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Settings on Chrome OS in 2022

Settings on Chrome OS in 2022: Everything you need to know – By Jeff Springer XDA Developers
If you recently switched from a Mac or PC to Chrome OS, you’ve probably noticed the setup is a bit different. It’s natural to want a few tips and tricks when migrating to a new operating system and UI. The good news is that Chrome OS is incredibly user friendly and very powerful. Whether you’re a developer or casual user, the customization available is truly impressive. Some of the basics like taking a screenshot or setting up notifications are also a bit different on your Chromebook. In this article we’ll take a look at how to set up the settings on your Chromebook, Chromebox, or tablet running Chrome OS from start to finish.

How to use gestures on a Chromebook

How to use gestures on a Chromebook – By Arif Bacchus XDA Developers
Similar to a great Windows laptop, owning one of the best Chromebooks means you can unlock some extra productivity by using gestures on your trackpad. These gestures can help you save a few clicks with common tasks like opening virtual desks, the overview mode to switch apps, and even moving between webpages. You can even do this on a great ChromeOS tablet, too, depending on your keyboard.

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