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In-Person Tech Group Program Notes

In-Person Tech Group program Phoenixville Library Community Room
Tuesday, Apr 19, 2022, at 1:30 PM | Use Google Photo To Manage Your Digital Pictures | All your photos are organized and easy to find. Pictures on your computer or smartphone are safely backed up, organized, and labeled automatically. Google Photos is my favorite tool for managing photos to share with friends.
View the live program stream by clicking the “Enter Online Meeting” link. Please try to check in 5 or 10 minutes before the program begins.

  • Google Photos on Android “free up device storage” option
  • Search your photos
  • Share photos & videos
  • Manage photos & videos Collections: Albums, stories, & movies.
  • Edit photos, movies, & stories
    • Adjust, crop, or rotate a photo
    • Undo edits
    • Change the date & time stamp.
  • Settings Change “Back up & sync”
  • Photo editor apps for Android
  • The Latest Google Photo Features
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