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Pixel 4a Review:

Pixel 4a Review: Superb smartphone on a budget, and a formula Google should remember by Ben Schoon

Google’s long-awaited Pixel 4a starts landing in the hands of customers next week, and by now, you’ve probably heard the narrative. This is all the phone anyone needs, and it has the best camera. Beyond that, though, Pixel 4a has a larger job. With Google’s smartphone lineup flailing at the high end, this mid-ranger can teach the company a thing or two.

Pixel 4a Review: Google’s Best Phone Yet, at Any Price – By Michael Crider

A year ago, our editor Cam declared “I love you, little plastic phone” to the Pixel 3a. It took all the good parts of Google’s Pixel flagships, filtered out the bad (the awful screen notch, battery life, and price), chopped off whatever wasn’t necessary, and became a budget sensation. The Pixel 4a is that, for the Pixel 4 … only more so.

Pixel owner set up the Personal Safety app

Every Pixel owner needs to set up the Personal Safety app — it could save your life – By Andrew Martonik

Google's Personal Safety app didn't make any headlines when it was launched. But with its recent expansion to all Pixel phones, and the latest focus on personal health and safety in our society, it's worth reminding every Pixel owner that they should get familiar with this app.

Google Fi’s holiday gift for all subscribers is a free Nest Mini

Google Fi's holiday gift for all subscribers is a free Nest Mini – By Abner Li

The early days of Google Fi were littered with MVNO subscribers getting great branded swag from the annual holiday gift. That diminished as the cellular service grew, but Fi customers this year are getting a free Nest Mini.

There is a “Get your free Nest Mini” card at the top of the Google Fi companion app for Android and iOS this evening:

Pixel 4 tips and tricks:

Pixel 4 tips and tricks: Get the most out of your Made by Google phone [Video] – By Damien Wilde

Hopefully, you’re enjoying your brand-new Pixel 4 or 4 XL, had one for a little while, or are thinking that you might get one soon. For that reason we’ve compiled a few of our best tips and tricks for any potential Pixel 4 users out there.

Top 30 Unknown / Hidden Google Pixel 4 XL Features! – By Techisode TV

Here are the top 30 unknown and hidden features for the Google Pixel 4 XL! Some of these are just not commonly known, while others are legitimately hidden. If you're aware of any hidden Pixel 4 features that I missed, let me know in the comments below!

Google Pixel 3a XL Review

The Google Pixel 3a XL Review: Does Mid-Range Make Sense? – By Andrei Frumusanuanandtech.com32 min
It’s nearing 8 months since Google released the Pixel 3 and we extensively reviewed the phone. It also has been several years now since Google abandoned the Nexus line of devices; one of the most attractive aspects during the early days of Google’s own phones was their incredible value proposition and very competitive pricing. 

6 Pixel 3a Features That May Sway You From Buying a Thousand-dollar Flagship

6 Pixel 3a features that may sway you from buying a thousand-dollar flagship – By Michael Simon,

At long leak, the Pixel 3a has arrived. At Tuesday’s Google I/O Developer’s Conference, Google took the wraps off its newest handsets, and lo and behold they look at whole lot like the Pixels that came before. Except they’re very different.  A mid-cycle release with a far lower price tag than the Pixel 3 or any of its flagship peers, the $399 Pixel 3a and $479 3a XL don’t have frosted glass or wireless charging, or even a dual selfie cam. Sure, they have a new color and a headphone jack, but they’re very much in the vein of a mid-tier Android phone, with specs and features to match:

– How to Turn Any Android Smartphone into a Google Pixel

How to Turn Any Android Smartphone into a Google Pixel – By Brendan Hesse,

Android’s flexibility means manufacturers can build their own versions of the OS to suit their hardware, but there’s an elegance to the stock Android experience found on Google’s devices—one that other Android smartphones can’t match.

Google rolling out on-device, real-time Gboard speech transcription for Pixel phones

Google rolling out on-device, real-time Gboard speech transcription for Pixel phones By Abner Li,

For the past several releases, Gboard for Android has been working on “faster voice typing” that works offline. Google is today making it officialon Pixel phones, and details the “end-to-end, all-neural, on-device speech recognizer” it created.

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