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Hidden Android features & how to use them

7 hidden Android features that will blow your mind. Here's how to use them – By Jason Cipriani

Despite all the differences in hardware and software design among phones such as the OnePlus Nord, Samsung's Galaxy S20 or TCL's new 10 Series phones, the core experience is nearly the same. They're all powered by Android, after all, and have the same features — a few of which are hidden. 

Twilio Authy gets facelift and new name

Twilio Authy gets facelift and new name but is still the authenticator app everybody loves – By Nabeel Saeed

In the five years since acquiring Authy, Twilio has increased its focus on ensuring trust and empowering secure communications between customers and their end users. Meanwhile, Authy continues its mission of providing those end users a secure means of authenticating their identities and actions. Back then, we chose to keep the brands separate, but over the years, as Twilio and Authy converged in their missions, customers and users expressed confusion around the relationship between the two. So, earlier this year we announced that we’re finally going to merge the two brands, renaming the app to Twilio Authy.

What’s in a name?

– > Contactless Payment: Tap to pay

Best contactless credit cards: Tap to pay –  Madison Blancaflor
Contactless credit cards are cards that don’t require you to insert your card chip when you make a purchase. These cards use EMV chip technology (chip security developed for Europay, Mastercard and Visa but now used by many cards) with NFC (near-field communication) for proximity payments. Cards with contactless capabilities can be used like a standard chip credit card or for “tap-and-go” payments similar to Apple Pay and Google Pay purchases.

Apple Pay is easy and works with the Apple devices you use every day.

Google Pay is a fast, simple way to pay contactless​. 
When you pay with your Android phone or Apple iPhone, Google Pay uses an encrypted number instead of your actual card number so your details stay secure. With contactless payments, you can check out faster with the device that's already in your hand.

Best Photo Editors for Android

11 of the Best Photo Editors for Android – By Eric Schoon

Over the past few years, phone cameras have managed to jump from serviceable shooters to flat-out great. They may not be able to match the quality of something like a DSLR camera, but for most people, they’re more than enough. And, while plenty of stuff already goes on behind the scenes of your phone’s camera to increase image quality, even the best photos can use some touching up—and that is where photo editors come in.

Things your Android phone can do that make iPhone users jealous

7 things your Android phone can do that make iPhone users jealous – By Jason Cipriani

The never-ending debate between Android and iOS owners regarding which platform is better feels like it will never be truly settled. Both sides have their share of valid talking points, ranging from security and encryption for iPhone users to customization and Google Assistant prowess on the Android side. 

How to Protect Yourself From SIM-Swapping Attacks

How to Protect Yourself From SIM-Swapping Attacks – By Matthew Hughes

You think you’re making all the right moves. You’re smart with your security. You have two-factor authentication enabled on all your accounts. But hackers have a way to bypass that: SIM swaping.

How to Prevent and Respond to a SIM Swap Scam – By

When ZDNet’s Matthew Miller got hit with a SIM swap attack, he described it as a “horror story” that caused him to lose “decades of data.” And he’s not being hyperbolic; more than a week later, he’s still dealing with the aftereffects, and there’s no guarantee from some of the major tech players—including Twitter and Google—that he’ll ever be able to regain access to that which his attackers messed up.

Best weather widgets available on Android in 2020

12 of the best weather widgets available on Android in 2020 – By Matthew Sholtz

Over the years, I've used my fair share of weather apps in the search for the best weather widgets out there, and while trends are always changing, many of the staples in the weather app industry have stayed the same. Luckily, there are still more than a few apps out there I've yet to explore, and so I've rounded up all of my favorites, young and old, and I've listed them by order of price in order to share with AP's readership the best weather widgets currently available on Android in 2020.

31 Little-Known Settings on Your Phone and Laptop You Should Know About

31 Little-Known Settings on Your Phone and Laptop You Should Know About – By

You’d have to be really, really bored to devote some time to scrolling through all the settings on your phone or laptop—so the devices you rely on every day may well offer a selection of options and features that you’re completely unaware of. Here’s a rundown of 31 of the best lesser-known settings that you might find useful.

Avoid Missed Calls With Google’s New ‘Ring Gradually’ Feature For Pixel

Avoid Missed Calls With Google's New 'Ring Gradually' Feature For Pixel – By David Murphy

In a perfect world, I’d leave my phone on vibrate all the time. Nothing against my fun ringtone; I just find it more pleasant to feel a buzz when someone is calling than get blasted with some song. Thanks to a new update from Google, however, I can have both—on my Pixel, at least.

Before You Buy a Flagship Phone, Here’s What You Can Get for Half the Price

Before You Buy a Flagship Phone, Here’s What You Can Get for Half the Price -By Andrew Heinzman

Nobody wants to spend their money on a crappy phone. But to be honest, brand new $1,000 flagship devices are overkill for many people. Phones that cost between $200 and $600 often sport the premium features that actually matter, like fast charging, high-quality displays, long battery life, and powerful cameras.

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