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Google Online Security 

Gmail Blog

The most useful Gmail Blog items for improving productivity and just making Gmail more fun to use.
The stared ( * ) links are a must!

Gmail Help

  1. Using Gmail Labels  
  2. Using Gmail Filters  
  3. Get mail from other accounts  
  4. Set up custom “From” addresses.  Note: You must be logged into your Gmail account for this link to work properly! 
  5. Add a custom signature to the bottom of your email messages. Just go to Settings at the top of your inbox scroll down in the "General" tab to the Signature area. Note: You must be logged into Gmail
  6. Use offline Gmail anytime you're not online.   Note: You must be logged into Gmail 
  7. Create canned responses and quickly reply to common questions. 

Gmail Labs

Gmail Labs: Some crazy experimental stuff.  Note: You must be logged into Gmail 

A list of the labs tools I use, the ones in bold are must have!

  • Authentication icon for verified senders
  • Default Text Styling
  • Don’t forget Bob
  • Filter import/export
  • Google Calendar gadget
  • Google Docs gadget
  • Google Search
  • Google Voice player in mail
  • Got the wrong Bob?
  • Inserting images
  • Mark as Read Button
  • Move Icon Column
  • Nested Labels
  • Picasa previews in mail
  • Refresh POP accounts
  • Send & Archive
  • Signature tweaks
  • Superstars
  • Title Tweaks
  • Undo Send

To setup Labs feature go to your GMail page click Settings and choose the Labs tab.

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