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Five little Google Sheets tricks I taught my dad

Five little Google Sheets tricks I taught my dad – By Helen Havlak The Verge

I was recently working remotely next to my dad, and realized just how many time-saving little Google Sheets shortcuts I take for granted. These aren’t advanced formulas or pivot tables; just simple tricks to save you time if you work with basic organizational spreadsheets. Some of these are old Excel tricks; but some even my Verge colleagues only discovered recently.


Timelapse locations

Timelapse locations – By movieno labels movielabels Google
Earth Timelapse is a global, zoomable video that lets you see how the Earth has changed since 1984. This page contains a curated list of areas showing various types of change, such as urban expansion, mining, river meandering, megacities, deforestation, agriculture. Learn more about how to use this page and requested attribution.

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