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Google’s data-saving app can now set daily limits

Google’s data-saving app can now set daily limits and show a map of nearby Wi-Fi networks by

Google is updating its data-saving Android app Datally to give you more ways to control how you and others use data on your phone. The app is getting several new features including the ability to set daily data usage limits and a guest mode to control how much data a friend uses when they borrow your phone. Datally was first launched in November to help people in emerging markets with limited data.

Google Translate’s Offline Mode Just Got a Lot Better

Google Translate's Offline Mode Just Got a Lot Better by

Google Translate is an app that’s been critical to my success when traveling in other countries. When you don’t speak the language (or don’t speak the language well) somewhere you’re traveling, being able to quickly look something up, or speak into the phone to create a translation you can use to chat with that guy on the street can be a lifesaver. 

Should you switch to Project Fi?

Should you switch to Project Fi? These are the pros and cons by

If you're fed up with being charged through the nose by your mobile carrier, there might be a cheaper solution for you straight from Google. Project Fi, Google's attempt to disrupt the wireless industry with cheaper plans, has been active for a couple of years now. But is it worth the switch? We take a look at the state of Project Fi today to find out.

What is Google Smart Lock, Exactly

What is Google Smart Lock, Exactly? by

Google does this thing where it uses bad names for products. Then it re-uses those names for other products, confusing everyone. Such is the case for Smart Lock, which is technically three different things, depending on whether you’re talking about Android, Chromebooks, or passwords.

Here’s are the three different things that are housed under the Smart Lock name:

What do the symbols on my screen mean?

What do the symbols on my screen mean? by

At the top of your phone’s screen you might have seen letters and numbers like G, H+ and 4G. These tell you the speed of internet connection your phone is currently receiving. Don’t confuse them with Wi-Fi though, which you'll normally find in offices, cafes and your home.

Here’s a little summary to get you up to speed.

Google Duo – Share your Android phone’s screen

Google Duo can share your Android phone's screen by

Google Duo has just made it easier to play tech support to friends and family: the video chat app's latest version comes with the ability to share your screen during a call. To access the feature, simply tap on your screen to see the new screensharing icon above the camera-flip one. Tapping the new icon brings up a prompt warning you that Duo will start displaying everything on your screen. If you choose to continue, a red border shows what the person on the other end of the line can see.

* Android Messages – copy two-factor codes

Android Messages now makes it really easy to copy two-factor codes by

Google is rolling out a small but helpful upgrade to Android Messages: the ability to copy two-factor authentication codes with a single tap, right from a notification.

If you use two-factor authentication to secure your accounts, you’re probably used to this process: type in your password, wait for a text messaged code to arrive, memorize…

Datally: mobile data-saving & WiFi app

Datally: mobile data-saving & WiFi app by Google by

Data doesn’t have to be confusing, hard to control, or expensive.

Saving mobile data is easy with Datally, a smart new app by Google. It’s a mobile data manager that will help you monitor, save, and gain control of your data. Through tracking and controlling app data usage, you save more data and get the most out of your phone.

Google I/O 2018 – Duplex: A.I. Assistant

Google just gave a stunning demo of Assistant making an actual phone call by

Onstage at I/O 2018, Google showed off a jaw-dropping new capability of Google Assistant: in the not too distant future, it’s going to make phone calls on your behalf. CEO Sundar Pichai played back a phone call recording that he said was placed by the Assistant to a hair salon. The voice sounded incredibly natural; the person on the other end had no idea they were talking to a digital AI helper. Google Assistant even dropped in a super casual “mmhmmm” early in the conversation.

Best Chromebooks 2018

Best Chromebooks ​2018 by

Chromebooks have come a long way, with solid performance available for a couple hundred bucks. Here are top picks for businesses, schools and families.

Chromebooks have become familiar sights on best-selling laptop lists thanks to their low-prices, long battery life and an internet-focused operating system that's easy-to-use. But don't rush right into buying one; there are plenty of questions to ask first, including whether or not aChromebook is right for you. 

Android Features You Probably Forget to Use

7 Handy but Hidden Android Features You Probably Forget to Use by ComputerWorld

Android is practically overflowing with options, and it's easy to lose track of some useful stuff along the way.

With every new Android version comes a flurry of fresh features. Some of them immediately transform the way we work, while others just quietly fade away without making much noise.

Then there are the features that fall somewhere in between — features that seem useful, maybe pique our interest, but then get lost in the shuffle and forgotten in day-to-day use. Especially when said features are…

Thanks for the suggestion Jay!

Oh, Oreo! 8 things to try when you get Android 8.0

So you've got Android 8.0 on your phone — now what? Take a bite out of Oreo with these tasty must-try features.

Noosfeer – One-click Saving of Any Page

Noosfeer Is a Content Reader and Aggregator.

Using Noosfeer you'll have clean articles and personalized recommendations without annoying ads. They load 10x faster, they use 20x lesst mobile data and you can read them offline on any device.

Each time you stumble upon a page you want to read but don't have the time, add it to your reading list. Stop accumulating 'to-read' tabs and links, have them in one beautiful place.

