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Portable Backup Generator

Portable Backup Generator by Glenn Musser STG

I wanted a generator that would permit powering important circuits in our home during a power outage. I wanted a generator that was quiet, produced clean power, is fuel-efficient, portable, and easy to use. These requirements point to the inverter type generator, they are quiet, efficient, and portable. I opted for the WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt RV-Ready Portable Inverter Generator. It has enough power to operate our furnace (not AC), refrigerator, freezer, internet, TV, garage door, and necessary lights. All running in economy mode at less than 50% output. Only when using our microwave does the load jump to about 90% of the full load power capacity.

Here are the things I used to make connecting during a power outage safe and easy.


Hookup Accessories

General Items

My Backup Power Changeover Procedure Document
During a power outage follow these steps to bring the backup generator online:

Wyze Smart Home Starter Bundle

The Wyze Smart Home Starter Bundle slashed to just $50 (save $30) – By Rick Broida

Wyze makes some amazing low-cost smart home gear, including a $20 security camera that’s a Cheapskate and CNET favorite. Deals are rare, unsurprisingly, because this stuff is already selling at razor-thin margins. That’s what makes this an unexpected and welcome surprise: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Home Depot has the Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack for $50. That’s $50 off the original price, about $40 less than buying everything separately and the lowest price I’ve seen. (Just a few weeks ago it was marked down to $69.)

T-Mobile’s $50 Home Internet Program Expands to 130 More Cities

T-Mobile’s $50 Home Internet Program Expands to 130 More Cities – By Andrew Heinzman
T-Mobile’s Home Internet program is a lifeline for people living in rural America. At just $50 a month, the LTE-based service is an affordable alternative to cable internet or DSL, with no data caps, service fees, or contracts. Now, T-Mobile is expanding its Home Internet service to an extra 130 cities and towns across the US.

Chromecast with Google TV

Review: Chromecast with Google TV boosts your streaming options – By David Nield
Google has released a new Chromecast that is also really its first proper Android TV media streaming device – though at the same time Android TV has been rebranded as Google TV. Despite these potentially confusing developments, the new Chromecast with Google TV is a really well made piece of hardware that is really simple to use.

OLED vs. QLED, and More: Which TV Should You Buy?

OLED vs. QLED, and More: Which TV Should You Buy? – By Tim Brookes

Want a new TV, but confused by the barrage of acronyms and jargon manufacturers love? One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want a traditional light-emitting diode (LED) model, or a set that features the newer organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology.

Everything you want to know about Google Home

Everything you want to know about Google Home – By GE

Welcome to CNET’s guide to the Google Home smart speaker and Google’s growing lineup of smart home gadgets. Perhaps you’re wondering if you need a smart speaker like the Google Nest Mini, a smart display like the Nest Hub, both or neither. Do you want one with Google Assistant or with Amazon’s competitive voice assistant, Alexa? Should you buy one now or wait until Google’s next mysterious speaker launches?

Pulse oximeters for COVID-19

Pulse oximeters for COVID-19: What oxygen saturation levels can tell you about SARS-CoV-2 infection – By Pragnya Rao

The number of new coronavirus cases in India continues to rise by the day, and the healthcare system is overburdened with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic — not just for those infected, but also for the management of various non-COVID conditions and emergencies. Doctors are not only devoting time to the frontline but also are being available online in order to tend to patients. So it must be our duty at this critical time to stay informed and safe at home – do our but to help flatten the curve.

Android Sound Amplifier now works w/ Bluetooth headphones">> Android Sound Amplifier now works w/ Bluetooth headphones

Android Sound Amplifier now works w/ Bluetooth headphones – By Ben Schoon

In early 2019, Google introduced a powerful new accessibility tool for Android devices with Sound Amplifier. Now, over a year later, Google is finally giving Android users the ability to use Sound Amplifier with a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Stop shouting at Google Home

Stop shouting at Google Home. Adjust this setting instead – By Dale Smith

Has Google Home ever left you hanging? Like, you summon Google Assistant ("Hey," or "OK, Google") then wait. And wait. But all you get is a big fat nothing out of your Google Home? If it has, you can quit shouting about it now, because Google released a fix that also solves the opposite problem — when your Google Home in the other room perks up every time you say something that sounds even remotely like its wake words, aka "toaster strudel." 

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