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Low Cost Wireless Provider

Ting is a new mobile phone service that caters to people tired of dealing with complicated billing plans from carriers like AT&T or Verizon. Their slogan is ‘Mobile That Makes Sense’.

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I have been using this service for a while. The service worked everywhere on our driving trip form Florida to Pennsylvania and our recent visit to Portland Oregon.

Ting is our cell provider, Barbara and I each have a smart phone.  We usually use 1000 minutes, 100 text messages, and 500 Mb of data a month.  The lower costs months are when we used less than 100 Mb data. Here are recent bills including taxes for two smart phones.

Dec    $43.02
Nov    $43.02
Oct    $43.02
Sep    $42.83
Aug    $52.83
Jul    $52.83
Jun    $43.02
May    $53.02

Ting does not subsidize the cost of phone handsets see Devices for arability and cost.  In addition they charge $35 for activation.  But remember Ting is a no contract service.
  1. Great rates.
  2. No overage penalties.
  3. Credits on light months.
  4. Multiple devices on one plan.
  5. No fees or limits on usage.
  6. Freebies at Ting currently include:
    1. picture/video messaging
    2. voicemail
    3. call forwarding
    4. three-way calling
    5. hotspotting
    6. number porting (in or out)
    7. and, of course, account cancellation.
  7. No contracts.
  8. Moms ride free.
  9. 4G devices.
  10. Geek-powered support.
  11. No hold customer support.
  12. Clear, graphic updates on your usage.

How much data do you use? – Use the calculator to get an idea of which plan fits your lifestyle the best.


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