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How to Sync Wi-Fi Passwords between Chromebooks and Android

How to Sync Wi-Fi Passwords between Chromebooks and Android – By Joe Fedewa How-To Geek

The idea is simple: If you sign in to a Wi-Fi network on your Android phone, your Chromebook will automatically know the password as well. This works in the other direction, too. The devices share Wi-Fi credentials as long as you’re using both with the same Google account.

How to use the new Chrome OS tab manager

How to use the new Chrome OS tab manager – By Jack Wallen TechRepublic

Google is all about making Chrome OS as efficient and user-friendly as possible. To date, one thing they’ve been really hit and miss on is tab management. Yes, there are plenty of tab manager add-ons you can get from the Chrome Web Store, but many of them either offer too many features or don’t work as expected. Missing is that user-pleasing middle ground that holds only the features necessary for making the management of too many tabs a feat of simplicity. Don’t get me wrong, Google has attempted various iterations of tab management, but have failed miserably.

That ends now, as Google has finally delivered on that promised tab nirvana.

How to share a Chromebook by using multiple users accounts

How to share a Chromebook by using multiple users accounts – By Kevin C. Tofel
A few days ago, a reader reached out to me with a method to switch between two Chromebooks in the same household. He suggested using a Powerwash, which essentially resets a Chrome OS device to factory settings. Sure that would work if you wanted to, for example, switch two Chromebooks between two family members. But it’s not necessary: You can just sign on on the swapped devices and go. That made me realize not everyone knows how to share a Chromebook by using multiple user accounts.

– Use a Chromebook with an iPhone

Can you happily use a Chromebook and an iPhone? Yup. – By Kevin C. Tofel
When I’m out and about with my Pixelbook, I often carry an iPhone X. Sure, I use Android too: I have about a dozen Android phones from the past few years to choose from and I swap my SIM around regularly. But when I have both the Google laptop and Apple’s handset, people often come up to me and ask: “How can you use an iPhone with a Chromebook?”

Chrome OS 89: All The Best New Features

Chrome OS 89: All The Best New Features – By Chrome Unboxed YouTube  VIDEO

From screen recording to media controls to the Phone Hub, Chrome OS 89 feels like a culmination of many months of additions, testing, and work to make Chromebooks far more capable and easy to use. For this post, we simply wanted to put all these features to the test and show them to you on video. We know sometimes these announcements happen and really great features are simply forgotten and underutilized. Seeing them on screen, we hope you find a heightened interest and go try each of these new additions for yourself on your own Chromebook.

How to Use the Chrome OS Phone Hub with Your Android Handset – By Joe Fedewa How-To Geek
A smartphone and a laptop—many of us have these two gadgets in our lives. If they happen to be an Android phone and a Chromebook, the Phone Hub feature makes them work together. We’ll show you how it works.

How to Screen Record on Your Chromebook – By Joe Fedewa How-To Geek

Recording your smartphone or computer’s screen can be useful, but sometimes you have to download third-party apps to do it. Fortunately, Chromebooks have a built-in tool that makes it easy to create screen recordings with no extra software required.

How to Set Up Chrome OS 89’s Best New Features – By Lifehacker
Chrome OS 89 is rolling out now, adding tons of features for Chromebooks and tablets that run on Google’s operating system. You’ll probably notice the pretty new app icons first of all, but there’s a lot more new stuff hiding beneath the surface.

How to remotely control a Chromebook

How to remotely control a Chromebook from another computer – By Kevin C. Tofel
Chromebooks have long supported remote desktop access to other computers. You just install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension, follow the directions and you’re off. But a common question I get, mainly for troubleshooting reasons is: How can I remotely control a Chromebook from another computer?

Should you buy a Chromebook?

Should you buy a Chromebook? Everything you need to know – By Manuel Vonau Android Police

With more and more people buying laptops to work or learn from home, a lot of folks are probably looking into the prospect of switching to a lighter, cheaper Chromebook instead of a traditional Windows or Mac laptop.

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