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Jan 9, 2023, 1 and 7 PM | Join Online Meeting > Low|Cost Wireless Providers |
Project Fi is a wireless service offered by Google directly to users with coverage in 200+ countries.
Mint Mobile nationwide 4G LTE data coverage and unlimited talk and text as low as $15 a month.
Ting Their slogan is ‘Mobile That Makes Sense.
So Many People Put Their Wi-Fi Router in the Wrong Place, and Internet Speed Suffers – By See full CNET

Q: Where do I find the setting to make LastPass close after a short duration? Thanks,  –Jay
A: From LastPass help: Change General preferences for the LastPass browser extension. Log out after this many minutes of inactivity, LastPass help

Q: Jay commented on an NYT story quoted in The Seattle Times. – The article misses the point that whoever stole the vault data from LastPass has forever to combine it with black data. If users don’t change their user names and passwords, the miscreants can socially engineer their way past the bank and investment CSRs to strip the accounts. If you think that is wrong, please explain why.
A:  Changing user names (if the institution permits it) is a good idea. And use 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).
Q: Copying the LastPass list of accounts into another password manager is convenient but s.upid, IMHO, if users don’t change their user names and passwords.
A: Copy your vault to the new PW manager, then change Passwords and Usernames (if allowed).
. > Note: I changed many passwords but haven’t changed most usernames. But I do use 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) on all sites that provide the option.
Q: “Mr. Eren of Barracuda recommends not using password managers that store the database on their cloud and instead choosing one that stores your password vault on your own devices, like KeePass.” The story says that the Keepass passwords are stored in the user’s computer, not in the cloud at the password manager’s website.
A: Storing your vault offline might be more secure, but it impacts usability.

Q: Article from Phil. Have an exit strategy – See the above NYT story quoted in The Seattle Times
. > Always have a plan for pulling your data out of your password manager vault. In this case, your password vault if something happens that makes you want to leave.
Note: The data you pull from a password manager is clear text. Be sure to keep it in a secure place. 

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