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What Is Signal

What Is Signal, and Why Is Everyone Using It?  – By Chris Hoffman
Signal is a secure encrypted messaging app. Think of it as a more private alternative to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, iMessage, and SMS. Here’s why you should seriously consider switching to Signal.

Signal vs. Telegram: Which Is the Best Chat App? – By Chris Hoffman
At the start of 2021, Signal and Telegram are on top of the app store charts. Both chat apps promise more privacy than WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. But there are some big differences between the two. Here’s what you should know—and which you should use.

How To Setup A New Chromebook

How To Setup A New Chromebook and Adjust Settings! – By Nessie Ruiz  VIDEO

This tutorial will walk you through setting up your new Chromebook for the first time. We will go through all of the set up options including picking your wifi network, signing in to your Chromebook with your gmail address, picking your Chrome sync settings, and setting up the other options.

Mint is getting new features

Mint is getting new features for tracking subscriptions and managing transactions – By Ian Carlos Campbell

Mint, the free personal finance app from Intuit, is receiving an update today, adding more automated features like subscription tracking and new “insights” to keep you informed where your money is spent, Fast Company reports. Mint’s new features may bring it more in line with the competition from banks and companies like Google that have been nipping at its heels with built-in budget tracking features and other services over the years.

Your Password Manager Can Do More Than Just Store Passwords

Your Password Manager Can Do More Than Just Store Passwords – By Suzanne Humphries
It’s common sense that everyone should be using a good password manager (we hope, at least). It’s also worth noting that password managers have tons of other amazing features that you might not be using. These features are both convenient and security-centric, and they can help you stay safe online and get the most out of your password manager.

All the OK Google commands

All the OK Google commands and How to use them – By Arol Wright

Google Assistant is a very powerful tool we should all learn to wield properly. Even if you’re not deeply invested in the Google ecosystem, it’s still a nice tool to have, as it’s one of the most flexible and capable voice assistants, not just for Android, but for any device in general. Nowadays, it’s integrated into phones, TVs, tablets, and smart home devices, and smart displays, and even trigger it from wired earphones!.

How To Use the New Chromecast Remote to Control Your TV

How To Use the New Chromecast Remote to Control Your TV – By Chrome Unboxed   VIDEO

For a variety of reasons, if you picked up a new Chromecast with Google TV you may have skipped out on setting up the TV controls during your initial out of box experience.

Master Split-Screen Mode on Your Chromebook

How To Master Split-Screen Mode on Your Chromebook – By Chrome Unboxed VIDEO

Over the course of the time Chromebooks have been available, they have become very adept at window management. From a useful overview mode to virtual desks to easy window snapping, Chrome OS has quite a few tricks up its sleeve to help you be productive with more than one window at once.

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