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Google Maps gets an on-screen speedometer

Google Maps gets an on-screen speedometer while driving – By Hagop Kavafian,

Just last week, we reported Google was finally rolling out essential Waze features to Maps, including speed limit indication and speed camera alerts. The company appears to be on an improvement spree, as some users are starting to see an option offering to display a speedometer while they drive.

How to Check for Speed Traps, Speed Limits, and Traffic Accidents in Google Maps

How to Check for Speed Traps, Speed Limits, and Traffic Accidents in Google Maps – By Brendan Hesse,

Starting today, Google Maps is expanding its traffic features to more regions. The app will now display the speed limit for roads you’re currently on, as well as the location of various key pieces of traffic information—such as accidents, mobile speed trackers, and traffic cameras—in over 40 countries. 

Google Earth Releases New Feature

Google Earth Releases New Feature That Lets Travelers Virtually Tour National Parks Across the U.S. – By Evie Carrick,

With more national parks than states, most people will never have the time to visit every protected landscape in the U.S. These parks — which range from the geologically stunning Grand Canyon to breathtaking vistas of the Shenandoah Valley — are not usually located near a major airport and take some planning to access.

– How to Turn Any Android Smartphone into a Google Pixel

How to Turn Any Android Smartphone into a Google Pixel – By Brendan Hesse,

Android’s flexibility means manufacturers can build their own versions of the OS to suit their hardware, but there’s an elegance to the stock Android experience found on Google’s devices—one that other Android smartphones can’t match.

Useful features in Google Maps

6 useful features in Google Maps you may not know By Josh Noriega,

I don’t have to sit here and stress the importance of Google Maps. Being that the mobile app has a billion+ users, chances are that you’ve already used it extensively and know how valuable it can be for everyday life. That said, such a long-standing and crucial app from Google has naturally gone through a multitude of development over the years. 

Google Account – Google Basics: Video

Google Basics Part 6 – Google Chrome By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Google Chrome is the glue that holds the whole Google Eco-System together.


Google Basics Part 5: Google Photos – By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Google Photos has become the go-to photo storage and sharing app for many of us, for good reason!

Google Drive – Google Basics Part 4 – By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Google Drive, serves not one but 2 masters: Online storage and file sharing Productivity and collaboration applications

Google Basic Part 3: Google Calendar – By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Google Calendar is one of the most valuable members of Google's ecosystem. It can form the centre of your productivity system!

How to Use Gmail – Google Basics Part 2 By Dottotech, Video

Discover how you can use Gmail like a pro. I'll show you everything you need to do to set up your Gmail account and then share the most important Gmail features.

Google Account – Google Basics – Part 1 – By Dottotech,  VIDEO

Let's go over the Google Basics! In this video, you'll learn how to set up your Google account, what to expect from your Google account and what benefits you get from joining the Google ecosystem.

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How to use Google Maps offline on Android

How to use Google Maps offline on Android By Justin Duino,

Whether you’re going on vacation overseas or just want to be able to navigate around town without draining your data plan, you can download different areas within Google Maps to use while offline. Here’s how.

How to use your Google Maps offline By Contact,

Google Maps is one of the most popular and reliable mapping/navigation services, but it’s not without its faults. One of the main complaints is that it works best with a solid data connection, something we don’t always have outside the city. Thankfully, it’s possible to take Google Maps offline, but this great feature is rendered useless without some proactive procedures.

– Google Maps speed limit feature goes live

Google Maps speed limit feature goes live for some across the United States – By Richard Gao,

If you've never heard of speed limits popping up in Google Maps, we can't blame you. As of July 2017, Maps' speed limit feature was only confirmed to work in two areas: San Francisco, California and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There's been little news since then, but tonight we received three tips from different parts of the US showing that speed limits were live in Maps.

Google Maps begins showing speed trap alerts

Google Maps begins showing speed trap alerts – By Alex Wagner,

Google Maps is gaining another handy new feature.

Support for displaying speed traps has begun rolling out in Google Maps. Screenshots shared by one Android user show icons of speed cameras when exploring the map and when driving. And since you shouldn't be looking at your phone when you're behind the wheel, Google Maps will also give you an audio cue when you're driving and approaching a speed trap.

Google Maps trick can save you tons of time

This Google Maps trick can save you tons of time by

Now take a look at the graph. You can tap different times to see how busy a certain place is at certain times. If you tap the name of the day, there's a drop down menu that lets you switch to see how popular a place is on different times of the week, too.

It will tell you, in real time, how busy a place currently is. For restaurants, it typically says you can expect to wait 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or…

Share Your Location on Google Maps

How to Share Your Location (and See Friends' Remaining Battery Life) on Google Maps by

When you’re traveling with a larger group, you seem to always be receiving or sending a “Where are you guys?!” text, particularly this time of year when music festivals are in full swing. 

Google Maps is a great way to do that sharing, in part because it’s something that everyone probably has on their phone already, and it’s cross-platform, so folks on iPhone and Android devices can keep track of each other in the same place and with the same amount of ease. 

