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Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Camera Tips and Tricks

10 Best Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Camera Tips and Tricks – By Sumukh Rao
Google’s flagships have generally excelled at cameras and the Pixel 7 series is no different. While the hardware is capable, the one area where Google trumps most other manufacturers is in terms of camera software. The computational photography you get with the Google Pixel 7 series is what makes it one of the best camera phones out there.

How to Move a Table in Google Docs

How to Move a Table in Google Docs – By How-To Geek How-To Geek

Select a table in the document with your mouse, and then click and drag it to move it. You can also right-click the table and Cut it, and then Paste it in the location you want to move it to. Modify the table’s properties to adjust its alignment.
Tables enable you to structure data efficiently in a report, essay, or research paper. However, after you create a table, you may realize you need to move it elsewhere. We’ll show how to move a table in Google Docs.

Your Gmail Account Has Unlimited Addresses

Your Gmail Account Has Unlimited Addresses – By Jake Peterson Lifehacker

One Gmail, one address. That seems right. After all, you have one phone number, and one home address. The same should be true for your email addresses, Gmail included. As it happens, though, your Gmail account has an unlimited number of addresses you can use whenever you want, fooling everyone from Netflix to spammers alike.

How to use split screen on your Chromebook

How to use split screen on your Chromebook – By Zach Traverso Android Police
Phones and computers, including our favorite Chromebooks, can access a number of apps and websites and can use them all at the same time. However, switching back and forth between windows can be tedious and confusing. Google has tried to solve this problem by building multitasking features into Chrome OS. Here’s how to use split screen mode on a Chromebook.

Chromebook security tips

4 Chromebook security tips for data privacy and protection – By Kevin C. Tofel
Chromebook security may sound like an oxymoron to some, but it’s a real thing. This morning I read a great checklist on Michael Horowitz’s “Defensive Computing” site and was thrilled to see a section devoted to Chromebooks. Michael’s entire checklist is a recommended read when you have time, regardless of your device or platform choice. There are so many good suggestions here that I decided to surface some of them, along with a few of my own. Here are four Chromebook security tips for improving your data privacy and protection.

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