Getting Comfortable With The Basics

LastPass Free Password Manager

Stop using the same password for all sites – Now you can finally use long, complex, different passwords for each site and no longer need to worry about forgetting them.

You can stop storing passwords in the browser's password manager – Browser password managers are not only non-portable across computers, but it is also a major security risk.

LastPass says it's!   

  • EASIER Never forget a password again and log into your sites with a single mouse click
  • SAFER Protect yourself against phishing scams, online fraud, and malware.
  • FREE No catches or gimmicks. It's free to use on all your computers!
  • EVERYWHERE Automatically synchronizes your data: access it from anywhere at anytime.
  • SECURE All of your data is encrypted locally on your PC – only YOU can unlock it.
  • MULTI-PLATFORM Using a Mac, Windows, or Linux?
    LastPass works everywhere.

The Last Password You'll Have to Remember!
LastPass brings all of your usernames and passwords together in one secure place, allows you to autologin to your favorite sites, makes shipping and billing forms a breeze to fill out and helps you manage your digital life. 

Create Your Account for free!  – You can also subscribe to LastPass Premium for only $24 a year!


  • One master password
  • Cross-browser synchronization
  • Secure password generation
  • Password encryption
  • Form filler
  • Importing and exporting passwords
  • Portable access
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Fingerprint verification
  • Cross-platform availability (and mobile versions for premium)
  • Mobile access available

Never Lose Access to LastPass with Account Recovery on Mobile  – By Amber Steel,

LastPass takes away the burden of remembering passwords – and getting locked out of your accounts. But what if you forget your LastPass master password? It’s the one password you still need to remember. Because of our zero-knowledge security model, LastPass never knows your master password and therefore can’t reset it for you. So, what do you do if you’ve forgotten it? 

LastPass Help Videos 

 Why You Should Use a Password Manager and How to Get Started by

How to Use a Password Manager by The Verge  – If you're using the same password over and over and over again, it's about time you stop. Here's how you can start securing your accounts — it's a lot easier than you'd think. Click to play YouTube video.

 Creating strong passwords

Create a strong easy to remember password

  universal password   choose a phrase…
  universal pw   abbreviate
  u N iver$alpw   modify
   9 0   add something
  u9N0iver$alpw   substitute
  u(N)1V3r$a1pw   a strong password

 The following few steps are all you need to set up LastPass.  I have included a few LastPass videos to show how easy it is to record your passwords into LasstPass.

Step two:

Step three:


Use the resultng form as shown below to enter personal data:





LastPass Help Videos 

Getting started with LastPass. Logging in, Saving Sites,

Form Fill and Generating random passwords.

Do you have a site that isn't offering to save when you login?
This is how to save it.

LastPass use instructions

LastPass Tutorial 13 minutes

Why Use LastPass? Are you like Bob?

Security Now podcasts with Steve Gibson, the geeky stuff 10 minutes.

Security Now podcasts with Steve Gibson, all about strong passwords 9 minutes.

Security Now video podcasts with Steve Gibson episode 256 LsstPass..
This is the complete show explainin why LastPass should be for you.
The LastPass portion of the show starts about 50 min and 30 seconds into the show about 1 hour.


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