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Jun 10, 2024, 1 and 7 PM | Join Online Meeting > The Gadget Gurus: I will review the current tech news. We will do our best to answer questions about computers, smartphones, apps, cameras, tablets, and the internet. So bring your tech issues and enjoy the meeting.
Want to Be a Happy Internet Customer? Go Wireless, Says New Survey – By See full CNET

Q: Google Can Keep Your Phone If You Send It In For Repair With Non-OEM Parts – Jay
A: Google might keep your Pixel during a repair if you’re caught using non-OEM parts – By Karandeep Singh Oberoi Android Police

Q:  Beware QR codes: They are scam bait. For instance,
.     Who would take a chance on Phoenixville’s parking meters that demand QR codes? – Jay
A:  Look before you scan – the QR code scammers are phishing for business – by The Guardian

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