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How to share a Chromebook by using multiple users accounts

How to share a Chromebook by using multiple users accounts – By Kevin C. Tofel
A few days ago, a reader reached out to me with a method to switch between two Chromebooks in the same household. He suggested using a Powerwash, which essentially resets a Chrome OS device to factory settings. Sure that would work if you wanted to, for example, switch two Chromebooks between two family members. But it’s not necessary: You can just sign on on the swapped devices and go. That made me realize not everyone knows how to share a Chromebook by using multiple user accounts.

A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16

It’s time to stop using services that force you to use SMS-based two-factor authentication | By Jerry Hildenbrand Android Central

You should be using two-factor authentication on every single online account you have. It doesn’t matter how rich or how famous you are (though the rich and famous should probably do even more to secure their identities) because everyone has something of value hidden in their online accounts. Companies like Google and Facebook offer everything for free because our online data is so valuable.

A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16 – By Joseph Cox VICE

A gaping flaw in SMS lets hackers take over phone numbers in minutes by simply paying a company to reroute text messages.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Web Browser’s Password Manager

Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Web Browser’s Password Manager – By Chris Hoffman How-To Geek
We recommend using a password manager like 1Password, LastPass, or Bitwarden. But modern web browsers have built-in password managers, so why install a different one? There are many good reasons to avoid your web browser’s built-in tool.

Browser Password Managers: Threat Models – By
All major browsers have a built-in password manager. So we should use them, right?

Use Google Search’s Spell Check Everywhere on Chrome

How to Use Google Search’s Spell Check Everywhere on Chrome – By Shubham Agarwal How-To Geek
We’ve all been there: looking up a word on Google just to find out how it’s spelled. No matter the typos, Google usually knows what you want to type. Thankfully, Google allows you to use its spell-check feature everywhere in the Chrome web browser.

Mastering your password manager

Mastering your password manager: 5 must-know tips – By

If you aren’t using a password manager yet, you really need to start, because protecting online accounts has never been more important. To take just one example, a personal email account now contains years of not only correspondence, but also purchase histories, travel plans, and links to other key accounts, including credit cards and banks.

– Use a Chromebook with an iPhone

Can you happily use a Chromebook and an iPhone? Yup. – By Kevin C. Tofel
When I’m out and about with my Pixelbook, I often carry an iPhone X. Sure, I use Android too: I have about a dozen Android phones from the past few years to choose from and I swap my SIM around regularly. But when I have both the Google laptop and Apple’s handset, people often come up to me and ask: “How can you use an iPhone with a Chromebook?”

How to Back Up All of Your Google Data

How to Back Up All of Your Google Data – By Lifehacker
It’s more than likely you’ll live happily with your Google account until such time as Jeeves comes back from the dead to reassert dominance in the search market (forever, in other words). However, I’ve encountered a few weird instances lately of Google deleting users’ accounts without rhyme or reason, leaving them unable to access what they’d stored on Google’s services (a lot) and with no real resources to get it back.

LastPass Tips

LastPass Tips – by
Increase your productivity and security with these LastPass tips and tricks.
LastPass will increase your password security, but it can be a daunting task adding and updating all of your passwords. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how I use LastPass to reduce the time spent on admin.

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