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Sept 6, 2021, at 1 and 7 PM | Join Online Meeting
The Gadget Gurus – We do not have any prerequisites. Just come, ask questions about previous topics. I will also review the current tech news. We will do our best to answer computers, smartphones, apps, cameras, tablets, and internet questions. So bring your tech issues and enjoy the meeting.
Why Long-Pressing the Power Button Could Damage Your System – By Benj Edwards How-To Geek

Q: I keep getting ‘set as default,’ from Google Chrome. I’ve gone into it and it looks like I do have it set and a couple of days later I get this same message. Janet
A: On Win 10

Q: Notice of Samsung Cloud Service Termination for Some Features

Q: I really enjoyed the class about Gmail settings! My question is on my menu bar is a symbol of the internet and right-click it opens setting can we go over that. I want to be sure my settings are as private and not public also the router settings.
> I’ve had interruptions in my service with Comcast for the last two weeks. So I unplug my router/modem to fix it. But why does that happen? Mark

Q: In Lastpass under mobile devices. It shows four Android devices but I don’t know how to distinguish the present phone that I’m using. I like to delete the other ones but am not sure which ones to delete. I still have those old phones I use the one as an alarm clock settings on the one. What should I do with my older cell phones? Also, can we go over “trusted devices” on Lastpass? Mark
A: You can delete all authorizations and then reauthorize one at a time and edit “Label of random identifier” with something meaningful (HP 360C Chromebook app).







As mentioned in the below podcast turn off SMS Account Recovery in LastPass (Account Settings > General tab > Recovery Phone > “Remove Phone). Before doing this be sure you will never forget your LastPass master password.  If you do forget the master password there is no way to reset it. Highly Secure!

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