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Backup of All Gmail Emails to Your Computer

How to Save a Backup of All Gmail Emails to Your Computer – By
Do you use Gmail as your preferred email service? If so, do you want to save a copy of all the emails you have received and sent over Gmail up until this date, locally to your computer, device, or hard drive? Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to save a backup of all your emails from Gmail, and you can do this from any device, whether it’s a Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android.

The difference between GPay and Google Pay

The difference between GPay and Google Pay – Which one should you use? – By Andrew Romero 9to5Google

Google’s product naming and marketing have sometimes lacked efficiency, leaving customers confused as to what product or app they’re actually using. One prime example is Google Pay – er – GPay. This guide will explain the difference between the two and which one you should start using.

40% off one year of LastPass Premium

Improve your account passwords with 40% off one year of LastPass Premium – By Max McHone CNET

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, more of our lives than ever before are taking place in the digital world. And because of that, it’s never been more important to ensure that your online information remains secure. One of the best ways to keep your data safe is with a a password manager, and right now, you can get one of our favorites of the year on less. StackSocial is offering a year subscription to LastPass Premium for just $25, down $11 from the usual price.

Best Password Managers to Choose From

7 of the Best Password Managers to Choose From Before Lockwise Shuts Down – By Khamosh Pathak Lifehacker

Firefox is shutting down its Lockwise password manager service. The passwords you save in the Firefox app on desktop and mobile will still be available, and they’ll still be synced across all your devices; Mozilla is effectively rolling Lockwise’s features into Firefox and removing the iOS and Android app from the equation.

The best cord-cutting comparison site

The best cord-cutting comparison site – By Jason Snell

If you’re thinking of cutting the cord—or if you’re on one over-the-top TV service and considering alternatives—I highly recommend Suppose, which will let you list all the channels that matter to you, and will then present the over-the-top services that match your priorities.

Suppose compares billions of combinations of TV services and finds the best for you.

What Is Satellite Internet?

What Is Satellite Internet? – By Fergus O’Sullivan How-To Geek
Satellite internet is known for being slow and expensive. Traditionally, it was used by people in remote rural areas and at sea. Let’s take a look at the problems associated with satellite internet—as well as how several players, like Elon Musk’s Starlink, are working on solving its problems.

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