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How to create custom fields for Bitwarden vault entries

How to create custom fields for Bitwarden vault entries –
Most often, you’ll find the default options for Bitwarden vault entries to be plenty. Out of the box, you get Name, Username, Password, Authenticator Key, URL, Folder, Favorite, Master password re-prompt (if enabled), notes, and ownership. With those options, you should be able to create all the vault entries you need.

Filling in digit-specific passwords

Filling in digit-specific passwords –
So you’ve tried to log into your bank account and are suddenly prompted to enter the 3rd, 8th, 10th and 13th characters of your password—let’s talk about that. Some institutions have come up with a rather interesting way of protecting user accounts. The method in question requires users to type only certain characters from their password. Say, for instance, your password is [email protected]$. If you were to lay that out in numerical order, it would look something like this:

Protect your Android phone and Google Account

Protect your Android phone and Google Account: How to set a secure PIN, password, and biometric login – By Andrew Romero 9to5Google

Thinking about how many passwords, logins, and sensitive bits of data sit on your phone can be a little frightening. So how do you protect all of that information? This guide will take you through setting a safer PIN and password, as well as having face and fingerprint unlock set in your Android device for extra security.

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