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The Big 6 Streaming Video Services

The Big 6 Streaming Video Services—What Does Each One Offer? – By Suzanne Humphries
You’ve likely heard of “the big six” streaming service—Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, and Prime Video—but what does each one really offer? It’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of paying for multiple services, so let’s take a closer look at each one so you can easily pick which ones work best for you.

Mint is getting new features

Mint is getting new features for tracking subscriptions and managing transactions – By Ian Carlos Campbell

Mint, the free personal finance app from Intuit, is receiving an update today, adding more automated features like subscription tracking and new “insights” to keep you informed where your money is spent, Fast Company reports. Mint’s new features may bring it more in line with the competition from banks and companies like Google that have been nipping at its heels with built-in budget tracking features and other services over the years.

Useful Websites You Should Be Using Right Now!

7 Useful Websites You Should Be Using Right Now! – By Simpletivity  VIDEO

Sometimes you just need a website for a specific task. No signup, no download or payment, just get what you need so you can get on with your workday. In this video, Scott Friesen shows you 7 websites that will help you save time (and money) so you can get more done and enjoy less stress.

Google Photos Storage Is Changing

Google Photos Storage Is Changing. Here Are Your Best Options – By Whitson Gordon

Google Photos has long offered one of the best deals in cloud storage, allowing you to upload unlimited photos for free—as long as you were willing to sacrifice a little image quality. But Google recently announced that it’s removing its free tier, meaning you’ll have to pay to keep using Google Photos beyond that initial 15 GB. If you’ve stuck with it for the past five years for its low cost, you may be wondering what the next best service is.

Google Photos is ending free unlimited storage in 2021

Google Photos is ending free unlimited storage in 2021 — so what are your options? – By Ivan Mehta

Google did it again. It is shutting down one of the most popular features across its product universe: Google Photo’s free unlimited storage. The company said that it’s ending this service from June 1, 2021.

An update to storage policies across your Google Account – Jose Pastor Google Workspace

Over the past decade, Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos have helped billions of people securely store and manage their emails, documents, photos, videos and more. Today, people are uploading more content than ever before—in fact, more than 4.3 million GB are added across Gmail, Drive and Photos every day.

How to export your Google Photos library – By Ben Schoon9to5google.com3 min

Google Photos has been one of the best photo services for years thanks to its free, unlimited storage. That’s ending in June of 2021, though. If you want to switch from Google Photos to another service, here’s how to export your library of pictures and videos.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides will count towards storage limits, new auto-delete policies announced – By Abner Li

In addition to Photos ending unlimited free backup, Google is making a change to how Docs, Sheets, Slides and other similar files are stored. The company also announced new auto-delete polices.

T-Mobile’s $50 Home Internet Program Expands to 130 More Cities

T-Mobile’s $50 Home Internet Program Expands to 130 More Cities – By Andrew Heinzman
T-Mobile’s Home Internet program is a lifeline for people living in rural America. At just $50 a month, the LTE-based service is an affordable alternative to cable internet or DSL, with no data caps, service fees, or contracts. Now, T-Mobile is expanding its Home Internet service to an extra 130 cities and towns across the US.

How to Tell If You’re Buying From a Third-Party Seller on Amazon

How to Tell If You’re Buying From a Third-Party Seller on Amazon – By Third-Party

When you shop on Amazon, it’s important to remember the company also acts as a middleman for independent, third-party businesses. Most of these are trustworthy, but some sell counterfeit goods and items that aren’t as described. It’s important to know where a product is coming from before you click that Buy button.

– LastPass adds new Security Dashboard

LastPass adds new ‘Security Dashboard’ and dark web monitoring features for passwords – By Abhay Venkatesh

Password manager LastPass has today announced that it is bringing a new ‘Security Dashboard’ to let users manage the security and integrity of their passwords and accounts better. The feature is available for all users of the service. However, a more extensive dark web monitoring option is limited to Premium, Families, and business users.