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Mar 29, 2021, at 12:45 and 7 PM

Remote Support for Windows, Mac, and Android phones and tablets. – We have implemented a software system/tool to connect to your computer remotely. Remote Connect allows us to provide help installing a program, using an application, fix a problem.

A Mesh Home Network?  – Google WiFi

Question: “I did look at Monday’s program, and I do not believe my question fits in, but this issue is probably an easy one. If I make an entry in contacts, does it automatically move over to my address file? Or the other way, if I enter in address file, does the info go to contacts? I’ve tried both ways, and I do not believe they interact. Sam

Weeks Tech News, & Tips


  1. Why You Need a Password Manager
  2. Using a password manager is crucial. The most significant risk to your accounts online is password re-use.
  3. Your Web Browser’s Password Manager Is Just Okay
  4. Beyond Just One Browser
  5. Generating Passwords
  6. Easily Sharing Passwords
  7. Warnings About Password Dangers
  8. Storing More Than Passwords
  9. Making the Switch Is Easy
  10. Are Password Managers Safe?
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