Browser Plug-ins for

When you find something on the web that you want to read later, put it in Noosfeer. It automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer so you can view it at any time, even without an internet connection and without downloading an app.

Phone and Tablet Apps

Web articles are over saturated. Lots of annoying ads, slow connections and heavy websites hold us back from staying informed. – Noosfeer simplifies your reading. Use Noosfeer to have simplified articles loading faster, consuming less memory and accessible offline. – And keeps you informed. Create a reading list with your favorite topics and articles. Noosfeer provides suggestions, so you can stay up-to-date and expand your knowledge.

Information overload is slowly killing our productivity and our capacity to stay informed.

A reading list is the best tool to read more and be productive. It is like a to-do list filled with the articles you want to read when you have the time (whilst commuting, on the toilet, eating breakfast…).

Carry Around Your Google Account’s Backup Two-Step Verification Codes in Case Your Phone is Stolen

Carry Around Your Google Account's Backup Two-Step Verification Codes in Case Your Phone is Stolen by

Two-step verification is great. However, if you happen to lose your phone and don’t have a few backup codes on you then it can make finding your device on the fly a bit complicated. You can score backup codes whether you use SMS or an Authenticator app for verification (you should really be using an Authenticator app), and carrying

How to Fight Mobile Number Port-out Scams

How to Fight Mobile Number Port-out Scams by

T-Mobile, AT&T and other mobile carriers are reminding customers to take advantage of free services that can block identity thieves from easily “porting” your mobile number out to another provider, which allows crooks to intercept your calls and messages while your phone goes dark. Tips for minimizing the risk of number porting fraud are available below for customers of all four major mobile providers, including…

Android Battery Life Issues

Project Fi Support suggestions to resolve Android phone and tablet battery life issues. 

Most phone and tablet batteries will drain quickly as the device is used more often or more intensively. If you feel your battery is draining too fast, we need to determine if this is due to reasonable usage or due to a faulty battery. Below are some steps and tips that may help identify and resolve the issue.

You can also check out Tips for making your battery last YouTube video.

Step 1: Restart your device.

Restarting your phone will clear temporary files and may resolve any app-related issues.

  1. Hold the Power button until a menu appears prompting you to power down the device.
  2. When the device powers off completely, press and hold the Power button until your device powers on again.

Step 2: Check for system updates for your device.

Downloading and installing system updates for your device can help prevent and resolve issues with your device.

  1. Go to Settings > System > System updates.
  2. If a system update is available, download it.

Step 3: Check for apps updates on the Play Store.

Downloading and installing available app updates will ensure that the app is working as intended, which includes fixes for bugs and issues on previous versions.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Touch the Play Store icon > touch My Apps to view your downloaded apps.
  3. Apps with available updates are labeled "Update." It's recommended that you select Update All, but you can individually choose which apps you want to update.

Step 4: Settings adjustments and other actions.

a) Use the Recent Apps button to close unused apps that may still be running.

  • The Recent Apps button is the third touch button at the bottom of your device that looks like a square.
  • When you touch the Recent Apps button, you can swipe left or right on an app to dismiss it.
  • Some Android users are not aware that apps on the Recent Apps list are running in the background and may be contributing to memory and battery consumption.

b) Temporarily turn off features, not in use.

  • Location services and GPS: Settings > Security & Location > Location and if the location switch is on, tap it to turn it off.
  • Bluetooth: Settings > Connected devices and if the Bluetooth switch is on, tap it to turn it off.

c) Use Airplane mode in low/no coverage areas if you cannot use or don't plan to use data over your mobile network.

  • Settings > Network & Internet and tap the Airplane mode switch to turn it on.
  • Although mobile network connections are disabled in airplane mode, Wi-Fi can be re-enabled: Settings > Network & Internet and tap the Wi-Fi switch to turn it back on.

d) Enable auto brightness.

  • Settings > Display > and tap the Adaptive brightness switch to turn it on.

e) Reduce the delay before the screen goes to sleep. The screen is often the most significant drain on the battery, and this step will reduce drain when the screen is not in use.

  • Settings > Display > Advanced > Sleep > 15 seconds.
    • Nexus devices: Settings > Display > Sleep > 15 seconds.

f) Minimize use of graphics or memory intensive apps when you need to conserve battery. This could include video streaming, gaming, or camera use.

g) If you know you are going to use intensive features more than usual, such as when traveling, plan in advance.

  • Plug in your charge cable while using GPS navigation in your car, if able.
  • Carry around your USB cable and plug into USB ports to charge, if able.
  • Bring a backup battery for your device when taking many photos and videos, if possible.

h) Disable application notifications from apps that are giving you unwanted or too many notifications.

  • Settings > Apps & notifications > App info >  tap the specific app > App notifications > and tap the topmost switch.
  • Touch the Back button (curved arrow toward the bottom left of the screen) and repeat as necessary for other apps.

i) If you're using a tablet and have multiple user profiles, switch to unused profiles and (similar to step a) use the Recent Apps button to close all the apps open on that profile.