Get Waze and Google Map Offline

How to Get Waze and Google Map Offline to Save Mobile Data by

Technology is gradually replacing traditional GPS device from the market with Smartphone GPS and online map. You don’t need to carry a separate GPS device when you use your Smartphone as GPS device and you can enjoy almost real-time traffic updates on your phone.

Mobile GPS App also provides some other useful information in addition to traffic updates. This includes road hazard warning, accident reports, red light camera notifications, etc. Real-time gas price, store reviews are few of the other features you can get with your Smartphone map apps.

Waze 101: How to Download Routes for Offline Use on Android by

Google's Waze app sets itself apart from other navigation apps with its seamless use of your Android's GPS and internet connections to provide real-time updates on traffic conditions. And if you scratch below the surface, you'll even find an awesome feature within the app that lets you navigate through areas with poor internet connection without a hitch.

Waze now works in standalone Android Auto

Waze now works in standalone Android Auto on your phone by

When Waze finally added support for Android Auto last year, it unfortunately required a proper Auto head unit, a discovery that tainted the good news. That's no longer the case as Waze recently started working in the standalone version of Auto, the one that uses your phone as a display and doesn't necessitate any other additional gear.

If you have both Android Auto and Waze installed on your phone, you can tap on the navigation icon in the Auto menu and you should see both Google Maps and Waze as options…

Set up Android Auto on your phone

How to set up Android Auto on your phone so you'll actually use it by

When Google first announced Android Auto, it was a fairly basic app that let you connect and display a limited amount of information from your phone to your car via a wired connection to an aftermarket in-dash display head unit. Automakers eventually supported the platform as more cars included touch displays in their interface, but unless you're driving a newer model car from 2016 on there's a solid chance the car you're driving isn't equipped to support Android Auto.

Tips – Google Maps and Apple Maps

10 Tips for Making Journeys Faster with Google Maps and Apple Maps by

It’s no exaggeration to say map apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps have transformed the way we get from A to B, replacing paper maps, guesswork, and friendly strangers with the power of our smartphones. But if you’re using these apps in default mode, you may not be getting to your destination as quickly as possible—here are some tips to change that.

How Google Maps Has Moved So Far Ahead

Fascinating Read: How Google Maps Has Moved So Far Ahead of the Competition by

Justin O’Beirne is what you would call a modern cartographer. He has long believed that the future of map making has to be intertwined with technology, and his career has seen him work in Cupertino contributing to Apple's Maps platform. He's also an avid blogger and public speaker and even spoke at Google I/O back in 2011 about styling digital maps for enhanced usability.

Download Areas and Navigate Offline

Download Areas and Navigate Offline by Google Maps Help

If you're going where the Internet is slow, mobile data is expensive, or you can't get online, you can save an area from Google Maps to your phone or tablet and use it when you're offline.

Note: Downloading offline areas isn't available in some regions because of contractual limitations, language support, address formats, or other reasons.


Download an area to use offline

Note: You can store your offline areas on your device or an SD card. If you change the way you store your offline areas, you’ll have to download your offline areas again.

Google Maps Tricks And Hidden Features

8 Cool Google Maps Tricks And Hidden Features (2017) by Beebom – Published on Apr 4, 2017

Google Maps is arguably the best mapping solution in the world and Google regularly updates it with new features like Google Maps Offline. Infact, it packs in so many features that not everyone is aware of. There are a number of hidden features, secrets, and tricks in Google Maps that you should definitely know of. In this video, we show you 8 cool Google Maps Tricks, including features from the Google Maps app and the Google Maps website. 

Google Maps’ Location-sharing Feature

Google Maps' Location-sharing Feature Is One You Might Actually Use by

Google has been busy recently beefing up Maps. Beyond just using it for turn-by-turn directions, you can now use Maps to remember where you parked, find reviews for nearby restaurants and avoid heavily congested areas. Today, the search giant has revealed yet another Maps feature: location-sharing. With just a few taps in the app, you can now share your 

Google Maps tips and tricks

14 Google Maps tips and tricks by CNET

Google Maps is pretty straightforward. Search for a place, get directions and navigate. But if you dig beneath the surface, there are many overlooked and useful features that can help you navigate like a pro.

If you use Google Maps on your phone, a lot has changed recently — especially so over the last few weeks. There are lots of new features that are easy to miss and make navigating a lot more efficient, like these keyboard shortcuts.

Google Maps for Android, Wi-Fi-only Mode

Google Maps for Android gets Wi-Fi-only mode and SD card download option by TechCrunch

Google is making its Maps app more accessible to users in emerging markets with two nifty features for the Android version of the service.

The company today announced a Wi-Fi-only option for the Google Maps app for Android —it began testing the feature last month — and it also added support for SD card data download.

The two features might not seem like a huge introduction, but this is a big deal for people who own a budget smartphone with limited internal storage and have a pre-paid or limited data plan.

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