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ICE = In Case of Emergency – Use your mobile phone as an identity bracelet. ICE stands for “in case of emergency,” and it’s what emergency responders have been taught to look for if someone needs medical attention. What if that person is you? Where is your ICE info? One of the most accessible and most convenient places to keep emergency information is on your smartphone so that someone can see it without having to unlock your phone. Make sure you and everyone in your family have ICE info on their phone.
What Size TV Should You Buy? – By Tim Brookes How-To Geek

Q: Thunderbird has deleted the POP and SMTP password for my verizon/AOL email account, but not the one for a account. Is there a computer club or user group with a SIG which specializes in Thunderbird? I haven’t found one at PACS.
A: Sorry Jay I don’t know of any Thunderbird user groups. You might try the Thunderbird Support site. Search for POP and also SMPT.

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