  • Alternatively, you can delete unused tablet user profiles: Settings > Users > touch the trash can to the right of the profile you wish to remove. The primary user profile can't be deleted.

If your battery still drains unusually fast after going through all the above basic steps, try these steps below.

Step 5: Use the Battery settings.

  • Visit Manage battery life help article.
  • Check battery level & usage details of your device to determine if any unused features or third-party installed apps are draining the battery quickly.

Step 6: Enable safe mode on your device.

In safe mode, all third-party applications will be disabled. This can help pinpoint issues caused by third-party installed apps. To restart your device in safe mode:

  1. Ensure your device's screen is on, then press & hold the Power button.
  2. Touch & hold the Power off option in the dialog box.
  3. Touch OK in the following dialog to start safe mode.
  4. To exit safe mode, turn your device off and on again.

It's recommended that you try safe mode for a few hours or up to a full day, if able. If your battery continues to drain abnormally quickly, please contact me to discuss further options. 

Hidden Android Settings You Should Know About

24 Hidden Android Settings You Should Know About by

Customize your phone to better suit your needs.

Android phones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but within, they all run the same basic operating system. That Android code includes settings that let you tailor your smartphone to your needs. In this guide, we collected 24 lesser-known customizations for you to toy with.

Google Backup & Sync Desktop Update

Google Backup & Sync for Desktop Gets a Big Update With Ignored File Types, Photo/video-only Sync, and More by

Google completely revamped the desktop Google Drive client this year with the move to Backup & Sync. The initial rollout was a bit of a mess with Google essentially breaking Drive for some people. It eventually worked all that out, and Backup & Sync has been running smoothly since then. There haven't been many feature additions, but there's a big one rolling out now. In the latest version, you have more control over which files are synced, and it's easier to add new folders to Drive.

The latest version of the Backup & Sync client has build number 3.38.7642.3857. Here's what you can expect to see when you update.

The 11 Best Apps For Your Android Phone

The 11 best apps for your new Android phone by The Verge

So you just got a new Android phone. You’ve probably turned it on, logged into a bunch of apps, downloaded your favorites — Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. — and logged into all of them as well. But now it’s time to dive a little bit deeper. If you’re setting up a phone for the first time, here are 11 apps worth downloading that you might have missed.

Wyze Labs WyzeCam hands-on review

Wyze Labs WyzeCam hands-on review by DigitalTrends
For $20, the WyzeCam might be all the home security you need
Founded by ex-Amazon employees in Seattle, Washington, Wyze Labs is the newest player in the smart home market and the WyzeCam is its first product. A feature-rich smart home camera, the WyzeCam’s spec sheet stacks up nicely to other high-end home monitors, offering 1080p video, motion and sound detection, night vision, and two-way audio. But it also comes with 14 days of free cloud storage plus a MicroSD card slot for continuous local recording. It even offers a time-lapse mode.

Mobile Data-saving & WiFi app by Google

Google’s Got a New App to Help You Save Mobile Data by lifehacker

Android: Whether they’re front and center or lurking behind the scenes, nearly every app is taking a nibble (or a huge bite) out of your mobile data. You could comb through your phone’s stats and see which app is using the bulk of your data plan, or you could install Datally, Google’s new data management app. It’s able to see how much data your phone is using to stay connected and alert you to apps that consume more than the amount with which you’re comfortable, granting you the ability to cut their access off with a single tap.

Save more, do more, with mobile data  by Google

Datally: mobile data-saving & WiFi app by Google

Google app description

Data doesn’t have to be confusing, hard to control, or expensive.

Saving mobile data is easy with Datally, a smart new app by Google. It’s a mobile data manager that will help you monitor, save, and gain control of your data. Through tracking and controlling app data usage, you save more data and get the most out of your phone.

Learn about the best ways to gain control of your data usage
● DATA SAVER – Save up to 30% of mobile data* through controlling data usage on an app-by-app. Control and limits data on specific apps while still enjoying the apps you want
● DATA SAVER BUBBLE – Front and center controls allow you to see real-time app data usage, and block an app’s data usage if things get out of control

Easily track your data and understand which apps are using the most.
● DATA USAGE METRICS – Learn more about your data usage, including usage history, trends over time, and per-app usage
● PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS – See usage highlights, prompts to rate Wi-Fi networks, and reminders to turn on your data saver

You can also get more data by finding nearby Wi-Fi to watch more videos, browse more pictures, and download more files.
● WI-FI FINDER – Our Wi-Fi finder helps you discover great Wi-Fi networks nearby with details like distance. Before connecting, you can see how other Datally users have rated the Wi-Fi network, and you can also rate Wi-Fi networks that you’ve connected to


Understanding the Root Cause of Account Takeover

New Research: Understanding the Root Cause of Account Takeover by

Posted by Kurt Thomas, Anti-Abuse Research; Angelika Moscicki, Account Security
Account takeover, or ‘hijacking’, is unfortunately a common problem for users across the web. More than 15% of Internet users have reported experiencing the takeover of an email or social networking account. However, despite its familiarity, there is a dearth of research about the root causes of hijacking.

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