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Program Notes for the 2nd Week of the Month

Second Monday – Jul 8, 2024, 1 and 7 PM | Join Online Meeting >
Learning Morse Code To Improve Cognitive Health; 
I will always review the current tech news. During the remainder of the session, we will discuss the techniques, processes, and tools for learning Morse Code. Your questions and issues are crucial to our discussion, so please bring them along and enjoy the meeting.
Note: Please submit your questions for discussion during our group meeting.
I Paid for Google’s Drive Storage. Here’s Why I Don’t Regret It – By Jason Dookeran How-To Geek

Q:  I receive 2 to 5 notices every day about money owed to me by email. I have not opened any of them. Where are they coming from?
A: Not enough information,

Q: There are many offers on the internet. Buy this, plug it into your TV, and get all the channels. Do they work, and does it also give streaming?
A: Not enough information, but it sounds too good to be true. Probably a scam.

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