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Minimize Rings when using Google Voicemail

Using Google Voice’s voicemail, you may have noticed that callers have to wait through way too many rings before your Google voicemail picks up the call.

Here’s what happens:

  • Call initiated – <Phone rings 4-5 times>
  • Call forwarded to Google Voice – <Google Voice rings 2-3 additional times >
  • Google Voicemail takes the call

That gives you a grand total of up to 8 rings, which is a long time to be waiting on the other line.  Here’s a quick-and-easy solution to removing the extra rings from Google Voice:

 Note: This guide is only for users who forward Ting voicemail to their Google Voice number.  If you’re using Google Voice to forward calls to multiple numbers, this will mess that up. 

  1. Log into Google Voice and click ‘Settings’ in the top right corner of the window.
  2. At the "Phones" tab click the ‘Edit’ button under your current cell phone number.
  3. Click ‘Show advanced settings’.
  4. Under Forwarding Options, select ‘Go straight to voicemail’.  Click Save and repeat this process for any other phones you have in Google Voice.

Your phone now goes seamlessly to Google voicemail without any extra rings in between.  

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