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Settings…  Settings are important if you expect to have the best experience running programs from the web or directly on your computer.  Web services, social networks, webmail, even your banking service will have settings you should pay attention to.  Many of these settings have a large influence on how secure and private your online experience will be.
How to scan documents with a Chromebook – By Chris Wedel Android Central

Q: Is it ok to save passwords in my google account? How do I find which ones are saved? I apparently saved two, but I can’t find them??????
A: In Chrome click, the “3 dots” icon, choose Settings, and search for Password in the autofill section click Passwords.

Q: My desktop still shows my deceased wife’s computer as one of my devices. If I remove it from my desktop will that prevent anyone from accessing my computer thru her old computer?
A:  You can remove it but having an account setup is not in itself a security issue. Go to “Settings” choose “Accounts” at the left menu click “Family & other users”. Select the user account you want to remove from the computer.

I have downloaded Microsoft 365. Can I use both Google and Microsoft cloud storage? Stew
A: Yes you can Google come with 15 Gb storage and by default is used for Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Photos storage. Microsoft 365 subscription provides 1000 Gb storage for your Office documents and any other files you want to upload.

How do I load multiple prints on my Brothers scanning top, select resolution scan the entire group, and select each print one after the other to upload into my computer as I did with my previous printer (HP)? It was a very efficient way of scanning multiple photos rather than going one by one. Also want to do this from my computer rather than standing at the printer.

I have replaced Gmail as my iPhone XR’s mail client, but I had to leave it as the host of the contacts list because the iPhone wouldn’t let me just delete Gmail without trashing the contacts list maintained by Gmail.

Q: Are the contacts list on my old Nexus 5X a part of the Android OS? or is it, too, a part of the email program on the Nexus 5X?
A: Contact for Gmail is stored with your Gmail account and used with all Google products (Email, Docs, Photos, Calendar, Maps…)

Q:  Is there a way to make the iPhone’s OS the host of the contacts list, or must it be part of a replacement email program on the iPhone. I have selected as the new email program on the iPhone.
A: If you don’t want to use Google products on apple remove all Google apps from your iPhone. You will need to put all contacts in the Apple people (contact) list. This will be used for email, texting, and phone number dialing on iPhone.
A: If you have an iPhone and don’t want Gmail as the mail client use the built-in IOS email app with apple mail.

I didn’t like Google harvesting all of my contacts and contents of emails for their insatiable data mining and sales activities. I’d bet other people also don’t know that Apple gets $15 billion a year payment to make ( Google its default mail program)
Note: Google pays Apple to be seen as the default search engine in Safari, not for the email program.
Google doesn’t shell out that kind of money at a deficit. Source:  Jay B

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