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Week Two Questions, Tech News, & Tips

Nov 8, 2021, at 1 and 7 PM | Join Online Meeting
Introduction To Spreadsheets  Spreadsheets have a number of uses in the organization and maintenance of information.   We use them extensively as we collect and store information for future analysis or research.
Google is turning on two-step verification for a lot of personal accounts – By Arol Wright Android Police

Q: How do I enable the keyboard to type another language (i.e., accents, punctuation marks)? Thank you. Chromebook, [email protected] 6105067190 Amy Myers
A: Manage your Chromebook’s languagesChoose keyboard language & special characters
Chromebook: Change Your Keyboard Language by

Q: Color rendition on Brothers MFC-J805DW scanning prints to computer is crappy and can’t be altered much by Win Photo viewer or Google Pix editor. The picture is accurate when captured on my phone camera and uploaded to computer rather than scanning it. The scanner is set at 24 bit color (its only color setting) with 300 dpi. I will email you photos of the two methods used for comparison.  John S Renn

Q: Regarding email, I have historically used Folders to store emails I wanted to keep. (Since before GMail, which I currently use.) I wasn’t aware of using labels rather than folders until I saw your presentation last week. Is there an easy, quick way to convert folders to labels? I have many folders (contents within the folders appear to have the appropriate labels). Thank you. Win-10 GMail  – Amy Myers

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