow your phone. Datally was first launched in November to help people in emerging markets with limited data.

Five new features to try in Messages

Five new features to try in Messages by

Over the past few years, we’ve been working on improving the messaging experience on Android—from working with carriers to upgrade their networks to RCS to building new features. With Android Messages, we're creating a messaging experience that's available on multiple devices, lets you share whatever you want to share, and makes it easy to take action on your messages with Google AI.

Google Translate’s Offline Mode Just Got a Lot Better

Google Translate's Offline Mode Just Got a Lot Better by

Google Translate is an app that’s been critical to my success when traveling in other countries. When you don’t speak the language (or don’t speak the language well) somewhere you’re traveling, being able to quickly look something up, or speak into the phone to create a translation you can use to chat with that guy on the street can be a lifesaver. 

Should you switch to Project Fi?

Should you switch to Project Fi? These are the pros and cons by

If you're fed up with being charged through the nose by your mobile carrier, there might be a cheaper solution for you straight from Google. Project Fi, Google's attempt to disrupt the wireless industry with cheaper plans, has been active for a couple of years now. But is it worth the switch? We take a look at the state of Project Fi today to find out.

Sonoff S31 Smart Plug Review: Power Monitoring, Scenes, Triggers, And More

Sonoff S31 Smart Plug Review: Power Monitoring, Scenes, Triggers, And More by

If you’re in the market for a smart plug to smarten up your dumb appliances, track your energy usage, and otherwise monitor and control your appliances, the Sonoff S31 Smart Plug is a phenomenal deal.

Even immersed in the world of tech gadgets and toys as I am, every now and then I have a moment where I’m genuinely surprised…

Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay vs. Google Pay

Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay vs. Google Pay: Which mobile payment system is best? by

Mobile payment systems want you to swap your wallet for a phone or in some cases, a watch.

Rather than carrying around cash and cards, just tap your phone to pay. Currently, the three most established systems are from Apple, Samsungand Google, although some wearables from brands like Garmin and Fitbit also offer their own payment systems.

Extensity – Enabling and Disabling All Your Extensions for Google Chrome

Chrome extension that allows you to enable and disable all of your extensions within Google Chrome. Ideal tool to efficiently manage your Chrome extensions.

Tired of having too many extensions in your toolbar? Try Extensity, the ultimate tool for lightning-fast enabling and disabling all your extensions for Google Chrome. Just enable the extension when you want to use it, and disable when you want to get rid of it for a little while. You can also launch Chrome Apps right from the list.

  • Keep your browser fast – disable extensions that you won't use right away.
  • Keep your toolbar clean
  • An ideal companion for extensions collectors.
  • Turn all extensions off (and back on) with a single click.
  • Quick switch between several extensions groups using the Profiles feature.
  • Keep computers in sync with Chrome Cloud Storage support.

The Best Way to Inherit an IRA

The Best Way to Inherit an IRA by

It's always been hard for people to save and invest, but tough conditions for many Americans have put a rising number of people into an uncomfortable financial situation. One in three Americans are counting on getting an inheritance from parents or grandparents in order to reach or maintain their financial stability, according to a recent report from Merrill Edge surveying a subset of reasonably well-off households. When you look at the college-age generation, that figure jumps to more than 60%.

Make Fake Email Accounts for Website Signups

Make Fake Email Accounts for Website Signups Using the 'Burner Emails' Extension by

Chrome and Firefox: There are plenty of reasons you might not want to give out your real email address when signing up for a site or service. Maybe you’re really big on privacy; or, more likely, you just hate spam, and figure the fewer places that know your real email address, the better.

What is Google Smart Lock, Exactly

What is Google Smart Lock, Exactly? by

Google does this thing where it uses bad names for products. Then it re-uses those names for other products, confusing everyone. Such is the case for Smart Lock, which is technically three different things, depending on whether you’re talking about Android, Chromebooks, or passwords.

Here’s are the three different things that are housed under the Smart Lock name:

This Savings-account Hack Will Give You Almost 20 Times What You’re Earning Now

This Savings-account Hack Will Give You Almost 20 Times What You’re Earning Now by

The world is awash with cash, but you don’t seem to be getting any of it from your bank account.

Banks pay almost nothing for deposits these days — the average savings account gives customers 0.09% a year, according to Bankrate. That means you’d earn $9 a year on an account worth $10,000.

Tablo Dvr Users: These Tips Will Help You Get the Most Out of It

Tablo Dvr Users: These Tips Will Help You Get the Most Out of It by

One of the reasons we appreciate Nuvyyo's Tablo DVRs (including the new Dual Lite model) is that they're easy to set up and use. Tablo isn't the most powerful over-the-air DVR for cord-cutters, but it is the most hassle-free.

While Tablo works just fine out of the box, you can make it even better with some extra settings and hidden tricks. Here are seven not-so-obvious ways to get the most out of your Tablo DVR:

The best over-the-air antennas

The best over-the-air antennas by

Fun fact: Over-the-air television still exists, just like it did 50 years ago. OK, it's way better than it was 50 years ago, with proper audio and video coming in at 1080i resolution. And in the coming years it's only going to get better.

Oh, and by the way, it's free. All you need is some sort of antenna, and a TV tuner.

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