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How to Create Folders and Labels in Gmail to Keep Your Inbox Organized – By Arjun Sha


Tech News, & Tips



​​Protect Your Accounts

Most digital accounts have settings that can help regain control of your account if it’s compromised. However, before your account is compromised, the recovery settings must be set up. 

These are the things you can do:

  • Create a PIN for logins and password changes. A PIN is critical to set up with your cellular carrier, as it’s a great defense against SIM hijacking.
  • Use a two-factor security method, for example, Google Authenticator or Authy, instead of SMS-based 2FA logins. For extra security, use a hardware token to protect your accounts.
  • Create and record Backup codes (some accounts use the term Grid or Recovery code, etc.) They all are one-time use recovery access for your account. These codes should be printed and stored in a safe place (fireproof safe, safe deposit box, or at least off-site).
  • Use security recovery questions that are not related to your personal life. I answer the security questions with random text generated by my password manager and store them in each site’s password manager notes area.
    • The security question is important authentication step, please confirm!
      Demo Answers

      • What is your grandmother’s name?   grandmother-mR66Qq6d
      • What is your grandfather’s name?     grandfather-mR66Qq6d
      • What is your pet’s name?                 pet-mR66Qq6d 
  • Use long, randomized, and unique passwords for each account.
  • Use a secure password manager.
  • Don’t use services like (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to sign in to other services; if the attacker compromises one of the services, they can access a lot more of your digital life.
  • Don’t use your smartphone phone number from your accounts, if possible. (If a phone number is needed, use a Google Voice number for your sensitive accounts.)

You should also note account-related information that identifies you as the rightful account holder.

  • When you created the account
  • Previous screen names on the account
  • Physical addresses associated with the account
  • Credit card numbers or bank statements that show you made purchases.
  • Content created by gaming accounts, such as character names, for an online video game.

Making a list of all your critical accounts will make reacting to SIM swaps or ID theft easier, as you’ll be able to quickly go through each service and change passwords, email addresses, etc. The list should be stored securely and have as a printout rather than saving it on an online service.

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