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How to Connect a Wireless Mouse to Your Computer

How to Connect a Wireless Mouse to Your Computer – By Jordan Gloor How-To Geek
If your wireless mouse has come with a dongle, plug it into your computer and the mouse will start working. If yours is a Bluetooth mouse, make it discoverable by pressing the pair button on it. Then, open your machine’s Bluetooth settings and select your mouse on the list of available devices.
Connecting a wireless mouse to your Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac, Chromebook, or Ubuntu computer is as easy as plugging in the mouse dongle or following the Bluetooth pairing process.

Google Docs keyboard shortcuts

40 Google Docs keyboard shortcuts that can save you hours of time – By Jon Gilbert Android Police
Google Docs, available through Google Chrome, is packed with handy tools like templates and extensions to improve your workflow, but the easiest way to boost productivity is through keyboard shortcuts. There are over a hundred shortcuts available that can do everything from everyday actions like bolding text to infrequent actions like toggling a checkbox. Many are universal across text editors like Microsoft Word, but some are specific to Google.

Edit videos on Chromebooks

You can now professionally edit videos on Chromebooks as LumaFusion exits beta on ChromeOS – By Arif Bacchus XDA Developers
It’s a big day for anyone who is using a Chromebook for creative tasks like professional video editing, as LumaFusion has finally exited beta on ChromeOS. The $30 Android app is now generally available for download on the Google Play Store on ChromeOS and is one of the most sophisticated video editors for Chromebooks to ever be released.

Bitwarden security fundamentals and multifactor encryption

Bitwarden security fundamentals and multifactor encryption –
The password you use to log into your Bitwarden account plays a central role in protecting your vault by enabling encryption and decryption. In a recent video, Tom Lawrence of Lawrence Technology Services discussed the importance of “high entropy master passwords.” In plain language, this means a master password with an uncommon combination of characters and words that are long and complex.

Manage multiple Google accounts in your browser

How to manage multiple Google accounts in your browser – By David Nield The Verge
Many of us have more than one Google account, whether it’s for work, a side hustle, or simply a backup email address — and with modern browsers now keen to manage all of our logins for us, navigating sites such as Gmail and Google Docs with multiple accounts can get complicated.

Pepper for your password

Pepper for your password –
Not all password manager entries are created equal. I have entries in my vault that are for LAN-based services (such as Portainer, Invoiceplane, Antsle, and more) that really do not require that much security. Why? Because they are on my LAN and only accessible from within my network. I have other entries that do require considerably more care, such as bank accounts, credit cards, and more.

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