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May 9, 2022, at 1 and 7 PM | Join Online Meeting > United States Post Office – USPS | Consider creating an account on; they have many services, including printing your package shipping labels with postage, getting notification of mail to be delivered, hold mail during vacations, and changing address. | A Fax cover page plus three pages free, you can send two free fax messages per day maximum.
How to copy and paste on Chromebooks – By Edgar Cervantes Android Authority

Q: Have been using Last Pass without 2FA for 6 weeks. Have a bunch of?
1. Please go thru LastPass (LP) Account Settings (general & advanced) checklist.
2. Go through details of Multifactor Options and set up 2FA.
3. If use LastPass on the phone that you use for your 2FA code how is that a 2-factor method? A: 2FA code is generated in Authy app
4. If you use the grid once must you generate another grid? A: The grid is valid until you generate a new one.
5. How do I claim my desktop as a trusted device?
6. In setting up LastPass what should I do to prep for buying a new device…either a phone or computer? A: Nothing special just login to LastPass on any device you use.
7. To use LastPass Authenticator App on my phone must I first add LastPass App to my phone as well? A: Use Authy
8. One of the video notes I should back up the authenticator app into LastPass in case I change phones and then I can export the info. I don’t understand that…Explain!  Stew Renn

1. LastPass Tutorial by Daragh Walsh you suggested in-class notes is complete for all aspects of LastPass but does not discuss or even mention the “grid” (get out of jail card). Seems like a major omission!
A: If the tutorial didn’t get into 2FA the grid is not an issue.
2. In LastPass Authenticator Help it says the phone # used to backup the authenticator is not the same as in the General Tab of LP Account Recovery. Help with this confusion please!  Stew Renn
A: LastPass recovery is set in Vault > Account Settings > General > in the SMS Account Recovery area.

Q: I see my brother texted me a download, I called him and he said he didn’t send them to me.
I deleted them, I never opened them. But how did someone send me a download from my brother’s number via his text? Is my phone compromised?  Mark Bainbridge
A: It is easy for a crook to spoof phone numbers. My guess is your brother’s email is compromised the bad guy used his contacts to send messages to people in his address book

Q: What do you think of this FIDO proposal? How would users transition LastPass entries to this FIDO procedure?
Your Phone May Soon Replace Many of Your Passwords      Jay Beckerman
A: Note this quote from the article: “But experts said it will likely take several more years for smaller web destinations to adopt the technology and ditch passwords altogether.
Google, Apple, and Microsoft are working together to deploy passwordless sign-in – ByAndroid Authority
Glenn: As sites adopt the passwordless standards we will be able to stop using the less secure password login in favor of the passwordless option.

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